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    Dk-viking reacted to Goldhooked in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    He was diagnosed at 2 years old with a rare brain tumour.  Thankfully he survived and is celebrating his 15th birthday tomorrow!  He still has preemptive MRI scans every couple of years but other than that and a couple of bald patches of hair on the back of his head (from the radiotherapy - he hides it with long hair) he now leads a normal life.
    The help we received at the time from various charities was invaluable so anybody supporting those charities is a hero in my eyes.
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    Dk-viking reacted to ChrisSilver in Suspicious private messages from new members   
    Dear members, it has come to my attention that the banned member @shamriKisob had sent some members suspicious private messages about a fantastic business opportunity, I suspect that opportunity was likely less than fantastic.

    If you get any suspicious private messages from new members please do not reply, but instead hit the report button, all private messages that are reported allow the moderators to see the conversation (otherwise PMs remain private and we can't see) this will bring any suspicious new members onto our radar and we will keep an eye out on them, or possibly disable their private messaging abilities.

    Please note that having premium or gold premium membership does not necessarily guarantee a members honesty, please also pay attention to the members join date and how active they have been on the forums. I am considering a new membership tier for premium or gold premium members to upgrade to which will only be available for long standing premium and gold premium members who have shown credibility and dedication to the community over the years. I am just trying to think about what other benefits such a membership level could also include to make it worthwhile, any suggestions please PM me.

    Many thanks to all members who make this forum great, both premium and gold premium members as well as all of our standard members, and hopefully we can keep all scammers well away from our community.
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    Dk-viking reacted to MrsX in Opinions on my first purchase   
    Thank you for the advice! I really enjoyed watching those videos and others he had to offer. It helped clear up some gray areas I had about stacking PM to build wealth. His analogies and messages made a lot of sense to me.
    Yes, patience. It's hard to steer away from instant gratification. That's why debt is so easily built up in this modern world. But to live a better life doesn't happen over night. This new interest is definitely motivating me to straighten my personal finance and have a goal for the future and beyond.
    I agree gold has some advantages over silver and I do hope to add it to my portfolio.
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    Dk-viking reacted to Silverstackeruk in Today I Received.....   
    A couple of 1/10 gold lunar tigers

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    Dk-viking reacted to TheGoldSovereign in 1/10 Britannia Proof 30 year set - 1987-2016   
    So I finally got around to presenting these 1/10th brits, using a box from the RM and a custom insert (9mm deep high grade felt with 3mm base), fits perfect!
    Yes yes it's incomplete, but won't be long before it's done :D. Photos were rushed but i wanted to share, they really do look so good all together in person

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    Dk-viking reacted to morezone in Today I Received.....   
    A couple of Lunar 1 1/10ths.  Capsules were damaged but after pointing it out to the seller they refunded the cost of replacing the caps.

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    Dk-viking reacted to sovereignsteve in China 2017 62 g (2 oz) silver lunar rooster panda by Chang Huan, mintage 499   
    Sorry to be a "ba humbug" miserable git but I think they look ridiculous.
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    Dk-viking reacted to Paul in Au Gold dory bars available for sale   
    You have not replied to my queries as yet above and you have not forwarded me my samples for assay of quality & purity 
    Please reply soon, as I have also had the offer of a 1000+oz of silver cheap today and also the offer of several million Euros from a ex-Nigerian Financial Minster working on behalf to a leading Petroleum Corporation. He said he wanted to transfer several ($) million to the my bank account – money that was budgeted for but never spent and he thinks me as a randomly selected email address is the perfect recipient 
    In exchange for transferring the funds out of Nigeria, I would get to keep 30% of the total. 
    I do not wish to miss out on any of these chances to make it mega rich for zero to little effort to myself or spread myself to thinly on one offer so I eagerly await your positive reply 
    Seasons greets from the UK
    Best wishes PAUL 
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    Dk-viking reacted to K_theepan in Today I Received.....   
    Just picked it up from @arshimo2012

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    Dk-viking reacted to Ravinella in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    Way too complicated and volatile with so much new unchartered waters around like Italys' referendum ,elections in France and Germany coming up soon......"Mad Dog " General appointed US Defence Sec, Japans ecconomy just about flushed down the bog, more QE, etc etc.....Personally can see it dropping to £880..£850 wouldnt surprise me at all..........NOTHING would at the moment including people who think they know what will happen..........simple truth is nobody knows.
    Longer term outlook 2...5 years I'm still very bullish for gold but going to be some big waves to ride.............glad I'm not a flipper must be having some hellish sleepless nights.......so much easier to just buy it, put it away and forget about it.............
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    Dk-viking got a reaction from SoulUK in STG / GOLDSILVER.BE   
    Just got some 10 oz kooks from gsb, and they came in caps.
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    Dk-viking reacted to Paul in Au Gold dory bars available for sale   
    In your senior role of company director, could you possibly liaise with your CEO to post here and respond to my direct requests. As you can see there is are already active replies and responses from obviously interested parties. A samples of your gold for assay and purity would bridge a gap of trust
    I have many previous trade references, I have dealt actively with George Agdgdgwngo for previous gold deals direct from Africa, he was based in Uganda, he was reliable and honest. He represented Ugandan Gold Luxury Yieldings (UGLY)  we met via a similar online forum ?
    Has your company been affiliated with his ?
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    Dk-viking reacted to HelpingHands in Au Gold dory bars available for sale   
    It's Mr Paul to you.
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    Dk-viking reacted to mr-dead in Sovereign tubes   
    Just grabbed another 12 sovs from Hatton Gardens.
    2 1/2 tubes full.
    17 1/2 to go until target
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    Dk-viking reacted to Paul in Today I Received.....   
    Try a Mexican 50 Peso next to fondle - 41.6g in total weight /1.2oz of fine gold - lovely

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    Dk-viking reacted to morezone in Today I Received.....   
    Pre-ordered on 12th Aug.  Finally shipped on 15th Sept (dealer delay for whatever reason).  Landed at local Yodel depot on 22nd.  Scanned in early hours of the night, then again early hours of the morning and then again late morning.  I assumed the scans were from sorting but it was never loaded for delivery.  Early hours of 23rd it was scanned again and I thought it might be loaded for delivery.  Nope.  Finally scanned as loaded for delivery today, the 26th.  Door bell rings and I go to answer and the driver is already getting in his van and when he sees me he shouts and points "down there".  He's just left it outside my door which is generally fine as it is a quiet estate and protected by an open porch.  Tracking shows it as delivered to a safe place and if he'd waited an additional 5 seconds he could have handed it to me and have it signed for.  Nice one Yodel.  Anyway......
    2oz Captain America Domed Coin - Outer sleeve, outer box, protective bag, glossy box.  Nice packaging.  COA is 2g of silver similar to that of the Chinese Silver Notes.
    Couple of Chichen Itza Mexican coins.  Originally sold as proof coins in some fancy box but these are preowned 2nd choice but that's fine as I paid bullion rate for them.  Real shame they only has 2 of the 3 releases.  A 2016 Libertad and Monkey King to fill gaps and then a 2016 Clover Privy Maple.

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    Dk-viking reacted to motorbikez in Today I bought.....   
    Lunar rooster Bu's 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 10oz.Proofs 1/2oz,1oz + 1/4oz gold.
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    Dk-viking reacted to ifing in Cant afford it ? Get some GOLD the easy way, without really trying - EVERYONE CAN DO IT   
    Well I'm going to join also. I just had to rethink the size of the money, as we don't have such small coins any more in Sweden. The end sum should be in the same range. Plus all the extra.
    After reading this thread these last days, it also hit me, you can do this with electronic money. Create a specific account in your bank and move over the specific amount each day. Hard to make pictures of that.
    But as a rebel against the cashless society in Sweden I will use physical currency.
    My Piggy bank is a 1L Danish beer can, made for the Russian market. Made here in Sweden at Lysekil

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    Dk-viking reacted to creative in My small stack all thanks to to this website   
    Hey I didn't know where the best place to post this, but I wanted to say thanks to all the people who have given me advice since joining the forum.
    As all noobs do I've asked some stupid questions (and I'm sure I'll ask more), but everyone has been very patient and informative and now I have a nice solid start to my collection. I will be looking to collect for years to come...just don't tell my wife!!
    Also I have to throw a mention to @Numistacker and @morezone as I happened to stumble on their videos while researching stuff for my channel and introduced me to this forum.
    Ive attached my collection so far, not the biggest but it's a start!

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    Dk-viking reacted to motorbikez in Perth mint 2016 bullion mintages updated 11th March   
    As above,
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    Dk-viking reacted to PureGold in Gold stacker   
    Thank you MoreZone the dragons are back in there original capsules 

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    Dk-viking reacted to mr-dead in Gold stacker   
    Just ordered up a 1/10 BU mouse to replace the proof mouse in the 1/10th lunar set I have.
    The most expensive 1/10 coin to date - £280 from Australia, hope to god I dont get hit with import duty on top

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    Dk-viking reacted to mr-dead in Gold stacker   
    got home from working away and had a few parcels to open
    Mouse and horse on the way from Germany and should be here tomorrow.


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    Dk-viking reacted to mr-dead in Gold stacker   
    Trying to source proof panda's is driving me nuts so I have given up for the time being.
    I have decided to go for a full set of 1oz gold Lunar II's to go with my 1/10th set.
    I have just ordered up :
    Glad I grabbed the ox and mouse as they tend to be the key years, now have to get a tiger, rabbit and dragon for the full set up to date
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