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  1. I have been having a browse on the Royal Mint web site today and noticed this, thought may be of interest to the forum Looks like Royal Mint is looking to further its services and business offerings The Royal Mint are pleased to announce our second Auction sale will take place in London on the 24th September 2019, in partnership with Sovereign Rarities. If you have rare or interesting British or International coins you would like to sell. You may have inherited coins, and would like to find out their value to sell in The Royal Mint Auction – contact our Historic Coins Team for their expert advise. We are currently seeking further consignments to be included in the Auction catalogue. We are particularly keen to hear from you if you have Historical gold and silver coins pre 1900 and any gold proof coins in your collection. We offer very favourable commission rates with no hidden charges. The deadline for consignments is the 1st July 2019 . Please register your details below providing a brief description of your coin/s. For more information on The Royal Mint Auction contact our Historic Coins Team on 0800 03 22 153 https://www.royalmint.com/register-interest/royal-mint-auction/
  2. Buzz ! go on i'll have them @MickD PM me payment details etc please - thanks Paul
  3. In comparison, if you are holding physical silver and gold, the GSR is much much smaller in 'real' terms x1 'Best Value/Random' 1oz Gold Britannia from Bullion By Post = £1,026 x1 'Best Value/Random' 1oz Silver Britannia from Bullion By Post inc VAT = £19.32 Actual GSR 1 : 53.10 !!! Current Spot Gold £976.54 Current Spot Silver : £11.42 GSR 1 : 85.51 Unless you are paper trading in high volumes or buying VAT free silver by the monster box, the GSR is really not that relevant for average Joe Public collectors/stackers here on forum
  4. where at all possible, establish a good working relation ship with a local coin shop. Saves all these hassles of sight unseen/dodgy eBay photos/telephone promises of condition Buy in person and view with your eyes/loupe and pick what works for you. More you buy locally, more you build a relationship ongoing ANYTHING you are spending £££ three/four figures on, with your earned "blood sweat and toil" fiat debt tokens, should be to "your" quality & expected standard, not the dealers T&C's excuses. Any dealer that used the "its just bullion" cop out simply wouldn't get my fiat debt tokens again in future and would lose my custom also, if your complaint is valid, just name and shame them here for any lurker readers
  5. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/search/?q=monster+box cant say are in any way good value for money but they are available above
  6. Paul

    Where should I start?

    @nummum i've been stacking over 10 years now, got caught up in the silver buying bug and myself and several others here are very underwater and still nowhere near a profit we expected/wished for/didnt come from the web/youtube silver pumpers out there In hindsight, i just wish i had stacked gold from day one now, one major benefit is the margin spread you pay between buy and sell is so much lower with gold than silver. also gold takes a lot less room up once you get over x500 of silver it is cumbersome and takes up major room Over my stacking journey, I have sold gold coins for profit, have raised the odd grand when i needs some funds. Always easy to add a sovereign to the stack each month and forget about it. the pension fund you can dip in and out of as required. Plus, you know the the fractions of a gram what you stack is always at. Look at spot its £1000, you know you have x100 oz gold = your sat on £100k i like sovereign / quarter oz size easy to liquidate via web/forum sales. folk will risk £200 but wont part with £1k so easily also who harm in just reading reading and reading. more knowledge you learn the more you have less chance to make the mistakes we have all made jumping in with both feet when an early eager beaver also no harm in getting one of every small gold coins in the early days so you have an idea for designs, mint, packing etc pick silver up where you can from good forum sellers when at very good price through likes of @StackSellRepeat @arshimo2012
  7. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/accessories/coin-tubes/ Not that I am saying these represent 'good value' in anyway, .......a clucking rip off if you ask me, but if your OCD itch needs scratching they are available to buy in UK
  8. Forum hearsay, web links and personal opinions is not how you deal with your personal tax affairs The fee a VERY GOOD professional accountant charges you will ALWAYS be far less than savings he/she's skills gets for you or they ain't doing their job right CGT is such a misunderstood thing, i would guess 98% of UK folk here on forum wont EVER have to have any worry of it, ever, it is based on the profits you make, between what you buy and what you sell at. Buy at £19 sell at £20 - £1 is your CGT Making a £1 profit, you have an allowance of £12k next year to use. Whoever is sat on 12,000oz (aka nearly £240,000 of silver @ £20oz) they HAVE to sell at a +£1 profit is lacking vision how to liquidate their stack. CGT is based across all investments of course, stocks, shares, interest, dividends, profits etc wife/spouse CGT yearly allowances (sell x12000 oz this year and x12,000 next year) 'colourful gifts" to family/friends, buried/hidden booty for years to come, left in safe deposit for your estate when you're gone, anon paypal/ebay accounts (aspkins.com) to get rid via ebay in various countries, cash for gold buyers, local auctioneers, forum swaps from silver to gold, facebook collectors groups, personal meets, coin fair over counter dealer sales, gumtree/spock/local FB groups = face to face sales, USA travel to dispose at pawn shops, ID not required selling small amounts per deal in UK to name but just a few things Let your creative mind run riot.....................
  9. I would have had a tube or two for the core stack at that price, would get my average costs down a few pence but got a holiday in a couple of months, so stacking is on hold for a little while Best prices I have seen on forum
  10. Paul

    Colored Silver Coins

    To be totally honest, some look really nice Would i pay a premium for them coloured ? No - they are still an oz of silver in my eyes and silver is silver in colour, closest i can get an oz of silver to spot the better If one came my way in the secondary market, a quid or two over spot would i buy one, i might do for novelty
  11. Just in Parliament this past two years
  12. I am not sure if it has been mentioned or not. Logged into my eBay today for first time in months and had a £5 off voucher, happy days, lets look for cheapest 1oz silver coin Apply coupon to checkout and not recognised. Dig a little deeper into T&C's Redeeming your eBay Coupon How to redeem your coupon: Simply make a purchase on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category; Pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card; and Enter the communicated coupon code at checkout when prompted. Click here to learn how to redeem your coupon. Coupon Terms and Conditions: This offer is open to targeted eBay.co.uk registered users, who must be UK residents of 18 years of age or older. The shipping address must also be a UK address. The coupon code, the end date of the coupon, the discount which applies to the coupon and, if applicable, the maximum discount available, and the minimum Purchase Price ("Purchase Price" means the total price of the items you buy. It does NOT include related postage and packing costs or any taxes which are not included in the item price), will be set out in ' My eBay'. One coupon redemption per registered user only. The coupon is valid from the date you receive the coupon until the end date, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This coupon is valid only when you pay with PayPal, credit card, or debit card. The coupon must be redeemed in a single transaction. When using Cart, it can be used when purchasing from multiple sellers. If your Purchase Price is less than the coupon amount, you will lose the unused amount. Enter the communicated coupon code when you are prompted to during the payment process and you will receive the related discount on the final amount of your Purchase Price. The coupon may be redeemable only in certain categories. These categories will be clearly mentioned on the coupon. The ‘Property’, ‘Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles’, and ‘Coins, Banknotes & Bullion’ categories are excluded. The purchase you make to redeem this coupon must comply with eBay’s User Agreement and policies. This coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon, site discount, rebate, offer, gift coupon or other promotion. This coupon has no cash value, cannot be transferred, cannot be forwarded, and cannot be exchanged. This coupon is void where prohibited. Any refund you may be entitled to receive will not include the coupon or its redemption value. You will receive no more than the amount you paid towards your Purchase Price. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales. eBay makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding any product or service provided by any third party in connection with any coupon promotion. eBay will not be responsible for any third party's performance or failure to perform any services related to any coupon promotion, or for any costs, damages, accident, delay, injury, loss, expense, or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of the coupon, provided that nothing shall limit eBay's liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence. eBay reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel this coupon promotion at any time, in the event of circumstances arising which in eBay's opinion make it necessary for it to do so. eBay reserves the right to add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this coupon promotion. eBay (UK) Limited ("eBay") is the organiser of the promotion. eBay may carry out this organisation through its local subsidiaries. Has this just came in or has it been in a while back ?