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  1. Paul

    Cashless society.

    Just received my self-assessment statement from HMRC this morning and this came in with it Tick Tock, another step to a cashless society we take
  2. Paul

    Coin Dealer in Las Vegas / Utah?

    There was a place on W Sahara Ave I bought from when I lived there called SAHARA COIN . They were well priced and friendly It is on the street just before the Stratosphere but it is a few miles out west of the strip, not walkable
  3. Every Capita TV license gestapo goon has had the same impartial & equally fair treatment. A simple door in the face and zero verbal engagement. With the advent of camera phones have a dummy phone next to the front and film.pretend to film them from the initial door opening, they now scuttle away like ants back under their rocks without the need for the door in the face anymore. The BBC effectively operates an extortion racket targeted at every household in the UK. Their method of operation is very simple but has worked successfully in the UK for over 60 years. They rely solely on the inducement of fear. They use a company called Capita to send out threatening letters to UK addresses that do not have a TV Licence. These letters state that their records show that the address doesn't have a TV License and that failure to buy a TV License will result in a fine. If after several attempts this fails to worry the occupier into purchasing a TV License, they then send a "TV License Inspector" from their "Enforcement Team" to your address to scare you into compliance and/or to obtain information from you - such as your name and your admission that you are receiving live TV broadcasts on the premises. Once they have this, they can then threaten you with imminent court action. If they fail to get any compliance from you at all, then they'll continue to send out threatening letters and a "TV License Inspector" will be sent out periodically to remind you of what could happen if you don't buy a TV License. Regardless of whether you have a TV, this will continue until you agree to pay up for a TV License. Once the occupier has paid up, the TV License Inspector receives their commission and the doorstep harassment and threatening letters stop for 12 months. After the 12 months has elapsed, the threatening letters and the doorstep harassment starts again. Rinse and repeat Capita's purpose is to simply extort money from as many households as they can on an annual basis by sending goons out to non-licenced addresses to harass the occupants. If you don't have a TV, they hope that by harassing you enough with threatening letters and home visits, you'll be coerced into buying a Licence just to stop the harassment. But of course, what's the point of having a TV licence if you don't have a TV? So of course you'll then buy a TV just to get your money's worth. And as long as you're watching TV, they can manage your perception of reality via the propaganda that pours out of it, especially from the BBC. So it's a win-win situation for them. But you can turn the tables on them, legally and lawfully. And finally, never be scared of these racketeers, as they prey on your fear. They have no rights whatsoever to enter your property and they will be trespassing if they continue to come to your door after you have removed their implied right of access. Even if they know that you have a TV, they cannot obtain a warrant to enter your home unless you have admitted that you are receiving live TV broadcasts and that you require a TV Licence. As long as you don't provide them with any information, there is nothing they can do. Never reply to any letters that they send to you. Never provide them with your name or any other personal info, never admit to anything, and never allow them into your home. Make sure you have a video camera ready to film them when they come to your door. This will enable you to capture evidence of any intimidation or threats that they might try to use. Make sure you hand them a copy of a "Removal of Implied Right of Access" notice. This will mean that they will be committing a criminal offense of "aggravated trespass" if they come to your door again in the future. Also, print out a copy of a "Fee Schedule" and have it ready to hand to them when they come to your door. This schedule will outline how much you will be charging them each time you are harassed or inconvenienced by them. This schedule has legal standing so you will be able to invoice them each time they send you a letter or visit your home. Dump your TV it is a real WMD of this world - a Weapon Of Mass Distraction
  4. Paul

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    Glad you liked, check out their other vids. Some really funny ones. The Nelson Mandela one is good as well
  5. Paul

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    Your comment, made me remember this vid from a few years ago
  6. All purchases from Sunday have been posted out earlier today and will be with you tomorrow before 1pm - thanks again to all of you who bought
  7. What the cash is for today is for my business it will get me earning far more than currently, the gold stacking will be beginning again in earnest again as soon as its earning by the end of the week !
  8. Well, that is me done for today. My funds needed to be raised and all deals complete, everything packed and buyers updated in just under 6.5 hours. Closing this thread as complete - thanks to everyone who has bought today, you have made a real difference to me and my life £7.6k raised, £1600 more than I needed but hey, I might even spoil myself to something nice cos I can and I've helped a chap out in the process As @Roy says above. Liquidity of gold. I have done this without resorting to pawnbroking, loan sharking, paying handling fees on credit card cash advances, calling bank cap in hand to beg to request an overdraft raise or visiting a little Hitler behind her desk for a loan and computer in a bank for it to say NO This thread proves, gold is a store of value and store of wealth. It has stored wealth for when I needed it, that business opportunity in my case or could be for the rainy day/black swan event/unexpected tax bill when you just need it. Had I not bought gold I could have easily drunk, gambled, ate, holidayed away like I would have done in my 20s Also shows when you price right here, your items sell. Be a good chap, price good and sales will come.
  9. I've never stopped working since midday! Who said Sunday is a day of rest Still can't grumble at the hourly rate today though! I am on pro-rata £502,040 month currently or £6m a year if sales continue like this ongoing lol
  10. reserved for you @JunkBond just PMing you now thanks
  11. I bought the combibars in late March 2013 when spot was around £1060, just before it fell off a cliff and didn't recover until Brexit If they sell today, sadly I would be selling at a loss, but I know what I am buying for my business will more than recoup the loss I make. So all is good The gold to me is a store of value, this is money i have not been able to waste away drink away
  12. The buffalo is lovely in the hand with the fine details, but think you made the better choice going with the St Gaudens, you will be tilting it and glancing at it in different lights as it looks different each time you angle it
  13. I dont have another sadly @Xander I remember someone post Baird & Co had some in stock earlier in the week in the Today I Received thread