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  1. PF70 silver Una & Lion sold £1,100 Congrats anyone holding one
  2. Silver & gold are becoming unaffordium & unobtainium
  3. whos buying gold/silver with their "free money" when it arrives in June ??
  4. with supply shortage, business closed, delievry impacted - park your funds into bullionvault or goldmoney your spread is going to be miniscule compared to what retail premiums for actual physical are currently
  5. Everyones played the much loved board game "Monopoly" at one stage in their life and know how it works The real world isnt so different, as we can see now playing out around the world now (PS i bet we've all stolen as the banker before !)
  6. Gold spot is £1,350 GBP currently Divided by eBay sale of 1oz @ £20 = 1 : 67.5 1oz physical @ £25 = 1 : 54 1oz physical @ £30 = 1 : 45 Hmmmm makes you think when physical price you get is totally different to the paper price
  7. As we all have time on our sides not being at work currently I have been following the prices 1oz silver coins are making on and it makes for wierd times. Dealers are closed & shelves are bare anyway. Spot price is on its arse £12 give or take a few pence Prices I am seeing looking back is no shortage of coins selling from £20 to £40 an oz, even common genric bullion, £20-£30oz Prior to this crisis and a slightly higher spot price £16-£20 was you typical selling price for standard bullion, ie maple Looking at my £ average cost per oz im now sub £19oz for a great many items. good for me as at one time it was £33+oz Is it wise to take some profits ? in this window, if i can make £10 on a 1oz maple or ASE Clearing a few x100 oz over the next 2-3 weeks through ebay would keep me busy, get me some cash in? make some fiat profits I feel when dealers reopen and shelves slowly fill again prices will decrease back down again to more normality. how far in future will this be ?? Or best to still just hold and keep,HODL. things will be certain to go higher with no production being made at these prices Is it certain we are due a moon stock upwards before long as this corona virus pans out ? Anyones thoughts while we are board stuck at home (ps im not doing anything thus far) just making a point for discussion
  8. not selling anything my friend - we aint seen half of what may be ahead in the rest of the year
  9. now £1393 shame no dealer are open if we wanted to sell
  10. Just like a normal day in Middlesbourgh that, isnt it ? maybe great granny is out getting petrol for her scrambler ??
  11. ended @ £5,550 (£1,555 profit less fleabay & paypal fees)
  12. If you are sick of watching Corona TV or c**p in the Attic You can watch count down/last min bids of the Ltd 2oz Queen 53 mintage gold coin count down today ends 12.35 GMT Currently at £5,500 a nice little profit from the list price of £3,995
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