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  1. Sorry Mike just started getting into them myself and am trying to stick to quality coins with decent details. I can't remember seeing any for sale on the Forum.
  2. Certainly no where near the grade of the previous but still a decent condition.
  3. I blame @ilovesilverireallydoif it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have come across a FB group and been invited to like a certain page 😛 So I guess I can't take all the credit!
  4. Listed as a matte proof so it should have nice features 😛 Thanks @MikeG1978
  5. This one almost got delivered to the next road over! Thankfully it required a sig! Also got a free pen!
  6. Thanks to @StackSellRepeatarrived safe and sound 👍
  7. 1921 was definitely one of the highest mintage years if not then the highest and being the most recent year they were minted won't fetch much premium.
  8. @Curious1 I did check out their site the other day and they only deal with professional customers.....so probably people earning a crazy amount of money could a be an experience if your friend chooses.....any other finds just take it to a local auction house.
  9. @Curious1 no updates for almost an entire day?......you're just keeping us waiting aren't you? 😛
  10. If on ebay expand your search to worldwide and generally you can tell if they're a business but I'd message them to see if they ship to the USA also find out about import fees.