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  1. 2 x shillings however one weighs in at 5.59 and the other 5.61g any thoughts? And 2 x 6d’s
  2. That is quite a find sir! Well done kilo? or half?
  3. Hair up or down 😛 either way I'm not fussed 😛
  4. First ever graded coin it’s not PCGS or NGC but still looks good! And withdrawn sixpence.
  5. They could maybe have a raised section of the slab where the actual coin is? It may not be too pleasing and they'd have to change their standard slab design but that's the only thing I can think of at this point in time.
  6. Thanks for sharing @Stu66 I'll be getting my first graded coin this week it's only an LCGS graded coin but it will be my first! 😛