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  1. Yes my bad I noticed the difference a little late! Saw the reviews for the job....wow.....there goes my lifetime ambition 😛
  2. Joel March, 36, is said to have fled with deposit boxes from the vehicle after parking it in Larkhall Rise in Clapham, south-west London on Tuesday.
  3. I started off buying bullion and that's all I was interested in until I came here.....now I'm more into collectable stuff! IMO I think it's wise to have a mix of bullion silver and more collectable stuff but even then I would stick to just type of collectable silver.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-48053152 One reason not to own one although uncommon you just never know.
  5. Now there's somewhere I never thought to find pick ups very well done!👍
  6. From Canada another one of the blank back variation.
  7. Ah unlucky better luck next time! Don’t worry I have actually been caught out at the car boot before from the guy I usually buy from but it’s a lesson learned and makes us a little wiser. But that’s why I mainly like to buy from eBay (I know some have a bad experience with them) but you do your research as you browse and you’re covered by buyer protection but you must be very attentive to the picture and description. But as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true......then it probably is!
  8. Sorry for the late reply I don't get emails about posts anymore for some reason...odd......if you're going to St Just just say you're admiring the view! 😛
  9. Yes I'm just using pre 1920 coinage for diversification was just lucky really I don't remember seeing him before but he already reduced them and was quite lucky to save a few more bob....did a little research and they're fairly common coins......and he had a Morgan Dollar which he sold before I got round to him! Hmmm a little too far from London :p....way down in Cornwall!
  10. Today at the car boot! Quick little magnet test and appears good! £25 for all 4 hopefully got a good price! All look in fairly good condition.
  11. You'll have to excuse my lack of business knowledge but have you had to pay HMRC anything prior to the VAT? Congratulations on the growth of your business 👍
  12. Nice one there Yas saw that one on ebay a little while ago 😛 well done sir *offers to shake hand*
  13. He is selling bankers but that one is rarer so not sure
  14. Thanks to @Downs523 great comma and quick delivery 👍