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  1. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Ah sorry it's 5 dollars I didn't realise Thanks for sharing @silversurf does seem a bit funky lacks eye appeal I must say
  2. Best thing I've seen today thanks @kimchi
  3. matrawr

    Today I Received

    @JunkBond collects these I'm sure he could help if you seek!
  4. Nice video BYB! You mention the group order and about if that has an influence on the price, what about the secondary market? When silver is sold on here or ebay there's no way they can tally up the silver purchased which may be doing more harm to the silver/gold prices and I'm guilty because most of my silver I've purchased on the secondary market. If there was a way to record all the silver purchased on the secondary market I can only imagine that the prices would be quite a bit higher than what they are now.
  5. matrawr

    PM's in freefall??

    Unfortunately I have no spare funds until the end of September if the silver gods are in my favour they'll keep the price low until then at least!
  6. matrawr

    New Member not New stacker

    Welcome to both of you once you start you can't stop! Keep on stackin guys 😛
  7. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Thanks to @BleyerBullion
  8. matrawr

    Hello, I’m a new stacker.

    Hi and welcome with regards to the authenticity I would definitely get a neodymium magnet and small scales as a minimum and if you're looking at getting popular coins and download an app called bullion test there is a small one off charge.
  9. matrawr

    Certificate error

    Don't these things usually have a signature? You could try looking at an advertised or listing on a dealer website?
  10. matrawr

    Certificate error

    The fact they want it back could be a good enough reason to keep it.
  11. matrawr

    Certificate error

    In future could the certificate error be what increases the price a potential seller would be willing to pay?
  12. matrawr

    New Member from Devon

    Hi and welcome
  13. matrawr

    Coins for Conservation

    Hi and welcome if you go to the NGC thread in general discussion I think it is mentioned there.
  14. Ideally what us Brits need is a strong dollar but an even stronger gbp so if they kept raising rates as planned and we get this brexit mess out the way hopefully a big buy opp will present itself to us.
  15. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Thanks to @shawy2510for these