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  1. matrawr

    PMV, XRF + other PM testing machines

    I use ping test with an app called bullion test in addition to the slide and weight test and some specific gravity. Normally I just do the ping and weight tests if it comes up good on those two well there shouldn't be a problem 👍
  2. matrawr

    Forum Very Slow

    I had issues with firefox different website similar problem.....been using chrome ever since 👍
  3. matrawr

    Does anyone know this eBay vendor?

    Reliable guy and packs it pretty good too!
  4. matrawr

    Home bars

    Wowzers! Forget it being a man cave I could live in that! 😛
  5. Even if the EU does shut the door in our faces....there's always the commonwealth?
  6. matrawr

    State of the Bullion

    Hi @Willike noticed the JM's do you have an unboxing vid of those?
  7. matrawr

    Today I Received

    How do you know it wasn't the lady that signed for the post?
  8. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Thanks to @StackSellRepeat
  9. matrawr

    eBay is it worth it?

    All of my morgans are from ebay and about 80-90 of my bars are purchased through there as well and then I have a handful of old british coins a couple of canadian dollars which was purchased from the local car boot. The canadian dollars turned out to be after the silver content went......and a shilling turned out to be fake My success rate of getting a legitimate item from ebay has proven to be much higher than my success rate at the local car boot. 95% of what I've bought on ebay has come good! Whilst 30% of what I've purchased at the car boot has turned out to be fake or misleading....albeit it's only maybe 8 coins which didn't cost much but I don't think I'll go back to the car boot for silver. Like I said members on here also sell on ebay. Coin shops although most prominently are US sellers but most like you would have to pay an import fee and wait 2-3 weeks.....but go through the Global shipping program and if they take the time to set that up it's unlikely to be fake anyway
  10. matrawr

    Do you have a target?

    Did you say you've bought no PM's this year?? Now that is showing restraint 😛
  11. matrawr

    Do you have a target?

    I'm taking the silver for life approach! :p......I don have an end game target but I take mini targets where I just see what's available and if there's something I like....put it on my bucket lsit!
  12. matrawr

    eBay is it worth it?

    Or you could find TSF members on ebay if they don't want to sell on here?
  13. matrawr

    eBay is it worth it?

    Postie may be putting a squiggle down then put it through the letterbox? to save time....I've recieved items through the post which should've been signed for the past.
  14. matrawr

    eBay is it worth it?

    May I ask which company and what level of delivery was it? Standard? Signed for? etc
  15. matrawr

    eBay is it worth it?

    I've only ever sold one item on ebay and had no problem so my experience of selling on there is limited but if you intend on making a living or making additional income through ebay you try to take whatever precautions you can to protect yourself against the fraudsters. 👍