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  1. Maybe trying to prevent the next crisis? A million £'s spent is better for the economy than stashing it away somewhere right?
  2. matrawr

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Could prove to be of more relevance than one would think. Dodgy dealings drove them out of business perhaps?
  3. matrawr

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    That photo is also a good idea to do with the morgans! Thanks for the idea
  4. matrawr

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Out of curiosity can you send ebay/paypal videos? Especially if it's a seller I haven't dealt with before I started to record the unboxing with my and their address being shown of course I'm not going to upload it in the public domain but just seems the best way to say right I've got a video of an item I bought and as you can see it's whatever you find wrong with it.
  5. Haven't seen this yet just thought I'd share with the community
  6. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Thank you they're probably some of the most appealing looking I've got in my small collection!
  7. matrawr

    Today I Received

    Latest Morgan haul!
  8. matrawr

    Fake Morgans

    I can tell the difference between some fakes on ebay it's the private sellers you have to be careful of but even a business seller can om occasion get caught by a fake recently purchased some morgans off someone I haven't dealt with before so will see when they arrive.
  9. matrawr

    Fake Morgans

    Well I was only born in 86 so I can't speak for that era of collectors but it's probably due to modern technology that they can fake and distribute worldwide with relative ease.
  10. matrawr

    Fake Morgans

    The number of morgan fakes out there is quite staggering and can be quite off putting to potential collectors as I buy mostly off ebay I have to be very careful who I'm dealing with I think I've come across 2 fakes got a refund on both occasions I guess it's mostly down to knowing what you're dealing with.
  11. matrawr

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    @Numistackerdo you have any videos/photos of morgan dollars? Just I'd like to compare with my personal collection which I hope to eventually get graded!
  12. I could do with a bonus haven't done any overtime either 😕
  13. I know how you feel I too have gone about 5-6 weeks! Although after I get paid this weekend I'm going to splurge on some Morgans
  14. matrawr

    Today I Received

    AU isn't necessarily a mediocre grade especially if it was minted in the San Franciso or Carson City mints but then most CC's at any grade are in demand in the process of hunting for some morgans myself not CC though.
  15. matrawr

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I do find it hard to believe that a government would entrust an external force with something that valuable unless it's a place where the government has eyes on it. Any ASE's? Surely it would make more sense for them to hold it in delivery bars?