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  1. I say keep in OMP long as the bar will stay inside and if you don't want it to tone get something like a 10oz capsule 👍
  2. I knew the moment I saw the words COMPLETED next to 1oz Engelhard Gold Standard 😛 who else @JunkBond
  3. Swish indeed! Can't remember seeing one of those about/Well done @StackSellRepeat 👍
  4. I've heard it's quite addictive 🤔
  5. I try to stick to EF or higher anything above bullion value. I'm not one for relying on the spot price. If any do go to the melter hopefully it's just the low grade coins.......leaving the higher grade ones with an even higher premium in the future 👍
  6. Nice I'm only really picking up what I like this one comes with a bit of a premium. Are you going for higher grade or will you be getting date fillers as well?
  7. Vintage JM's and Engelhard bars can command a juicy premium.
  8. You can do either.......generally if it's low premium stacking silver it would just be in a roll or whatever but more collectable coins tend to go in cases I believe.
  9. I'd be surprised if they don't charge you a handling fee!
  10. As we speak silver is stronger than the $ and the £ but the £ is getting it's butted kicked by everything else and yes it would appear Gold is taking a bit of a breather whilst silver is the better performer.....as long as there's reason for the price to go up it will.
  11. https://goldsovereignexpert.com/info/rms-douro-gold-sovereigns/
  12. He needs to be in the Ashes!.....and keep fit.