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  1. Hair up or down 😛 either way I'm not fussed 😛
  2. First ever graded coin it’s not PCGS or NGC but still looks good! And withdrawn sixpence.
  3. They could maybe have a raised section of the slab where the actual coin is? It may not be too pleasing and they'd have to change their standard slab design but that's the only thing I can think of at this point in time.
  4. Thanks for sharing @Stu66 I'll be getting my first graded coin this week it's only an LCGS graded coin but it will be my first! 😛
  5. I guess we could make a game of it? 😛
  6. And thank you for sharing that one! May I ask what grade?
  7. Received about a week ago! Apologies for the tardiness!
  8. If buying on ebay and you have the slightest reservation speak to the seller and if they say it's genuine and turns out it's not you got ebay and PP to refund, but if the sellers reply leaves you with doubts then just move on. Ebay does get a bad rep but it comes down to your experience of the item offered for sale....if the photo is a stock image and not the actual item being sold stay away.
  9. Mistakes will happen it's part of the learning curve I've fallen victim to fakes got my money back on most occasions via ebay. But I'm really weary of car boot sales I wouldn't recommend them unless you're armed with scales and neodymium magnet!