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  1. Decided to split as not everyone needs all 5. Thanks
  2. Hi I’m selling the first 5 coins in the Queen’s Beast series Lion £325 Sold Griffin £340 £330 Sold Dragon £340 £330 Sold Unicorn £320 Sold Bull £330 £325 Sold All come in the original Royal Mint capsules. please see pics for condition. All prices include free (UK only) special delivery. payment PayPal f&f. or bank transfer Thanks for looking
  3. So if you bought an ounce of gold from someone on this forum would you need to know how they were going to spend the money? 😉
  4. Bump Final reduction £290
  5. I’m selling this 2017 India Full Sovereign. Asking £300 £295 £290 SOLD Includes free Royal Mail Special Delivery, (UK only) Payment by PayPal f&f Thanks
  6. Hi BYB, can I reserve my usual number #22 thanks.
  7. I'm also in profit with Bitconnect, (you pay your money you take your chance).. ?
  8. Probably gone back into the melting pot...?