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  1. So if you bought an ounce of gold from someone on this forum would you need to know how they were going to spend the money? 😉
  2. A few interesting facts They have over 3million registered users ( and growing at a fast pace) A registered UK company with full KYC/AML compliance There trial in South Africa exceeded expectations with plans to be in 20 countries by eoy. a small fork coming up in next couple of weeks Gig economy is also due to be released
  3. Just picked up some more ETN, could be a sleeping giant. (I hope..) 😉
  4. Bump Final reduction £290
  5. I have sale 1878 Victoria Shield Sovereign £275 SOLD 2002 Shield Full Sovereign £265 SOLD 2005 Full Sovereign £260 SOLD 2012 Full Sovereign £255 SOLD Including free delivery (RMSD UK only) Payment by PayPal f&f Thanks
  6. I’m selling this 2017 India Full Sovereign. Asking £300 £295 £290 SOLD Includes free Royal Mail Special Delivery, (UK only) Payment by PayPal f&f Thanks
  7. Hi I have for sale a 2017 Pistrucci Full Sovereign NGC PF70. Complete with box & c.o.a Asking £695 includes free Special Delivery (UK only) Sold Payment by PayPal f&f
  8. Hi BYB, can I reserve my usual number #22 thanks.
  9. I'm also in profit with Bitconnect, (you pay your money you take your chance).. ?