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  1. Anyone can knock out a few coins these days cheap and easy, I dont think any significant volume was produced so I think it was more a propaganda tool then any real world application. Even I designed my own coin previously (a physical crypto coin for Komodo)
  2. mr-dead

    Glint Gold App tried

    Android version has just been released. Just signed up to give it a try
  3. mr-dead

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    I like it, on the same level a maple but I prefer the Krugerrand. The design is basic but they feel good in the hand, may grab a monster box to accompany my gold ones
  4. This is old news and never went anywhere i think. Just an ISIS propaganda piece.
  5. mr-dead

    Gold Bullion Clearance

    1% over spot if you buy X20
  6. mr-dead

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    That is also only 1/10 of the owners holdings. I would have a sweat on right now if I were him!
  7. Interesting interview: https://kingworldnews.com/andrew-maguire-6-7-2018/ Seems like something is brewing behind the scenes.
  8. Just spotted this story online : Russia Raises Retirement Age Above Life Expectancy For 40% Of Men https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-19/russia-raises-retirement-age-above-life-expectancy-40-men I have no doubt this is coming our way sooner or later and as a 42 yr old I expect the pension/retirement landscape to look significantly different by the time I come to retirement. Just goes to show you need to take responsibility for your own finances and to not rely on the state to look after you in old age. Gold/Silver = A secure nest neg and peace of mind.
  9. So Deutsche Bank has now hit an all time low @ 8.76 euro (ATH 88.41 euro) https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-27/deutsche-bank-tumbles-new-record-low-drags-european-banks I think things are only going to get worse and if it does go belly up the contagion will be significant and could be the much needed catalyst to drive gold prices significantly higher.
  10. mr-dead

    Deutsche Bank - all time low

    I believe it hit double the world GDP at one point.
  11. mr-dead

    Deutsche Bank - all time low

    until you consider their liabilities
  12. mr-dead

    Silver Deals.....

    If my math is correct goldsilver.be works out at 1.55 euro over spot on a monster box. Much easier to grab 500oz than 4000oz although delivery day would be fun
  13. mr-dead

    Storage of your stack

    If you want something robust and waterproof to protect collectibles then you cant go wrong with a peli case
  14. NS&I slashes the savings limit on popular bonds to from £1,000,000 down to just £10,000, a 99% reduction. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/banking/2018/06/nsi-slashes-savings-limit-on-bonds-to-just-10000?_ga=2.164607608.613083367.1528972827-608727597.1521835263 This is a big deal as they are government backed so the full million was protected rather than the usual £85k with other banks. If you are looking for somewhere "safe" to park your £1 million its now a little more difficult. Makes you wonder why the sudden change, another financial crisis around the corner?
  15. mr-dead

    What would you buy

    2005 Sovereign? Its a unique design year
  16. mr-dead

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    I just submitted a request alongside Hungary demanding repatriation of my gold from the federal reserve causing a world shortage and price spike Turkey has been the latest country to request their gold as they pulled 220 tons of gold out of the US Federal Reserve system on April 19, 2018. The countries 220 tons of gold is valued at $25.3 billion. Turkey has followed countries such as: Germany Netherlands Austria Belgium Russia China Azerbaijan Got to a be a reason all these countries are clambering to get their gold back asap.
  17. Stackers anonymous Hi, My name is Mark and its been 5 weeks since my last PM purchase. getting twitchy fingers again 😓
  18. Been watching and sitting on my hands, self control!
  19. Currently at 1752oz silver so want to get that to my target 2000oz then back on the gold. Gold target has now been revised from 400oz to 500oz lol.
  20. Wife's 40th, daughter's 10th + a holiday have crippled the wallet. Bonus month the end of this month though
  21. mr-dead

    999 silver superman

    New from NZ mint if your a superman fan (which I am not personally but it looks good) https://www.nzmint.com/coin-collections/dc-comics-superman-80th-anniversary-150g-pure-silver-miniature 1000 mintage $550 360 video: 789_1392_2434.mp4
  22. mr-dead

    Gold premiums

    Good work, you should also add buy back price as that also varies by coin
  23. I would have no objection to paying more tax towards the NHS if guarantees were put in place that the money went into care and not swallowed up by management and admin roles.
  24. mr-dead

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    America just dropped out of North Korea meeting. Deutsche bank just issued a profit warning + another 10k workers to be laid off. + a few other warnings from ECB, DOJ about to carry out a bitcoin price fixing investigation etc. etc. All good news for gold.
  25. mr-dead

    Three 9999 1oz Coins - Which Ones

    For some eye candy : libertad Panda 50 Peso (over 1oz but they are awesome ) Also like: Buffalo Dragon / Pheonix 2 Dragons St Gaudens