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  1. probably weighs about the same as the case the mrs packs for hols lol
  2. turns out holding a 1kg gold bar is more satisfying than a sovereign lol
  3. 2012 sovereigns 4.85% over spot https://www.chards.co.uk/2012-gold-sovereign-elizabeth-ii-unc-london/317?fbclid=IwAR2W2gVsXum_tJMxLIkpw-dvboIPK0r3KYm5dfYlIndPFr3DRp3prmSQb9I
  4. it's centrally controlled and a "stable" coin so no volatility to profit from
  5. The rise of these apps just makes it seem to me the monster is desperate to be fed more cash. If the smart money is switching out to safer assets they need to fill the void left with suckers one way or another.
  6. The garage has stripped out the defective switch and think they have found a replacement from a 3rd party. Fingers crossed Defective switch that would have cost £6k if I had to buy the complete unit new: Garage have sourced the below loom and are going to cut off off the bottom switch and solder on to existing loom If all goes to plan I'll have some spare cash to grab a oz of gold
  7. Invest in Jim Beam, warehouse just went up in flames with 40,000 barrels on fire! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-03/40000-whiskey-barrels-ablaze-fire-rages-through-jim-beams-kentucky-warehouses-0
  8. Invest in Jim Beam, warehouse just went up in flames with 40,000 barrels on fire! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-03/40000-whiskey-barrels-ablaze-fire-rages-through-jim-beams-kentucky-warehouses-0
  9. Worst experience I had on a boat is when the father-in-law bought a small fishing boat. I got dragged along for its maiden voyage, cast off from the marina and drifted out about 20 feet, he then attempts to start the engines (main & spare) and fails. We float about for an hour or so trying to get them going all the while the tide is going out. Soon enough we are stuck on a mud bank and have to sit there for about 12hrs waiting for the tide to come back in. It didn't help he's diabetic and didn't have his insulin with him, his wife had to pack a bag and tie it to a rope and throw it out to us. Wasn't impressed and never stepped foot on it again lol.
  10. I did own a jet boat once, joint purchase between a few friends. It got stolen, not insured so about as big a money pit as you can get. They say the 2 happiest days of a boat owners life are the day he buys it and the day he gets rid of it
  11. So all was well in car world, dropped the lambo off to my local detailers before I went away on holiday then when I got back it all went a bit pear shaped. 1) Collect the lambo and on jumping in get a "roof not secure" error. Drop if off to garage to get fixed 2) 2 days later, jump in the 911, turn the key and ignition switch snaps. 3) Next day, last resort driving the wife's clio - refuses to start. 911 - cheap fix, £98 all in so nothing to cry about. Clio - crank angle sensor failed, fixed myself cheaply. Lambo - faulty microswitch on passenger side soft top lifter - catch being you cant buy the 10p switch seperate and its a complete unit. Waiting on the call with my "options", depending on which lifter it is either £1128 or £3814 + labour @ £150 / hr No doubt when I jump back in and get the roof down it will be quickly forgotten though
  12. @BackyardBullion may be of interest to you as you have the previous release and is now up for pre-order: https://hotco.co/collections/roman-booteen/products/gold-bug?_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJtci1kZWFkQGxpdmUuY28udWsiLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJQR25lcGEifQ%3D%3D
  13. Honesty the best policy, or just scared of losing a hand or two if caught lol https://gulfnews.com/uae/man-returns-15kg-gold-worth-dh25m-he-found-in-dubai-1.64923110
  14. snap just posted it in the gold section
  15. They just did a story on the increasing gold price on the BBC 1 Breakfast show flashing about a 1g bar and a gold sovereign. Hopefully we'll start getting more of the public jumping on the stacking train and those cash for gold shops will soon start popping up all over the place.
  16. Just had the below update from bullionbypost by email: Gold/Silver ratio highest since 1992 as gold price hits $1,438 per ounce The gold/silver ratio is at a near-record level of 92.68 following continued price rises for gold this week. The ratio - how many ounces of silver buys an ounce of gold - hasn't been this high since October 1992; almost 27 years ago. The driving factor for this ratio change is the gold price. Gold is currently at a six-year high, having passed the $1,400 threshold seen by many as a psychological barrier. Gold is now priced at $1,434 per ounce - a gain of $23.54 per ounce or 1.68% in the last 24 hours. Today's price surge coincides with a 327 point (1.15%) drop in the Hang Seng stock exchange in Hong Kong, with investors in eastern Asia concerned that Presidents Trump and Xi won't reach an agreement to end the trade war when they meet at the G20 Summit. Despite the rise in demand for gold, silver is still yet to experience the same level of interest, but the traditional elastic relationship between gold demand generating silver demand could see the precious metal experience a surge in price in the near future.
  17. Just think of your exit strategy, who will buy them in bulk and what are they paying
  18. I have an idea of getting silver without spending too much money. If 1 person wants 100g of silver, he will have to pay £70. If 20 people want 100g of silver, they will have to pay £70 each. But if 1 person has a friggin huge drill you can get it all for free
  19. Things like this just strengthen the case for crypto. Full control of your own money with no middle man thinking its theirs intead of yours.
  20. will we see £1100 today, someone is mashing the buy button out there
  21. I wonder if we are about to hit £1100 :)
  22. After some forum help to identify the font used in a damaged original mold so I can get the recreation spot on. Any idea?
  23. Its not what the job pays its the money it attracts when you step down and the behind closed door deals are settled.
  24. I think the next evolutionary phase of money after another global crisis will be asset backed, state issued cryptocurrency (making all "unregulated" crypto e.g. BTC illegal in the process). It will be backed with oil, gold etc. starting out with "honest" money which will again be watered down through increasing leverage over time and we'll be back to square one in the not too distant future.