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  1. Haven’t got a clue how to re name, perhaps a mod can do it
  2. I said quick flip, Olaf not in situation because would be hard to know what to do. BUT I’ve seen what the royal mint have been up to in the last 5 years and wouldn’t be surprised if it came out again with a ‘6th portrait’ or a 70th anniversary mark. The royql mint have turned into a corporate money making machine and wouldn’t put anything past them. will be interesting to see where the series goes whether it’s WW designs or classic designs in general and how many of them are put out there. I’d be a buyer of a ‘1989 design and ‘pistrucci’ design
  3. Got 3 spare tickets to the world darts on 21/12/19 at the Alexandra Palace, afternoon session. bought these a while ago but managed to upgrade to a table seat. face value £31 each any questions PM me
  4. im off to the world darts next week, alexandra Palace is a cashless venue so have to register for a card and preload it before we go. what a faf another case of going cashless
  5. No I could care less.......: after Australia and Canada’s attempts at the queen I won’t buy coins from them. To me it makes 50% of the coin fugly. I hope the royal mint don’t shout themselves in the foot and go down the same route
  6. After seeing Jeanette cranky on andrew Maher this morning the conservatives should highlight what she was saying and bang it home to people is you vote Lib Dem’s you could get a labour/ SMP coalition. This would be a disaster, She cocked up the last election and she could do this. I think she is a very poor leader
  7. Atkinson’s and chards do normally stock them but it’s normally a few pounds cheaper to buy from Europe even after shipping and transferwise fees. If you are thinking of buying the 2020 version it’s worth paying that bit extra so if any problems they can go back
  8. https://www.gold.de/kaufen/goldmuenzen/china-panda/
  9. It’s well worn, but a lot of Victoria half sovereigns are. Just be careful at auction because auction fees soon add up especially if bidding through thesaleroom or alike because they have a cut also. You can soon be £30 more than it’s worh
  10. Half sovs, sovs, 1,1/2,1/4,1/10 brits, all pandas, 1 Oz krugerrands. Most the others are better value from Europe and a quick look on gold.de can do same job great site
  11. If they do a 2oz gold pestrucci George and dragon design do people think it will be even more popular than this?
  12. I know they are too dear but I try to buy 5 bu 50p’s when they are released. Now gone up to £4.50 but last years snowman doing ok on eBay. I think the 50th anniversary 50p will be the one in 10 years that will be the real winner
  13. If labour and SNP join forces and they get in gold will be a lot higher come Christmas.
  14. This is why I didn’t buy this coin. The fact that it’s part of a series. A one off £4K is doable but if it ends up with 3/4/5 coins that’s a different matter. Think the coin will be a winner but will probably take time to sell also some big areas on the coin that could potentially haze