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  1. Cornishfarmer

    for exchange Gold 1oz libertad trade

  2. Cornishfarmer

    Brexit status ...

    I have a bit of simpathy for TM, not a lot but a little. The civil servants went and did a shocking job. Europe never really believed that we would leave without a deal and we won’t. The amendment passed the other day stops this. So question now is extend artical 50 or cancel it. Time will tell. One of the hardest things I’m dealing with at moment is trying to explain to my kids that democracy is the greatest thing we have....... and the government and Europe are crunching it. DUP will back May in a confidence vote because he knows Corbin will sell them out. Europe stuck together very well so far and I really hope they blink first to the trouble is the majority of the country is on the side of Europe. The this is like 1940, we can just give in or be strong. The next 6 months could be the end of Europe or the end of the U.K. we will see come june
  3. Cornishfarmer

    for exchange Gold 1oz libertad trade

    Anyone interested in trading a 1oz gold libertad (with copper spots) for a gold queens beasts falcon or 2019 gold Somalia elephant?
  4. Cornishfarmer

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    I hope he didn’t take out of gold and put in the stock market last week!!!!!
  5. Cornishfarmer

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Personally I think you made a good investment, with the correct coins you just sold them badly. When you see them on Atkinson’s (that’s if they down already have a buyer lined up) you will see this. cant remember members name but he was after 10 of each queens beasts and was paying very good money for them. Rather than coming on here saying that it was a mistake buying after you sold, you should have come on before you sold and asked advice
  6. Cornishfarmer

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    @Bullionbilly yes correct
  7. Cornishfarmer

    Black Friday Deals

    You you sell one to a loyal silver forum member?
  8. Cornishfarmer

    Black Friday Deals

    I read somewhere that Jane Austin isn’t going into circulation, Westminster have them for £12.99 but can’t find anywhere cheaper, is anyone has the carded version for sale I’d be interested please
  9. Cornishfarmer

    Black Friday Deals

    Not a massive deal but bought some £2 bu coins from the royal mint 20% off and 7% top cash back. The Jane Austin coin done ok so hoping the raf ones will also. Depends if they all go into circulation
  10. Cornishfarmer

    Best Buy 2018

    Year coming to a close, was wandering what people’s best buys for the year are ive got 2, the vente pesos bought on the forum and the 2009 proof Australian sovereign for £224 from @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer
  11. Cornishfarmer

    GBP Plunges.

    This hasn’t changed in the last 36 months, it’s just those useless Pratt’s in London’s that are meant to be negotiating for us want to stay in and can’t see it. I put it on this forum after the referendum, Brexit great idea but be don’t have the will in the negotiations to get a good deal and will end up being a disaster. BBC should be ashamed of themselves for coverage about Europe. I still thing the European state will be a failed experiment but I also think they have done a brilliant job sticking together. Leo’s power will implode if no deal, but I regretfully think it will get through parliament. Then democracy will be dead because in a couple years Europe will be able to make laws and we won’t be able to vote on them.
  12. Cornishfarmer

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Chosen what I’m going to buy..... just need the code now!!!
  13. Cornishfarmer

    advice on proof sovereigns

    Put a wanted in the sales section. Some here got a really good deal on some Australian sovereigns so they may be worth looking at. Personally I like the design more than the standard proof sovereign
  14. Cornishfarmer

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Bid on those 2 and 2000. No luck
  15. Cornishfarmer

    Lackdales gold pandas

    Sale today 1oz gold panda run 1982 to 2009 mostly in omp