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  1. Cornishfarmer

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    For £229 or £249. When I looked they had gone up
  2. Cornishfarmer

    Silver Deals.....

    https://www.coininvest.com/en/silver-coins/isle-of-man-series/1-oz-noble-isle-of-man-silver-coin-2018/ if anyone buying, not sure of deal but they are stunning. Also got angels available
  3. Cornishfarmer

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    These sovereigns are a good price at today’s spot. But if we get a deal and the £ strengthens to where it should be not so good. Remember in October could get sovereigns for under £220
  4. Cornwall not a bad place to be, in middle of February
  5. Cornishfarmer

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    hot sure where to put this, a 2019 sovereign with a matt finish, is this new or have i missed it? https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/2019/
  6. Big difference between traveling and holidays
  7. Cornishfarmer

    Outrageous train prices

    I only use trains a couple times a year. Exeter to Paddington about £50 return, booked well in advance.Which I call good value. But I have to drive 1.5 hours to the station. If any one is daft enough to travel in peak it’s up to them. Like @mr-dead said the company picks his travel cost up. Also the ones going to London paying that amount are normally paid well enough to pay it, also if it was better value to take a car people would. How much would the trains cost with out the government help. but like I said I only go once or twice a year which suits me well. Wouldn’t like to rely on trains tho
  8. Cornishfarmer

    Brexit status ...

    £2m of gold @mr-dead your holdings would be a big % of that
  9. Cornishfarmer

    65th anniversary of the coronation scratch

    I’d give you a profit and pay £260
  10. I had to go shopping for my elderly grandmother yesterday, first time I’m my local supermarket for 7 years. What an experience it is massive, about 4 times the size than when I last went in. The biggest thing I noticed was the amount of staff they were everywhere. I can see how some of the budget supermarkets save money all these staff cost money. They were like ants, picking up trolleys in car park, welcoming you into store, wandering around, packing shelves, putting discount stickers on. I can’t say it was a pleasant experience so hope it’s another 7 years before I go again
  11. Last couple years been hard, 2017 was very wet and the summer of 2018 very dry, spuds and carrots sturggled. If it wasn’t for the supermarkets keeping the cost to farmers so low food will be a lot higher.
  12. Cornishfarmer

    Brexit status ...

    I for one don’t have a problem with immigration and it didn’t enter my head when the vote was made. But a lot of people want to stop the free flow of people not the free flow of goods. The EU still aren’t blinking but this morning are saying the labour idea may be better, Not sure they should be medaling with political parties. The Brexit fiasco started because the elite in London wouldn’t listen to the peasants outside. This is now happening with the elite in Brussels. As a farmer I will be financially worse off with Brexit but it’s worth missing out to get independence. What not many have picked up yet but will be MASSIVE in the next couple years is that the next round of CAP (common agricultural policy) is due, it will be financed and without the U.K. money (if it stops) and that’s when Europe will rebel. Agriculture maybe a primary industry in the U.K. but in France, Italy Ireland etc a massive part of the economy relies on it. What ever deal we get watch this development
  13. Cornishfarmer

    Brexit status ...

    I'm having a hard time trying to teach my children about democracy and the importance of it at the moment, Tell them that voting is one of the greatest rights to have but with all this rubbish with brexit and if mays/eu's original plan goes through democracy is dead. After 2 years we will be run with rules and laws will be made by with out us in the uk being able to vote or have any say over. THAT ISN'T DEMOCRACY. As savoyard says this isnt 1943 this will be worse
  14. Cornishfarmer

    1875s half sovereign

    My eyes need testing..... thought it was an 8!!!!
  15. Cornishfarmer

    Freaken out, Hate PayPal. Argh

    @jonrms You sent money to the wrong email address? Does that address exist? If not you should get money back, or open a PayPal account with that address, if the address you sent to by mistake does exist have you tried emailing to tell situation and hope they have some morals and send back