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  1. First I’d buy a Yale of beaufort can get them for bout £20 more than a bullion 1oz coin. They have a big upside, the silver is popular and the gold will be more so in time. Yale is a big rich university in America so I think if the queens beasts make it popular in the states the upside will be as big as the lion
  2. 1858. Didn’t ask mint mark presume A
  3. Is anyone going to buy the 100 francs and at HGM so I don’t get tempted??!!
  4. Buy a kg coin a year to get silver fix and rest gold. I started with silver. But when you have ten tubes you realise the weight that will accumulate. Then look into one tube and realise they have started to milk spot, wiping the premium that you have paid off. Making a tube worth £60 odd less than paid for it.
  5. Anyone know what they are going for at the moment? eBay got £1 listings and thinking of letting it go. Would £750 be a fair starting price? @sovereignsteve @Numistacker
  6. My worry is if we don’t vote, that means that mays deal has passed, if we do and the Brexit party get big numbers in will be a nice big FU to the EU
  7. I don’t want to be controversial but I couldn’t vote for UKIP now with the direction they have gone, so it it wasn’t for the Brexit party it will would have been the first election i wouldn’t voted in. I think that the independent party (what ever they are called that are pro Europe) will be up there if we get to vote
  8. Are you still allowed to sell mink coats?..... not the best situation but that’s what happens if sell fur
  9. @savoyard don’t think they will need it over turned, think this is mays only chance of getting her deal through. She will agree to another referendum then but her deal back to parliament. Then she will get her shocking deal through(ERG on side) or get a referendum (labour on side)(which I think she secretly wants) and blame it on labour that they don’t respect democracy. still think Brexit is the right thing just think the way they have gone about it is wrong.
  10. I’d rather have eagles than brits, but because of our tax system we have to add 20% to silver coins if bought in U.K. I love silver and collect it but don’t stack it. I think America and Australia are more clued up when it comes to silver out of interest that could you buy silver eagles for over there?
  11. In the U.K. so not really applicable but the reasons why it wouldn’t work from our end. Cheapest we can get sovs for here at moment is £229 (albeit a loss leader from a company). Cheapest I could buy 20 silver eagles is from Europe at £274.60 plus shipping to U.K. plus shipping to US so would be over £300 all in to get the 20 eagles to you. I know we have different costs here than over the water that’s why you see a lot of silver forum members stack gold rather than silver just my opinion but thought I’d say things from our side
  12. I see HGM have upped the premium on the st graudens from 3% to nearly 10%. Another nail in their coffin as far as I’m concerned. Goes to show when companies offer something good stock up because they have gone from top of the list to nearly bottom
  13. I’m forever thankful for Nicola sturgeon, if she hadn’t cocked up the last general election but banging on about the second independence vote they would have a labour SNP coalition now