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  1. the more vegetarians and now with this massive rise in veganism we will get more cases like this. The press especially bbc and channel 4 have such a thing against eating animal products they are forgetting the health benefits that they bring. I don’t want to get into the morals of eating animal products but I think I people went back to eating what our grand parents did everyone would be better off. imho if people gave up sugar and the Internet they would be a lot healthier than if they gave up meat
  2. we have a 24 mile round trip to get to our local fish and chip shop. but id drive a few miles more and go to padstow and Rick Steins. they only a few £ more and they are first class especially the tartar sauce
  3. @ChrisSilver any way i can change the settings? the new lay out that started yesterday with the different colour hammer between new notifications and already read is hard to distinguish mainly on the phone but also on computer anyone else getting this problem?
  4. Because when you but the price you paid you put 15.49£. When as everyone the I know would but £15.49. So thought you may be in Europe converting it over rather than in the U.K.
  5. @Joemm are you based in the U.K. or mainland Europe?
  6. Don’t see grading will make a difference, I’d sell now, the royal mint are a business and there to make money. They have shown with plain edged sovs and privy sovs that they will exploit the market. No reason why they won’t release 500 X 2021 unas.
  7. Love the pond design. A lot made into jewellery and more than fair share of fakes. Never picked one up because don’t know enough about them to buy on eBay and they come up very rarely from dealers or on here
  8. I’ve never ordered from H and B and im getting the junk mail. How’s that work!!!!
  9. By luck just saw this in a book
  10. Thank you everyone for their responses plenty food for thought. 10% on fall of hammer and rest in 28 days.
  11. Wow they really have cut their price could get 99% a couple of years ago
  12. Worst thing is it’s an auction so won’t know until after if I have to sell or not
  13. Fair bit of bullion but some key pandas, all queens beasts, Somalia elephants back to 2012 etc
  14. Some land coming up for sale near me: Anyone sold a largeish amount of gold? Some nice coins don’t really want so sell under spot anyone with experience with selling to the likes of chards, Atkinson’s or HGM and if they will pay over?
  15. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/us-eagle-indian-head-gold-coin-10