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  1. Back on £1400 plus delivery. Silver up but price same
  2. Nick clegg got debated the Cameron and brown in the first tv debate..... that ended up well didn’t it. Just because they are quick thinking doesn’t make them a good leader. Give us a snake. Boris and rabb have that they got out on their CV when they could see Brexit was a sham. SJ and MG stayed around and that won’t help them. End of the day it going to be a nightmare for whoever gets in. If the winner actually makes it to the next election they better pal up with other parties else we will have lab SNP coalition which could go down as the worst 5 years in British history
  3. Why don’t you put a wanted in the trade section, some great 2017 coins up earlier Maybe some one has some they want to part with
  4. I would be carful, a member here a month or so ago sold some sovereigns to chards and they paid a fair bit less for worn coins so just because they are a few £ cheaper doesn’t make them a better deal. Can’t remember who was but someone will tag him in to fill in gaps
  5. No I didn’t......... I didn’t buy😢😢😢😢😂😂😂
  6. i must be working it wrong i have £224(sov cost) divide by 0.2354= £251.57 where have i gone wrong? EDIT: SORRY THOUGHT YOU WERE WORKING OUT THE £224 SOVEREIGNS AT £243.25
  7. Last drop £580 until Sunday then back to storage
  8. @silenceissilver which one is it? With a wand if so which one? Always Thought it would be worth buying one of these, then going to the London coin fair and charging £3 to see if coins are real. Interested to see how you get on with it and a review of it
  9. Price reduction to £1400. Until Sunday then put away in storage again
  10. Last bump before go back to storage
  11. Still another one up for sale/trade if anyone interested 😉😉😉