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  1. Cornishfarmer

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    @Willike cracking prize, if anyone wins and doesn’t want to go I’d love it!!!!! As a life long Plymouth argyle fan not sure if I’ve ever had much to cheer about, away on holiday at moment will look in to what I’ll add when I get home
  2. Cornishfarmer

    Flipping trainers/sneakers

    What is the best size to buy?
  3. Cornishfarmer

    Electron Microscope

    Mate added microscope feature to my iPhone. Press home button 3 times. Surprised how good it is, can easily see the small date on the new £1 coins
  4. Cornishfarmer

    22K vs 24K

    Just seeming the news in the last couple weeks with Indonesia and Florida gold wouldn’t be top of the list when it comes to survival. Water, batteries, fuel food etc. I’m far from a prepper or think the U.K. will ever get to a shtf but these would be thugs that are needed first. Anyone into inventing technology, a solar phone charger would be probably higher on lists than pm’s
  5. Cornishfarmer

    Charles I coin help please

    got given these today, think I’ve tracked it down to Charles I. Any ideas which, mint, value?
  6. Cornishfarmer

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    anything under the G and A on gratia? or is it just shadow?
  7. Cornishfarmer

    Is There Something About to Crash with Gold ?

    Not a clue but my thinking is that they will announce a deal with the eu and the £ will gain 5% against the € and $ making gold cheaper for us
  8. Cornishfarmer

    7 month experiment

    @Lowlow interesting to hear thoughts of an American about issues in the states and what you think of Europe. Out of interest where you from in states?
  9. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    My purchases arrived today. The Australian proof at £224 is beautiful, the libertad it covered in copper spots but at 3% an happy, bet the proofs are amazing in hand
  10. Cornishfarmer

    Friend with 10k

    @dicker I’d advise him to look at chards web site. They have some good deals to start a stack.
  11. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    What have people bought?
  12. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

  13. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    Now live. I’ve had a couple good deals in my opinion, hope you don’t add too many more!!!!! Will more be listed? @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer
  14. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    Got the email but no proper deals yet. @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer Are deals live?
  15. Cornishfarmer

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    At the moment all can see on iPhone 20 francs 3% and a gold £1 coin. What am I missing?