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  1. I ended up putting £2000 in. £500 in 4 lots, shell, BP, IMB and voda Last night I got up to £2002.56 first time it was above....... then today happened!!!! And £127 down. Should have waited a week. Probably got too higher % of value in gold so might sell some off and put into a s and s isa next tax year.
  2. On radio 2 today the business corespondent said that self employed people can claim it even if they are still working. This just doesn’t seem right. Reading between the lines a few on here will apply and get the government money even though they are still working/able to work/covered by other means and this isn’t what it’s intended for
  3. @LawrenceChard thanks for adding this, have you ever seen a time like the last month? Think you said you started in 64 so gone through several crashes and huge political events. Is this standard? Ie after 9/11 or the banking bail out?
  4. No. Sure if you put a wanted on the sales section you could get gold cheaper
  5. Cornishfarmer

    Olympics 2020

    Any place to get the coin with out it being part of a set?
  6. Some idiots going to take advantage of this..... they have taken a huge amount of stick for this...... prison is appropriate in my eyes
  7. Looks like he is being pinned down. Bought the bu from Westminster that’s all
  8. As I bought shares a few weeks ago that have dropped 40% I wouldn’t take my advice but I’d pull out for now. This one is going to be a bad one. In a few months I think people are going to be desperate so houses will come down, anyone self employed (including myself) will have to live on reserves which is ok until they runout. We often hear that a lot of people only have reserves for a few weeks this will be months. I’m sorry to say but I think cash will be king and if you are at the right place at the right time so items will be got at giveaway prices. This is harsh but true I’m not a prepper but I think we are in for desperate times and people we know/us will struggle.
  9. That’s a hard one, if you see the carbon footprint of milk produced in Africa it’s a LOT higher per litre than in the U.K. because each cow produces more. Same with fert if you can produce more crop with less land and less water should more than off set the ammonia
  10. This is happening all over, I know an estate agent and she rang all the ‘older’ people on their sales list to see how they were, if they needed perceptions picked up or food delivered...... it’s a bit like london in the Olympics it changed for a month or so..... but then still went back to normal once it had finished
  11. With leaving europe this Is the future, the way farmers being paid is changing. They are aiming to encourage flood prevention/wildlife diversity rather than food production (in England anyway). Tree planting has gone up the list as well. The government are trying to get to net zero and livestock production adds a lot of methane (which converts to high carbon dioxide) so they think if they can get rid of livestock and import food will help them reach their target
  12. Thanks for the heads up. The 2oz horse is also good value at £27 odd
  13. @RisinSun well done on the sales so far, don’t want to take over thread but have you bought house yet? Are prices going down/staying same? More/less demand? You nervous/excited about the prospect? Emergency live in interesting times and was interested in your views
  14. I never know how w h Smith keep going also Pizza Hut is always a let down
  15. I’m hoping agriculture will be a winner, down here we may not be able to get to the supermarkets but we will all have meat, milk and eggs on tap. the biggest problem is farming has had such a basing from the greens, vegans and climate change activists that many are getting into wild bird feed, trees and wildlife. It was only a few weeks ago that an influential government adviser said that we you get rid of agriculture and import all our food. Time will tell which way it goes.
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