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  1. now hoping for a 3 month extension. my 1kg Somalia elephant been delayed again for the 3rd time until 31/10!!!
  2. I've only had to claim once. It was only an old pair of match worn rugby shorts that i sold on ebay and they paid the price that they sold for. Didn't get offered any stamps buy got the full amount back by cheque about a month after the claim
  3. But if you sold it for say £100 isn’t that proof of what it sold for and therefor it’s value...... not what you would have bought for years earlier?
  4. From the pic looks like a few marks on the coin. But could be the case.
  5. Gold price saying deal close to being done........ or just a huge buying opportunity??
  6. Probably too high but @DavePanda will know a lot more on price.
  7. Hope you’re getting the porn shop and the pawn shop mixed up!!😂😂
  8. I thought I trusted Boris........ not so sure now, he is caving in and chickening out
  9. I’ve been to the RAH a few times for the proms. Can’t remember where I sat but was first class other couple time I was in the floor. Good value at £5 but not so good as sitting. It’s like lords for the cricket, you get drawn into the history of the place and that’s as exciting as the concert. The boxing was there last week also and it was buzzing
  10. And probably the only country in the EU that can survive outside the Uk
  11. I thought that gold would jump (in £ anyway) with Ireland/eu rejecting Boris’ offer. But stayed steady. Now is the time to stay together, I think people are ready for it now and waiting for it to happen
  12. It’s ok, as lot as she can retreat quicker than the rest of the EU armies she should be ok.
  13. Luckily not too many problems, used to play a lot of rugby, when to chiropractor a couple of years ago and found 5 ribs out of position so put them back into place, been a different man since can lie out flat without being in pain. I’m too fat and should do something about it, I think there is a place do do an MOT when you get to 40. Never had blood pressure or heart monitored.
  14. Not into this at all but anyone on Facebook can look up liskeard auction rooms and they are selling a lot of stuff this weekend