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  1. I don't know if there's going rate" for this as of yet but I can only imagine it going up in future So really you have all the time in the world to decide what you want to do, you've already won though, so whatever you do well done.
  2. I'm vegetarian but the truth is a balanced diet of everything (assuming you don't have any allergies or digestive issues) is what's most healthy Good quality meat, fish, dairy and a rainbow of vegetables and fruits Most people do develop mild intolerance's to foods as they get older that make them feel sluggish. sometimes it can be certain meat, sometimes it can be certain fruits/vegetables so when they cut those out they feel better ^ I think that's why some people praise a vegan diet and some praise a carnivore diet If you're going to go on a strict diet for a sustained amount of time it's really important to work out what your'e going to be missing and try and supplement it. I would also say you should get extensive blood work done at least once a year to make sure you have everything you need. I know from my own diet getting enough b12, iron, k2, omega 3 etc etc can be hard if not impossible so I have supplements
  3. When you're used to something you don't really feel any type of way about it I will say I really like the Queens first young portrait, I would have preferred this one to be the only one
  4. Beautiful! and very well photographed
  5. I don't feel a sovereign would fit, it's its own separate thing I guess they could do it and not call it a sovereign but that would be odd too
  6. They would use the Jody Clark LIz but that's ok, the reverse of the Gothic Crown is still splendid
  7. I hope so, I wonder how many engravers they're going to do + how many designs they might pick for each "As we launch The Great Engravers, a new collection celebrating the past masters of their craft," Wyon did the Gothic Crown as well as Una so hopefully they aren't just doing one design for each engraver 😨
  8. It's been sold out for few days, it said 95% on the main page then sold out on the actual product page
  9. I'd guess the gold will be a big winner in the end, especially if the series as a whole takes off - which if they choose the right designs should be a certainty
  10. If you don't like a site don't use it 😛
  11. Surprisingly for the RM it seems issue free
  12. I assume they would do the Gothic reverse and Queen Liz obverse? like they've done for the Una coin
  13. I just checked and Wyon did the Gothic Crown.. fingers crossed they release that design, that will be amazing
  14. Yes and 3000 is a reasonable mintage, if it was 5000 i'd have probably given it a miss