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  1. was your new avatar taken on the built in webcam?
  2. Yes, I'm sure it's because of the patriarchy Not that gender matters anyway though because it's a social construct, but at the same time don't any of you dare misgender me or it's a hate crime and you're going to jail! Thanks
  3. 2009.. recycle it :p You would be able to find something more modern, better processor, graphics card, ram, blah blah etc etc on Ebay second hand for £50 I'm sure Don't see the point faffing around with this relic 😛
  4. Yes I just wanted to get them done to play, not that I understood half the rules lol If you want to see some cool paint jobs for some inspiration check out http://www.coolminiornot.com/top
  5. I used to love Warhammer 40k when I was about 12 Wasted so much money on figures that I would paint sooo badly; was forever picking super glue off my fingers too I also liked Mordheim because you didn't need so many figures Probably a bit of a toss up if I wasted more on games workshop stuff or pokemon cards 😛 @RichmondStacker you did a beautiful job on the water especially
  6. My Vic had a dark spot and odd line, quite subtle and you would need a loupe to notice but not 100% perfect like would hope
  7. No way someone put this much effort into a mock up, I'd be shocked if this wasn't real I think dealers get sent images early under instruction not to release them, I guess one of them leaked it
  8. Oh I guess this was the reason? I have no idea why they were unable to buy a SSL validation and go HTTPS on their old domain though, odd
  9. Best guess in this case would be it's just branding as the old domain redirects to the new one, so they still have control of it Maybe they feel their previous domain had become a source of negative interest and it would be best to move to a new one without "Buckingham Collection" in the name Or maybe BuckinghamCollection.co.uk is just more expensive per letter for promotion material 😛 who knows tbccoins is an awkward swap
  10. Who in the world would buy one for £450
  11. I'm not sure if I regret not getting one now or not, wish I could trust the RM not to over milk things
  12. Yeah they tried to trademark "sovereign" for coins but it failed, so anyone is free to call whatever coin/medal they want a sovereign
  13. Did the Albert have a plain edge or no?
  14. I was going to offer to try and order one to flip to one of you guys last night.. But then I thought, well I will have to get up at 7am, I will have to go to the post office, someone will only probably give me £50 extra, I can't be bothered Now I see you guys offering £700 I wish I had 😛