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  1. I was going to offer to try and order one to flip to one of you guys last night.. But then I thought, well I will have to get up at 7am, I will have to go to the post office, someone will only probably give me £50 extra, I can't be bothered Now I see you guys offering £700 I wish I had 😛
  2. I'm going to give this one a miss as there's no guarantee they aren't going to make more with the only difference each time being the privy I may change my mind before release, but currently it's an annoyed no from me
  3. My first reaction was "oh ffs.." If this was guaranteed the last sotd matt finish, plain edge with a privy id buy it but they can't just keep watering things down like this The more they make, the less special they are
  4. I have the perfect domain for this to sit on.. if you guys want to donate £2000 to buy it 😛
  5. I haven't checked prices, maybe they've caught up, but assuming there is a delay in numismatic prices rising then you get more for less bullion than you would have currently Numismatic prices have risen with spot prices since gold was down at £700/800 Things like historic sovereigns will always be desirable and will always have to be worth considerably more than spot
  6. Maybe now is a good time to sell bullion and buy numismatics hmm
  7. A 10% off code to anyone who had to wait would have been something, a free half sovereign is going above and beyond, I'd go as far as to say it's too generous lol
  8. Colloidal silver, healing crystals and a personal horoscope reader; there more chance of the world being round than me getting ill.
  9. Was just watching shows about property on youtube and made me think of this thread for some reason Hows the French home been going @ogb777
  10. Youtube got a lot of people into pm's, especially younger people, especially around 2014 for some reason Internet is bringing us all together and what a joy 😛 so not all bad
  11. I think 2018 was 1000 and I think the 2017 garter design was also 1000
  12. 5sov matt proof is interesting, but for £2000 there's stuff id enjoy way more with better upside potential Only for the real collectors piedfort sov is meh and mintage is very large
  13. That's very cool, I like the style, reminds me a bit of Quentin Blake
  14. It's realistic to life Nothing looks more evil than a "politicians smile" does it 😐