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  1. Gold seems to be £20,000+ atm, if you can find one for 12 currently you would be doing well Silver should be low £300 for a while with H&B having them for sale for £299
  2. I guessed the silver would take a year to stablise at £300 but they're already there and past that
  3. If you're old fashioned like me and you don't like the windows 10 design then you can make your computer look like windows 7 or older with some easy modification and shells https://www.howtogeek.com/277448/how-to-make-windows-10-look-and-act-more-like-windows-7/
  4. This is beautifully photographed, well done
  5. I've self-taught guitar; well, I say self-taught but I mainly learned from youtube tutorials Personally books are a bit meh I think for learning instruments, easier to be told and shown than it just to be described in a book How can a book describe what you're suppose to be hearing? Just watch tutorials on youtube, practice the right things everyday for 15 minutes+ and you will be very good at some point in the future without a doubt
  6. @Paul: save a few pennies a day Also Paul: makes £16,000 off one coin purchase 😛
  7. Time will tell what will happen with the price and if the bids are genuine Personally I hope they are and I think it's wonderful if people have made such a profit on a modern coin (albeit drawing from a historic design)
  8. The Dave channel guy certainly thinks @Numistacker has a lot of pull if he can artificially inflate a coins value to £20,000 If this is true Numi I hope your day job is marketing 😛
  9. I'm out of the loop with the best place to buy gold sovereigns atm and I'm not sure the best place to buy the double On HGM you can buy two bullions sovereigns for £576.42 + postage The price for one double on CoinInvest is £593.99 + postage Is there a better price than £593.99?
  10. I honestly don't see the appeal, I don't think it will hold any value in the future beyond bullion so paying a premium beyond two normal sovs seems needless
  11. Una is a beautiful design with a strong history with the original This is just a boring uninspired design
  12. "we do have strict quality controls in place" lol
  13. Is it terrible of me that as soon as I saw the news one of my first thoughts was "I wonder what this has done for the gold price" 🙈