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  1. I think the "over 65% sold" etc messages are better hyping tool than a queue I would guess a queue is more likely to lose you customers than build hype
  2. It's hit home a bit 👀 My sister lives in Leicester, her partner works with someone who just got back from Italy, had been back working and mingling, came down ill and has just been confirmed having it
  3. @Oldun Seems to be a big cultural difference between east vs west and views on masks If you wear a mask in the west it's viewed as hysteria, germaphobia, just mentally ill really In the east it seems to be considered polite and more so protecting others from yourself spreading it Just a massive discrepancy on the idea why people are wearing them
  4. I like to watch scammer videos on youtube, Jim Browning channel is excellent For those, scammers are always out of the country and they "hire" a patsy to use their bank account and then they have them wire the money to them in India or Africa or wherever they are This guy sounded like he lived in the country and intelligent enough from the short conversation we had, well spoken anyway and if he has been doing this scam a while I doubt he could be using any accounts personal to himself Maybe he has someone he thinks is working for him that he has money sent to and then they buy bitcoin for him or something like that
  5. Thanks, he reported to Action Fraud yesterday Interestingly the guy gave a company name and address on the invoice, there is a real company at that address near Liverpool St with a slightly different name than the one given, we called them and spoke to someone who said the guy had done the same thing a few months ago and they had had 5 calls in the past couple weeks so it seems like he has started up again Seems odd for a scammer to use the same information twice They gave us the number of the police officer dealing with it but when we tried to call that particular police station in London has since closed down
  6. Post, they offer you the option to collect but I think that's to appear above board, my guess would be anyone who doesn't choose bank transfer/post gets fobbed off
  7. If the 1oz silver proof is 75% sold out with 4,200 limited presentation then 3150+ sold is very impressive
  8. My step dad was just scammed trying to buy something on Ebay outside of Ebay I'm sure everyone is already well aware but it doesn't hurt repeating: never buy anything through bank transfer with someone you don't know, you have no protection I called the guy this morning pretending to be an interested buyer, they're still running the scam sadly, got all the information I could, name+address etc but googling since it seems to be all fake I was half expecting them to be foreign and not even in the country but the guy sounded English/Asian, well spoken, 30s probably So far we can give the police Name (fake) Address (fake) email+ maybe IP address (he emailed an invoice) Phone number bank account details Ebay Details Whilst they're still running the scam, is there any other information I can try and get from them? or any way to trick information out of them?
  9. I can't remember the username sorry but when I saw someone on here sell and swap the gold Una for a beautiful George III 1761 Pattern Guinea it really seemed like a no brainer where the true value is edit>
  10. Doesn't take long to google and find stories like "China’s Aging Population Is a Major Threat to Its Future" 🤔 "How much does China pay on state “welfare” to the old???" From watching Serpentza videos I know it's typical for Chinese elderly to live with their children and be the the babysitter whilst they go to work, so I guess it's left to the children to support them for the most part
  11. I guess the problem of it being so infectious is overwhelming health care systems and people dying that could have been saved otherwise I can be quite cold and callous, when I read it's killing mostly the old and infirm I think "oh well, thinning the heard, everyones got to die of something" and it might be better for the world and humanity to have a few less people If an older person that died was my mum though id be devastated so I don't know how I can be so nonchalant about others families 😤 I guess the problem is reducing people to numbers dehumanises them and it's easy to go "well this number is better than this number" Eugenics type of mindset, dangerous.
  12. I planned on getting the silver proof 1oz as a collection but I only got as far as the dragon, couldn't bring myself to buy the bull and the rest haven't interested me either