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  1. That's what we're here to hopefully find out 😛 I think I remember there was a popular lion/tiger/leopard (some sort of big cat lol) from Somalia or Rwanda but can't find it
  2. 2017 Rwanda Rooster This is a tough one because I can't find any gold and only one silver proof for sale on ebay, so maybe they were a good buy, maybe they weren't The bullion silver version is doing nothing special though, selling for I presume around the price you would have bought it for I think there were some other hyped Rwanda coins
  3. 2017 Falkland Island Error Silver Crown 'Britannia Rules the Waves' Royal Mint have a trademark for Britannia, so I believe only a certain % were produced with "Britannia Rules The Waves" on You can find them on Ebay at £25 BIN price of graded 69 for £55 original thread
  4. The 100 cedis, wrong denomination 2017 Ghana Leopard According to the thread at the time they were $24.18 at Apmex 36.74 Euros at GS.be Two sold on Ebay recently, one BIN £25 the other graded by NGC 69 sold for £51 The coin The thread
  5. I'm counting on you guys to do this post for me really in the replies because I can't remember/don't know what exactly to search for Over the years there have been some hyped coins/medals beyond the traditional big mint releases, but how are they doing now? I'm talking about things like the Chinese medals Numistacker was promoting I remember some pobjoy mint error coins and miscellaneous penguin and snowman(?) I think there was some Somalia coins that were pretty hot at one point There was a leopard coin with the wrong denomination on it that had a lot of buzz Also those coke caps I will google later and try and find some of the answers to the above, but in the meantime if you know or remember any of these types of coins and how they're performing now price wise, please share below, it would be interesting to find out.
  6. psh maybe if you're a ruffian masturbating on a council estate
  7. Most parents of kids now are young enough to be tech savvy themselves Kids will also be able to get around the government block, I'm sure there will be 100s of articles after the ban saying how shockingly easy it is to find porn still What next, ID needed to use the internet entirely?
  8. I think it should be down to parents to control what their kids are looking at, not the government; There's more than enough child protection type apps and software I don't have children, but them talking to strangers online would be my biggest concern and this type of thing does nothing to address that I don't know enough about what they're putting in place to know whether I should be concerned about personal information being leaked I've heard you will be able to go to your local shop to show your ID and get your porn ID pass lol that will be fun, " hello yes id like this pack of chewing gum, oh and also a PORN ID PASS SO I CAN WATCH PORN AT HOME IN PRIVATE, thank you"
  9. I'm not sure how much grading costs but I'd guess 70 will add at least £100-200, put you closer to £1000 short term, long term even better.
  10. I think £780/£865 is very healthy Let all the people who want to sell put them into collectors hands, in the coming years there wont be any around to buy and the price will reflect that.
  11. Yeah I think they will all have little issues, mine has a spot of matte missing and a line on the horses leg I don't think should be there Unsure what would cause such a black line? It's pretty good otherwise
  12. I'm confused, one just finished at £780.00, not bad But there's another one ending in a few hours and that was £845.00 well before the first ended