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  1. It's not strictly proportional representation, as normally understood. But a regional closed list. So it does matter the more votes that the brexit party gets. Check the link below for the explanation. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/european-elections/european_elections/the_voting_system.HTML
  2. Brexit party topping the EU election polls already. Time to drop UKIP, and get on the Faragemobile. https://mol.im/a/6931385
  3. You never know after brexit the UK might make silver vat free to create a new industry. We can change vat on lots of things once we leave the EU. Something we can't do at the moment.
  4. Well I can't say I was swayed by the leaflet, mainly because I was one of the few who never got one delivered, and to this day, I have never seen it.
  5. A bit of a difference with giving an incorrect figure in Switzerland, leading to overturning a referendum, with brexit, where the arguments were more on things that could or could not be true, and neither side could actually see the future. And before anyone starts banging on about the bus. If you actually knew your facts, there is nothing in that bus that was a lie. We do send that money to Brussels, and although we get some of it back as a rebate, everyone knows that a rebate can be stopped. And you have to think why did the EU give us a rebate, instead of just making our payments smaller, because a rebate is temporary that's why. And with the EU getting rid of a countries veto in 2020, that rebate would have been stopped and there would be nothing we could have done about it. Anyway back to this story, no doubt the remainers will be creaming their underwear with this story, but if they tried to cancel the referendum here, they'd better be prepared for UKIP/Brexit party/Tory coalition for decades to come. It only takes about 3O% of the vote to put a party into government, there are around 48%-52% of voters who are brexiteers. Just create a few websites on tactical voting and the jobs done
  6. Sorry but that's absolute rubbish. Brexiteers had a myriad of reasons for wanting out. For myself it was the uncontrolled EU immigration, that has led to a low wage culture. Along with the fact that we have to pay billions of pounds for what is essentially two countries saying to each other, "if you follow my rules and I follow your rules, I won't put tariffs on your goods and you won't put them on our goods" That shouldn't cost a penny for two nations to do that, but the EU like their gravy train. The only people moving goalposts are remainers coming up with ways to disrupt and reverse the will of the majority.
  7. It's very simple, if you are a brexiteer, then to vote tactically, you have to vote for a brexiteer, but you also have to vote for the party most likely to get a majority, or the highest number of seats at least. If you checked out the number of mps's who were actual brexiteers, you'd find several hundred tory MP's, about a dozen labour mp's, and that's about it. Sadly that was never enough to win any votes in parliament. Already plans are afoot to deselect hundreds of remainer tory MP's, (some have already jumped, and joined the tigs), and replace them with actual brexiteers. Hence my list stating that to get a brexit supporting parliament you have to load it with brexiteers. Labour are going the other way, and are in the grip of momentum, and will have a bunch of far left wing marxist candidates, who would revoke Article 50 in a heartbeat, as well as raiding pensions, Isas, Reducing capital gains tax thresholds, and hitting financial institutions big time. And yes, labour will come after your gold and silver.. Because there are no other parties who at the next election that will have a chance of winning the election and be pro Brexit, the tories, (once the remainers have been deselected, and a new brexiteer party leader is in place) are the only choice. If you happen to be saddled with a remainer tory candidate, (some will manage to hang on), that is when you are forced to drop down to UKIP or the Brexit party . And to be honest, anyone thinking of voting labour needs to have their heads examined.
  8. We all know who the content creator you are referring to is. Its become a sad state of affairs when people are scared to mention the name Tommy Robinson, for fear of censorship. Whilst TR is a bit of a tool in the past, and occasionally has a daft moment in the present, the treatment of him by the left wing social media and MSM, is disgraceful. The guy has NEVER been convicted of any hate crime in the UK, a country that has some of the strictest hate speech laws in the Western world I might add, but he has been kicked off EVERY Social media platform for breaking their terms on "hate speech". It's a joke. BUT.......there lies the crux of the problem, and its something that the pragmatist that is Nigel Farage has spotted. Whilst TR has done nothing to warrant the tag of being a racist, the fact that the MSM have labelled him as such, means that the majority of the population who don't follow the intricacies of the current left wing bias in the media, believe that TR IS a racist. and by him aligning himself with UKIP, then they by default are also racist. It makes UKIP in some peoples eyes impossible to vote for. Which in my mind is a shame, but this is the world we currently live in. Unless UKIP and the Brexit party come to an agreement not to stand in the same constituencies, then the brexit vote will be split, and both will struggle to get seats.
  9. I have to disagree with you there. There was a concerted tactical voting campaign in Scotland in the last general election and Scottish parliament elections, to get rid of SNP MP's and MSP's. So much so, there were websites showing who to vote for in order to get the sitting SNP candidate to lose their seats. They managed to not only get rid of Alex Salmond and their Westminster leader Angus Robertson, but they reduced their seat numbers by a third in the general election, (56 seats in 2015, 35 in 2017), and by about 10% in the Scottish elections, (from 69 to 63), which lost them their majority in Holyrood. Its a bit harder to hit the SNP in the Scottish elections due to the weird proportional representation system they have. If you are a brexiteer, then the next general election, (if brexit doesn't happen or it is a fudge), then tactical voting will jump up to the next level. It's very simple, You look at the list of candidates in your constituency, and find out who is a staunch brexiteer, and if there is only one on the list, then vote for them. If there are several, then you vote for the one that comes first in the following party order. Conservative, Ukip, Brexit Party, Independent, Labour. You can ignore the LibDems, SNP, Greens, basically because they are brainwashed remainers. If we get to have some fun in the EU elections, then its simple, just vote either UKIP or the Brexit Party, do not vote for any other party. The party list proportional representation voting system will ensure a huge number of brexiteer MEP's. Add them to the massive rise of other nations anti EU parties and the numbers of MEP's they'll get, the EU will have serious problems getting legislation through. The EU as a political entity is dying, and the more the bureaucrats push, the more the people will push back.
  10. It's ok, I have access to our gun cabinet, and we have a nuclear bomb shelter on the site where I live. Anyway he's got to find my gold first. Lol
  11. I'm thinking of upping my gold purchases just in case the apocalypse happens and Corbyn gets the keys to number 10. The theory being that when the pound plummets, (and it will), gold in GBP will rocket.
  12. Can someone explain about this "bullion dealer license" . I was always under the impression, that all that was needed when buying and selling precious metals as part of a business was registering with your local trading standards dept. Am I wrong in this thought?
  13. This has made me smile....totally agree with her
  14. The fact that you have to register for VAT, shows that as a business you are doing something right.
  15. Thanks to everyone who replied. Now got a couple of new companies to keep my eyes on. Although I certainly can't complain about my local gold dealer, who sold me an Isle of Man sovereign for £250, a price I was very happy to pay.