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  1. If you are infering I'm not who I say I am, I think the people who have bought and sold gold from and to will soon burst your tin foil bubble. I can easily be found online within seconds. I have quite a large presence online on a certain fortean topic.
  2. No problems, the world would be a sadder place if everyone agreed with everyone else.
  3. As one of the few people on this forum who has actually visited the old Soviet Union, and modern day Russia, I make my conclusions from what I see and hear from on the ground with my own eyes. And whether you wish to believe me or not, there is not much difference politically between the old and new regimes.
  4. Maybe not, but Russia may continue chipping away at the edges, (Crimea etc), if it feels no-one will stop it. This can cause people in the old Soviet states to worry and maybe move on masse further west. Causing population movement problems. I have friends from Serbia who are seriously worried that Russia will become emboldened and start interfering in their country again. And I believe them more than any media denial from Putin and his cronies.
  5. Kleenex shares have just doubled on the latest news
  6. So you think that the US doesn't have a right to say to Germany, if you don't buy our gas, we are not going to spend billions of dollars protecting you. I'm sorry but in with the US on this one. The US have carried NATO for too long and it's time Europe started paying it's way. Why should the US taxpayer have to keep bailing out Europe. Trade tariffs are another kettle of fish, and the US have been proverbially screwed by deals brokered by previous presidents. So in other words, the US is not putting sanctions on its allies, but rather asking them to actually pay their way for the first time in history.
  7. You can suffer from dehydration in the Antarctic, temperature has nothing to do with it. Heat just exacerbates it.
  8. So what "sanctions" are being threatened on allies. I must have missed that story
  9. Or as per the official line, she could be suffering from dehydration. As someone who has had dehydration, (my own stupid fault) on a ship up the River Congo in 42°c heat. I can confirm you do shake violently. It freaked me out at the time I can tell you.
  10. You've obviously only just started to take interest in world news, The US have been doing this since the second world war. The whole world effectively voted in the US as the worlds police force, whether they wanted to accept or not. And they've been holding rogue states in check with sanctions ever since. The difference today, is not the tactics but the 24/7 media that shines a light on it. In the past the only access to this sort of news was the evening news bullitens on TV and radio and a news story the bottom of page 2 of the papers. Today its in your face on twitter and facebook
  11. Ok, my maths might be a little off, but if Gold at $1800 when a pound was $1.68, then it would be £1071. If the £ was $1.68 today on the current gold price of $1384, then that's only £823 I'm confused to the £1455 figure
  12. BUMP . The sovereign is now under spot price. Last chance to buy before gold goes to the moon 🚀
  13. I wouldn't bother, massive premiums on them, means that you are relying on ebay to sell them or the few fractional gold collectors that are on here. Dealers won't even give you spot price for them. But that's just me, i'm sure they have their fans somewhere out there.
  14. I know it's an historical precedent, but I've never understood the continuing practice of the buyer paying an auction fee on top of any winning bid. I actually think if they stopped this, auction houses would not only become busier, especially with online bidding, but they'd make more money in the long run. Ordinary people, who would never ever have gone to an auction house, now have some knowledge of auction bidding through ebay and other similar sites. By using their model, especially in the lower end speciallity auctions, auction houses are missing a trick here.