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  1. HighlandTiger

    TopCashback - eBay 10% Today

    I'd forgotten I had a topcashback account. Just found out I had £76 sitting there. That'll pay for a couple of Xmas pressies....
  2. HighlandTiger

    silver price by 2020

    Hey I'm not pessimistic, just pissed..................lol Seriously though, I have lost not a single penny with all my gold, silver and bitcoin investments. I'm currently sitting with a nice stack of gold and silver and hairs width of bitcoin, worth today a grand or so more than I paid for them. Now when they go to the moon, and bitcoin passes Voyager 1, I should be able to buy a nice little Scottish castle and estate to retire in.
  3. HighlandTiger

    Why we don't own bitcoin

    Like any type of commodity or currency there will be winners and losers. The cash to buy and sell these virtual coins has to come from somewhere. When it crashes, and it will crash, (maybe tomorrow, maybe next decade), there will be people who will have lost everything, because they were too slow to get their money out. Now anyone who has had any dealings with bitcoin and the exchanges will know whilst it is easy to swap cash for bitcoins, it is a fricking nightmare swapping them back into cash. Exchanges seem to suddenly go offline when you want to sell during big price swings. Now when it comes time for the big sell, I can guarantee that the rush to get out of bitcoin, will create so much action that exchanges will crash, selling will be almost impossible and by the time you manage to sell what you have the price will be on the floor.
  4. HighlandTiger

    silver price by 2020

    Every Silver "expert" over the last decade have told us it'll be going to the moon, and reaching three figure sums. Sadly those experts convinced me to buy silver instead of bitcoin. If I had bought bitcoins instead of silver, I'd could have had £250k sitting in my bank account today. Hence I hate all "experts", and I'm going to start believing in more accurate perveyors of wisdom, like Rose Gypsy Lee and her tea leaves, and the fortune cookies handed out at my local Chinese.
  5. Memory is a bit hazy, it was 2014, don't forget. According to my limited records. I think I only had about 65 pounds worth at the time (0.16 of a coin), it wasn't doing anything spectacular, and if I remember rightly, I may have swapped most of it for a couple of silver coins off a member here. Ok, if I'd kept it I'd have had about £1,500, but I'm happy with what I made out of that initial few quid spent. And I've still got 0.00030119 BTC left, so when it goes to £332 million a bit coin, I'll be a millionaire
  6. Just ordered 3 x 1/10 Brits from Sharps Pixley. Now considering this morning I didn't even know I had some bitcoins, I'm happy to take the money and run. When I bought the bitcoin, I think in 2014, they were about £500 a coin, it's now gone to about £11k a coin. So these 3 x 1/10ths have cost me about £15 in total. Hopefully I've dropped out at the top, but knowing my luck they'll hit £100K now
  7. Ok, yes I know I've been away from the forum for a while, (still into my pm's, but not buying much recently). Anyway with bitcoin going through the roof, I thought I'd double check if I had any left. I know i swapped some for some pm's a few years back, but I always had this nagging feeling that I had a few fractions of a coin left, maybe a few quids worth. Took me a while to sort out my blockchain account. Luckily, I'd written down some passwords, and thankfully they worked. Anyway I digress, turns out i have over £350 worth left. So what do i do now. Anyone got any recommendations, for gold sellers that take bitcoin, or how I can cashout this little windfall
  8. HighlandTiger

    Are people losing their minds?

    Plenty of bargains still to be had. I'm still picking up silver at spot there. If I had the time (and money), I could pick up silver at spot value (give or take the odd percent) on a daily basis on Ebay Gold on the other hand is a bit more difficult [emoji12]
  9. HighlandTiger

    Scottish Teaspoons?

    Unfortunately I'm not sure you have silver spoons there. None of the marks correspond with any official silver hallmarks. Not even the Scottish provincial marks either. I suggest you put a message on this forum. http://www.925-1000.com/forum/index.php The guys there are truly experts in their field and they should be able to give a definitive answer. I'll be interested to hear what they think
  10. HighlandTiger

    Scottish Teaspoons?

    Can't really give you any more information without a close up of the hallmarks. If you can give us a clear image of these I should be able to ID them for you
  11. HighlandTiger

    for sale Selling all my gold

    Here ya go......
  12. HighlandTiger

    for sale Selling all my gold

    Selling lots of gold. Big family holiday coming up over the New Year so needing the cash Usual terms, postage will depend on what sort of postage you want. £3.00 recorded, £8.00 special delivery. (Although with the Xmas season fast approaching I would strongly recommend special delivery). Will only send abroad to people who have bought from me in the past. Payment by bank transfer preferably, but will accept paypal gift. PM for details etc etc Half Sovs £125 each apart from shields which are £140. All sold as bullion, First come first served. 1890 (Shield) 1892 (Shield) 1893 1897 1901 1911 1913 1913 1915 Perth £130 SOLD 1982 1982 1997 - Proof (Only proof coins were made in this year) £140 (no box or coa etc) 2002 2009 - Proof £140 (no box or coa etc) Full Sovs 1873 Melbourne £260 SOLD 1899 Sydney £260 1911 Canada (Ottawa) £270 SOLD 2014 £250 SOLD Foreign Gold Austria Philharmonic 1/4 oz 2015 £265 Austria 1915 20 Corona £210 Austria 1915 1 Ducat Re-Strike £120
  13. HighlandTiger

    Lets talk Whiskey

    Whisky lovers will know there are 4 whisky regions in Scotland . Highland, Speyside, Western Isles and Campbeltown. In fact at one time Campbeltown had more distilleries than anywhere else on the planet. Here is their list of UK distributors for Springbank. Enjoy. http://www.springbankwhisky.com/distributors/
  14. HighlandTiger

    Lets talk Whiskey

    pah.!. Not one of you heathens have mentioned the greatest whisky producing area of Scotland. Springbank distillery in Campbeltown makes some of the best whisky you will ever drink. (As seen on the recent bbc documentary on Whisky) None of you can call yourself a whisky drinker if you have never tasted Campbeltown whisky.
  15. In the mean time actual fans can't get tickets and get ripped off by touts. Sorry but I despise all touts in whatever shape or form. (Have had many an argument outside Chelsea's ground with the scum). The sooner the bill is passed to make it illegal to sell tickets for above face value the better. (There is an amendment being added to a bill going through parliament as we speak to curb touting)