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  1. I'd already looked at them but the collector in me would instantly want to backdate the whole series.
  2. When you mentioned landmarks series i thought of the american landmark series. I'll take a look at the royal mint ones. Anything else you folks think of would be great! Maybe if @Alun could supply one of his fine presentation cases for would also be a massive + Many thanks Stack'em.
  3. Looking for suggestions for new series to collect. Silver up to 5oz or fractional gold where the series is about to start or i can pick up previous releases without too big a premium! Many thanks Stack'em
  4. Looking for a 1oz lunar dog with a Lion privy. Anyone with one to sell plz PM me. Many thanks Stack'em
  5. Buzz +1 samurai coin. Pm'd
  6. @BackyardBullion Will the group orders continue if there is a stay of execution for Brexit?
  7. . When you leave a full stop in a post it marks your post with a star. This makes finding a sales thread that your interested in easy to find at another time.
  8. Excellent resource. Thanks for the link.
  9. Really enjoying reading about LMU Coins. I'm looking at the possibility of getting some of the Swiss francs. Would anyone have a database/spreadsheet of the LMU Coins?
  10. I'd be interested in 2 privateer boxes if and when they become available.
  11. I'm skim reading at the moment but with all the special release 50p's the real find might be a standard 50p. What do you guys think?
  12. New series start all the time. Maybe collect new with potential. Perth mint may do a Lunar series 3.
  13. Personally I'll continue to use them. I've had many orders from them hassle free. I see it as without personal incident I'll use them. I'm unsure how big this company is but there has been a handful of complaints here about them. The company I've had reason to complain about is Atkinsons. One of the most respected and reliable companies I've dealt with in nearly twenty years. All companies have problems now and again.
  14. Looking for a 0.5oz and 1oz version of this box. PM me plz if you're looking to sell either or both. Many thanks.
  15. You mentioned @MrScottsdale that these are a series. Do you have any details such as size cost how many and how often?
  16. Welcome. @Hiptobesquare Joining a group order is a great idea. Just checkout the prices elsewhere at the same time and do your own due diligence before ordering. @BackyardBullion has many happy people taking part in his group orders.
  17. I'm suprised there isn't a cap. All Perth Mint Lunars come supplied from the mint in one.