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  1. Welcome to The Silver Forum
  2. Mention The Silver Forum / TSF intro video prize draw? Would you like The Silver Forum to run one of these video competitions again? Preliminary rules in the quoted message below. If 10 or more members like this topic then we will run one of these prize draws, so if you would like us to do this please hit the like button Let us know if you would like us to run a prize like like the above just hit the like button if you would like us to
  3. Welcome to The Silver Forum, cool username
  4. Hi Manuel, thank you for the detailed welcome post. A big welcome to The Silver Forum
  5. @Marc please be careful of your language on the forum, the use of such words is against forum rules.
  6. Does anyone know if there are any US precious metals dealers that sell gift cards? I would like to start some prize draws to encourage trade in the US section on the forum but shipping coins from the U.K. isn’t really a viable option (especially if initially it will be a weekly or biweekly occurance)
  7. Numismatic coins are coins that have a higher premium on them, if the value is 180% of spot price then it would be considered numismatic opposed to just bullion, there are other ways to measure that’s just a rough guide. Proof coins for example are numismatic coins. I am sure others will give a more detailed explination
  8. Welcome to The Silver Forum
  9. Please do not be disrespectful to other forum members or Moderators. The Moderators are here to help. I have hidden your previous post and have had to issue warning points against your account for using inapprioate langauge on the forum and showing a lack of respect to Morezone. 2 warning points have been issued against your account and has resulted in a tempoary moderating period of 24 hours of your posts. I kindly ask you to follow the forum rules as they are there to make the forum a more pleasent experience for all.
  10. @sovereignsteve that feature is described in the store as the following: You can interpret that how you wish. There will later be another more major benefit to Platinum Premium membership which addresses your comments, this feature would also benefit buyers. I don't want too give to much away, this has alrady been stated in the Platinum forum section though and my plan is to introudce it sometime this year. So keep an eye out and I am sure you will be pleased later on in the year.
  11. Hidden previous comments as they are now not relevant as they related to Established Premium Memebrsip (which has now changed to Platinum Premum Membership)
  12. Highlighting the trade listings from Platinum Members has always been a feature of Platinum Premium Membership (was orignally called Established Premium Memebrship) No plans to change that or to introduce different tags for other member groups.
  13. Welcome to The Silver Forum
  14. I have written to scottsdale to ask them if they would like to join the forum and comment in this topic, so lets hope they do