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withdrawn Boxed Proof 1980 Half Sovereign

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I have for sale quantity 4 proof 1980 half sovereigns.

Original bright red leatherette case
Royal Mint screw capsule

Unit price £135 plus £7.50 special delivery.

Free shipping with 2 or more.

PayPal Friends & Family or Bank Transfer.



Edited by Pete
Lack of interest

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When @GoldBenj listed the identical coin for sale on the forum on May 12th for £145 + PP it was completed almost instantly.
That made me think there was a demand so I listed some spares, all in beautiful condition.

Looking today at BullionbyPost this coin is £202 and for a random year used bullion HS the price is £138
Atkinsons will sell you a regular bullion HS for £129.50
LondonCoin are asking £289.95 for the 1980 proof HS so I reckon £145 is the "market" price for a proof HS , hence my offer at £135 to forum members.

Checking the most recent sale on eBay this coin sold for £150 + £7 PP on June 18th so I am surprised by the lack of interest.
Perhaps the heat is draining enthusiasm ?

Therefore reluctantly I am withdrawing these coins from sale.

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