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The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

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3 minutes ago, sixgun said:

Have you even poured 6 and 7 yet?

I have not poured any of the official bars yet. All the photos of the bars in this thread are prototypes only. 

Getting an idea of what kind of mintage we need to make really - and to stir up some interest in them too!

1 minute ago, danmc82 said:

Wonder if these will be the new 2017 Proof Sovereigns :D

Maybe one day I will be big enough to offer some proof versions too!

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1 minute ago, 4Nines7Hills said:

 in the future will you be making a larger bar  maybe 100g 5oz or 10z 

Yes we have plans to make many different sizes in the future. We decided that as this was the first ever time doing something like this it would be best to stick to something small and affordable to the most people so as to get the idea and concept out there!

Can I put you down for any?

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5 minutes ago, 4Nines7Hills said:

 ill have one 1oz  to show support but for bars i like something a little bigger something fondleable ( probably not a word)

It will match the bigger bars we make in the future 😀 any particular number you would like?

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