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Today I bought.....

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Sure is, Danny!  I came over all funny when I handled it.  It just makes me want more and more :)

That is Stacker's Addiction .. when you're hooked you crave for more.

Got myself the full set from 1/2 oz to 10oz but stopped at the kilo size as I would rather add more 2 and 5oz for the cost of a kilo chunk of metal.

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Yes I am going into town tomorrow to open my 2014/15 ISA. £15k excellent.


I don't think you can put £15k into an ISA just yet.

Move quickly to get your ISA opened and populated with fiat for 2013/14 then repeat next week for your 2014/15 ISA.

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Yes Pete I know we are going to open it tomorrow and then on July 1st we can top it up to the £15k. We are going for the Santander 2 year fixed at 2.3%, and paying our previous years in.


Confused I am !


"paying our previous years in" ... that suggests you may not have used this year's ISA allowances.

If true then get cracking and put cash into a 2013/14 ISA before the deadline tomorrow.

That keeps your 2014/15 ISA allowance open for maximum input should you have adequate conquers in the next 12 months.

"Use it or loose it" .


Maybe you are TRANSFERRING ?? your older ISA into a new ISA ?

Edited by Pete

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Yes that is correct we are paying in our previous years ISA's into the new one including the 2013-14 allowance, and because we are on a 2 year fixed we have until the end of May 2014 to pay in the full amount for the 2014-15 allowance (£5640). 

Then on July 1st they will open the ISA again to allow you top up to the £15k, with another window but I am not sure how long they will give you to top it up.


Then every year as normal with hopefully a increase in the limit year on year.


Yes you are correct "USE IT OR LOSE IT".


Edited by Keithoil

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