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  1. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    I think most people just collect different designs within that denomination (especially 50p and £2.) There are yearly sets but I don't think many people collect those. Generally people hunt coins in circulation at face value before turning to ebay.
  2. new years resolution

    @dutchman I've moved this topic to here as it was in the trade section.
  3. Sovereign Photo Thread...

    Photos and descriptions only please. Any questions or chat can go in the discussion thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Photos only please. Any chat please use the discussion thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ George IV 1825 Half Crown
  5. USA & Canadian Coins Thread

    Photos only please. Any chat please use the discussion thread.
  6. Auctions

    Not yet but some people have some odd ways of testing/molesting coins.
  7. Auctions

    One thing I will say about auctions is assume all proofs have been handled. Coins may have been carefully looked after by a collector for all his life and as soon as they kick the bucket they end up at the auction. Potential buyers will likely take them out of capsules, weigh them and maybe even lick them. The auction house will have probably stuck the lot number on the packaging with a sticker which never fully comes off.
  8. first 1oz gold purchase, coin or bar

    Well, it's about time you started. Get down to the 'whoops' shelf at Asda.
  9. There are those which offer something. Some offer a service or a product. People need to use a particular coin to use that service. Other holders of the coin may receive a share of the coins spent on that service.
  10. UK Circulating 2 Pound Bi-Metal Coin

    And that's the only year of the bi-metal £2s with the third portrait obverse.
  11. Photos only please. Any chat please use the discussion thread.
  12. I'm in love with

  13. Bittrex most often but you can buy ETH pretty much anywhere if you deposit BTC first. Bittrex needs ID these days, Binance hasn't asked me for any yet.
  14. Well this is me up all night gorping at GDAX, Bittrex, Trading View & The CME Futures. I wonder why 'gorping' has a red underline as if it's a spelling mistake. Lack of American use maybe.
  15. The longer they wait for liquidity, the longer that sell wall has to build up. They should get on with it and allow full trading.
  16. If you had done this years ago and held until today then I don't think it would have worked out. To me, it looks like only 10% of the coins from years ago are still in the top ten - Maybe the coming years will be different but you'd need to have an average that outperforms btc.
  17. Very strange. I assume post-only means that all buys and sells need to be posted in the order book and none will fill until they meet in the middle. Trying to delay the dump. I hope some of the free money from BCH goes into the smaller alts. The exchanges have been getting waves of brand new users probably searching for cheap coins.
  18. Nowt is happening until 9am PST (5pm GMT). https://status.gdax.com/
  19. I don't know why. I'm searching around. People on Coinbase twitter are complaining that Coinbase employees must've been insider trading based on the pump before this listing.
  20. It's a long way down though to the first buy wall at around $3000. Will it let you take the £164 now?
  21. Ah. I haven't used GDAX/Coinbase so I'm only a spectator on there. I bought NAV, XEM & MANA on the dump. The first two have come back up and sold. Still waiting on MANA to do something. I should end up with more btc. I just hope it's worth something tomorrow.
  22. You mean you've sold your BCH and waiting to buy BTC?