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  1. Buying Bitcoin

    Localbitcoins eh? Thanks mate I'll check them out.
  2. Polymer £5

    I was thinking you could maybe flog a few on eBay in the first couple of days after release. They're going to have Jane Austin on them, it'll also be the 200th anniversary of her death I believe. I wonder if they'll have a few with special watermarks like the new fivers?
  3. Buying Bitcoin

    Ok this may sound daft to you guys who know this stuff already.... I bought one bitcoin in Nov2015 through a site called coinfloor. I didn't really know what i was doing to be honest, but i read a bit about Bitcoin being the future, so spent £250 or so on 1 bitcoin. My real question is, How do i sell it? it's worth near £1000 now. or should i hang on to it?
  4. Polymer £5

    I thought i would ask on here rather than start a new thread..... Where would be the best place to get the new poly £10 pound notes when they're released? Can you pre order them from a post office or bank? Thanks in advance.
  5. What is your biggest regret not buying

    2014 RM silver lunar horse proofs tOz. I have x3 sheep, monkey and Roosters, but only 1 horse. They seem to be doing well now. >£300!
  6. Premium Bonds

    125 this month! 5 lots of 25 quid. Total of 200 quid in three months.
  7. Premium Bonds

    Won 75 quid over the last two months
  8. Premium Bonds

    Just bought 50k. Was getting bugger all interest in the bank. I may as well put it in bonds until I figure what I want to do with my cash.
  9. Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    Silver. I'm not going to bother with gold proof...maybe a quarter Oz bullion.
  10. Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    Not the best coin imo. There is a nice little info booklet inside, a dark brown box with bronze coloured writing But I'll put them away in the drawer for the future. I can post better pix If anyone is interested?
  11. Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    ah ok, that makes sense. Vendors wouldn't be buying from the royal mint website though would they?
  12. Gaming PC specs

    Asus ROG motherboards are amazing, get one with enough slots to upgrade your RAM in the future. Avoid MSI MOBOs. I wouldn't bother with duel GPUs as the gain isn't worth the cost. Remember to get a decent PSU, Corsair do really good ones. I gave up building Gaming PCs and got a gaming laptop, Asus ROG G752 an amazing machine! I got it cheap when traveling thought the UAE last year. Check out youtube channels NewEggs and TekSyndicate for building tips for PCs. Good luck
  13. How would he get rid of them? Home made foundry and sell it an ounce at a time? Or maybe make some small gold bars with false serial numbers? What the heck are gold flakes anyway?
  14. Proof Lion of England spotted ....

    Better be quick mate....Only 3500 left. The gold kilos have gone already. Is the proof quarter gold worth it? I've never bought proof gold before. And thanks to Numistacker and this forum, this is a great community, I would of never seen the proof lions otherwise.