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  1. Yeah, I think you'd have to declare it. There must be a limit you can bring. I bet its small though.
  2. What companies that? Sorry if I'm being blind!
  3. Your not just lucky with it getting through customs? I'm just thinking if I buy direct from the US mint what to expect. I would hate a tax bill on top, that would hurt! Thanks for the response.
  4. I am looking and the US mint amount is a lot cheaper then anywhere else. Quick question. Is gold taxable coming in from the US to the UK? I mean its still a coin with a fiat value so surely it wouldn't be taxable, has anyone come across this before? I really want this coin but if i can save £150 that can go on silver
  5. for sale

    I'll grab 2 both with a capsule please if they are still going
  6. It'll be interesting to find out either way!
  7. @coininvest Hi, I just want to know why VAT is applicable on the lady liberty US coin? Being Gold surely VAT is not due?
  8. Silver seems to be on the move up again. I have the urge for a purchase of silver but it's going up again closer to £15 an ounce. Good for my stack but bad for what I want to buy at the moment. I suppose we can't have it all, a crystal ball would be nice!
  9. Definatly a mix. I think I'd regret not buying lots of different coins if I had the chance.
  10. Isn't this this point though? Safe haven assets, I can't say I was collecting back then, I was too young to know any better. Did gold and silver go up during the recession?
  11. Do we ever think gold could fall back to the lows of £700 again? I can't see it myself. I was a full backer of silver at this time and barely bought gold as I thought it may drop a little more then suddenly boom were at over 1K an oz. It's a mad world but it shows the lack of faith in fiat.
  12. I assume it's still missing then? Wow that would be melted down by now I assume. That's mental if whoever did it get away with it.
  13. That's exactly what I was going to put. The biggest thing made of gold please 😂
  14. Hadn't seen this before, that is a special coin. still cant get my head around only 100 minted if that was a RM coin it'll probably set you back 5 grand and then it would still milk-spot somehow! haha
  15. I love how I was literally thinking 100,000 is small in comparison to the nation. I was just shocked I think at the 100 mintage for the roaster