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  1. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    What coin is that! That is stunning!
  2. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    Anyone else slightly annoyed the queens head side has been changed? I prefer the unicorns head but I would of wanted it across the whole series, now its going to be different to the others....
  3. trying to resist...... need to save....... :0
  4. @BackyardBullion that's ace! What was the weight?!
  5. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Completely agree, its not good enough for such a high premium, don't these coins go through major checks being how "special" there meant to be?
  6. 2017 Britannia proof

    I suppose they have to give others a go. This person won a competition though to design this coin. I don't think we should pick on the designer, we should be going after the RM judges! Someone thought this was a competition winner! I for one would love to see the other entries...
  7. 2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    I do think it depends. I think many collectors want that PF70 and they know these are the sort of marks that make a coin a 69 - 68. That means the extra money put in may not have been worth it.
  8. 2017 Britannia proof

    I love the 30th anniversary gold and 20th anniversary silver Brits that have come out this year. I dont understand why they didn't keep them close to that design. This design does seem like a big step in the wrong direction. I am a little shocked as the queens beasts sets so far gave me high hopes.
  9. @BackyardBullion I am very much looking forward to you're video! What an achievement this is! Fantastic work everyone and a very big thank you to BYB!
  10. Just an FYI, I just added some to the order. After checking goldsilver theres less then 200 left in stock. Don't want you to miss out mate.
  11. Looks like they are back, PM sent, I think this is going to be a big one! Sorry for all the packing @BackyardBullion, that extra quid will be well deserved! :):):):):)
  12. If you haven't got any yet, might be worth picking up before they go 120,000 mintage, they arn't selling for a huge premium but I think they will gain value. They are beautiful coins, especially with the gold one too.
  13. Totally gutted that the 2017 20th anniversy brits are all gone!!! Which one of you was it!? I am very glad I got some not long ago..... I do want more though! I hope they'll get more back in as Silver to go charge £1 more each! I will be coming in for a few other items in the next couple of days, waiting for some bills to go out!
  14. Where are we at so far in the order value? I am waiting on my paycheck to join in. Got my eye on the 20th anniversary Brits. I bought a few the other day, now I want more!