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  1. This worked really well last time apart from the delays but that's as much our fault for constantly adding things! I think a quid for your hard work @BackyardBullion is a steal. I am glad this is before payday for me, will have a look and see what I can afford. 😁
  2. for sale

    Feel free to PM me your details. Is PayPal f&f okay?
  3. for sale

    Could you do 80 delivered?
  4. for sale

    is the Scottsdale stacker damaged or just mishaped?
  5. for sale

    Ok what could you do for all of these plus 1 goat and 1 monkey from your other sale you have going on?
  6. for sale

    Do they have their capsules?
  7. Got mine the other day @BackyardBullion, thanks so much for all your help! Let me know when we do this again!
  8. for sale

    still got the 2015 chinese panda?
  9. completed

    2001 maple leaf still around?
  10. I hope it doesn't take you too long! Feel bad for you having to box that lot up
  11. Well if it all hits the fan, like I am sure it will I do hope I have enough PM 😂
  12. I am sorry but if you go into an election with pollsters saying you will gain 40 seats then you end up losing 13! that's a total massacre. I have no idea how she is staying in power. While I was watching the results come in someone said we should probably attempt to put Brexit on hold because this government are going to completely screw it for all of us. Right now I have ZERO confidence in the establishment. This is making Corbyn look like the man for the job and to be fair the way hes been treated by the media rightly so. He was progressive in his views and the way he wanted to lead. All the conservatives could band about was strong and stable and slag off anyone and everyone who disagreed with them. In my view as a member of the public to this once great nation makes me sick. Is that all they have now? Major change is needed in our political system, it is broken and our politicians are just getting worse. This whole result at first filled me with hope but after Mrs May has taken the helm after theoretically loosing what may well be 53 seats (counting the ones she should of gained and not lost.) She has no right to still be PM shes a total joke and has got into bed with a disgracefully viewed DUP and she slags off Corbyn, Shes a total hypocrite!
  13. I wanted to go to bed, I couldn't get the day off tomorrow.... coffee at the ready!
  14. its going to be a long night......
  15. Hi people,I was planning on going to bed after the exit polls but now I cant! I am glued! She would have failed her own trick she would have to step down surely?