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  1. They do look good indeed, slightly frustrating as i'm gaining more PM and lacking in fiat.... You can almost guarantee all of these QB's will now also have a 10ozer.
  2. Not me, I love a good kilo! ;P
  3. @backyardbullion, Has this gone ahead yet? I have just looked and the 10oz Lion QB is a damn sight cheaper on goldsilver.be. Dont suppose I could get in on the action here?
  4. If the Royal Mint can make money from it, which we know they can, you bet the others will come out!
  5. I feel your pain, hard to swallow sometimes...
  6. Check out the Ethereum project. There's plenty behind it, bitcoin is now worth ore then gold (not in my eyes). It's digital money. Its worth a read up. Its likely to replace fiat in my lifetime. I still consider PM's the best investment but like I said I just hedge my bets.
  7. My view is always prepare for the worst. I try to hold a set amount of all PM's fiat and cyrpto. I have only really just got into cyrpto currencies though. Hedge your bets, If the EU collapses I think so will the fiat currencies in many countries.
  8. What does everyone think of Ethereum? I have recently bought into some currencies just before it went on its run. I can see it continuing and think it is just a bubble looking from the past. Unless this is now becoming mainstream then it may continue to rise. What does everyone think could be the next Bitcoin? I like to spread bet as you never put all your eggs in one basket. How is everyone else looking at the situation? Any Bitcoin millionaires been made from its low low days? What I would give to go back to that time!
  9. Need the most recent 2 queens beasts 1/4oz. Like the look of the 30th year brit too, Been waiting for the price to fall for ages. Would love to see the days of £700 gold again!
  10. Do you think itll increase tomorrow? I dont really know why Im holding out but I am saving money really so I am enjoying it falling.
  11. spot at 950 oz now, I must admit I am just stopping myself from pulling the trigger on an order.
  12. Yeah, I think you'd have to declare it. There must be a limit you can bring. I bet its small though.
  13. What companies that? Sorry if I'm being blind!
  14. Your not just lucky with it getting through customs? I'm just thinking if I buy direct from the US mint what to expect. I would hate a tax bill on top, that would hurt! Thanks for the response.
  15. I am looking and the US mint amount is a lot cheaper then anywhere else. Quick question. Is gold taxable coming in from the US to the UK? I mean its still a coin with a fiat value so surely it wouldn't be taxable, has anyone come across this before? I really want this coin but if i can save £150 that can go on silver