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  1. Silver Deals.....

    I don't think this is too bad a deal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2017-Falkland-Islands-Britannia-First-Day-PCGS-PR69DCAM-coin-999-fine-silver/162853167680?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 PGSC PR69 slabbed Pobjoy Mint Falklands Britannia for £54.70 with £2.92 postage from the US (there may or may not be import charges but if there is they can't be more than £12-£15 tops. This is the early coin still with the "Britannia Rules The Waves" slogan that had to be removed due to copyright issues and the new ones come without it, this has made these earlier ones a bit more collectable and bare bullion coins with the slogan still there are selling for more than this at some dealers, European Mint want €99.49 for example
  2. 15 greatest gold heists of all time

    No 9/11 or Libya?
  3. I noticed Sarnia silver are selling 2010 Lakota copper rounds for 92p with just a couple of pounds for delivery if you got a few. https://www.sarniasilver.com/store/index.php?page=copper-rounds A quick price check on EBay shows other sellers are putting these up for £3-£5 ish and getting sales at these prices so with a bit of legwork it should be possible to turn £25's worth of copper into 3-4oz of silver.
  4. Cheap Copper Rounds

    Or you wait for a no fees Ebay day and sell 5x lots of 5 @ £20 delivered, you must see £60 profit at least.
  5. stacking goals 2018

    Depends on how my crypto portfolio performs, I've sunk £800 in and I'm going to hold until I hopefully see 3k, then it's as many Britannias as I can get and a tube of Somalian Elephants as I've always got one of these since I started in 2014. I've also got to keep getting Privateers, Egyptian gods, Four Horsemen, Queens Beasts and Rwandan Lunars as and when new ones come out as I'm collecting these. Got my Perth Lunar 2 ounce and half ounce which should see completion next year also.
  6. Best idea for this?

    I've got a couple of slabed MS70's that have gone wrong, I have an Isle of Man Angel with a milk spot and a Panda that is toning. I follow a buying strategy where every slabbed coin I have bought has always been cheaper than silver went to in it's 2011 historic high and £35 is my upper limit. My plan is just to wait it out until silver hikes again and then offload them, with inflation it should easily hit far higher than £35 an oz just for spot.
  7. 20% off eBay today

    Worked for me, got a couple of MS69 Bindi Slabbed Crocs for £44 in total and £5 of that is postage from Germany, I already bought all the MS70's from the same seller, £22 each seems reasonable enough to me. I've got one more slab box to fill and these just seemed more interesting than a silver Eagle. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-1-Unze-Silber-Bindi-Saltwater-Crocodile-2013-Australien-Australia-PCGS-MS69/182955833358?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    I have always wondered if crypto forking could essentialy be QE. With current cryptos the forked currency that emerges is regarded as totally different but is it possible that if the banksters took over it could just be regarded as the same currency and forking just expands the supply just like QE. Is it also possible that if the banksters regulate everything else to death could mining become simplified in the official digital currency as currently miners chop and change what they mine to whatever is cheapest or most profitable for them. This is also one of Bitcoins failings as the miners have a degree of control over it.
  9. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    I think the 2008 crisis woke up many countries holding trillions in US Dollar treasuries that they could have all been rendered worthless overnight. It's only since then the Chinese have gone on a dedicated mission to swap out much of these for hard tangible assets that won't disappear should it happen again. I agree with the OP's theory that we are heading "cashless", true there is an argument to be made that we are 90% of the way there already but at least for now we have the ability to plank some cash aside in case of emergencies. With a full digital currency your paycheck and any windfalls remain in the bank in digital format and in the event of a banking crisis you can't get it out, great news for the banks as they can introduce steeper and steeper negative interest rates and you can either put up with it or spend it. There is no more bank runs all that will happen in the event of a crisis is your contactless payment and cards will just stop working one morning while the bank decides how much of a haircut to give you to bail them out and they now have access to all your wealth, every last penny. This is where gold and silver comes in, when the cashless system is announced there will be a mad rush to get something of worth to hold as assets outside the banking system and if you don't already have any you are going to have to pay and there wont be enough for everyone. Even if this scenario does not come around then we are stuck with what we have now, endless money printing and the banks buying up everything with it so there is nothing left for the little guy, what happens once they own all the bonds and stocks, are they going to start buying art and classic cars etc. Again best to get physical assets while you can.
  10. There were many reasons that led me to vote for Brexit, the question of sovereignty and decision making by people I can at least vote out if they get it wrong rather than unelected beurocrats I can't, the contributions where we pay them and they give us back part of it and tell us how to spend it. The continual expansion of the EU was another concern, just how many piss poor countries does it intend to include, at the time there was talk of Turkey joining (the failed US coup put paid to that at least and now they have completely swung East instead), Asia MInor and Africa is not where I want the EU to head. Also not once has a receiver country ever progressed to becoming a contributor country, if the EU was indeed as good as it is continually being made out to be surely at least one country could have managed it by now. It was not until years later that we become aware that we made the smart move, looking back not signing up to the Euro turned out to be the smart move, not signing up to Shenghen turned out to be the smart move and it's the same with leaving the EU, there will be short term pain but in years to come it's going to turn out to be the smart move.
  11. My personal theory (and thats all it is) is that the "transition period" must be long enough to still embroil us in the collapse when the plug gets pulled on everything. The controlled MSM has never let up on the propaganda telling us what a mistake it was to vote for Brexit. I think money is being printed non stop to keep failing organisations afloat for now because they can't be allowed to bring everything down until the time is right. I know Deutchebank sent teams to China, the US and Quatar to beg for money and I think they got it, there has been a number of struggling organisations that just will not go under and I there must be cash injections coming from somewhere. If there is another 2008 style collapse it's entirely possible that change in circumstances will give the criteria change to consider voting again and the British people will fall for it.
  12. aaaaand...its gone! (Bitcoin to gold?)

    If I lost everything tomorrow I would still be up, i decided to start small and dabble so I went in with £200 then bought silver when it hit £500, then I went in with £500 and bought silver when it hit £900 - £1000. I managed to do this about 6 times since I first invested about 9 months ago. I still think this is not the end and I'm going to be able to do the same all throughout 2018. Fair enough I'm not going to be a Bitcoin millionaire or pay off a mortgage but it's still profit and it's relatively safe in that I'm not risking everything.
  13. aaaaand...its gone! (Bitcoin to gold?)

    True but silver is firmly under control, if you look at the natural gas market when JP Morgan got control of that they did the exact same thing as they did to silver. I'm expecting Bitcoin to go no lower than it's 100 day moving average which is £7,500, which is still more than double what it was 6 months ago.
  14. aaaaand...its gone! (Bitcoin to gold?)

    Just another pull back, it's had 3x 70% ones before and 5x 30% in this year alone, it is odd how everything is getting slaughtered apart from the bankster coin usually when Bitcoin goes down the alts go up. I thought that massive rise in Bitcoin price was the bankster money getting in before the futures markets opened but it is possible that money bought into everything? I'm hoping this is just a shake out of the weak hands before flipping the switch and taking everything back in the other direction again.
  15. Is there anything in these Litecoin / Facebook theories that are appearing on Youtube, I've never used Facebook but I thought it was free so where does Litecoin fit in as a payment method?
  16. I was just testing to see if Coinbase was allowing Bitcoin Cash sales yet so I tried a £50 sell and it came back with - "Please try again with a lower amount to ensure you get a fair price", I never realised I was a whale with my massive £50 transactions.
  17. Apparently Coinbase are going to allow Bitcoin Cash trading at 9 Pacific
  18. Just tried it and it goes through the motions as if it would let you sell then comes up with "temporary disabled" at the final moment.
  19. I got my Bitcoin Cash in Coinbase, not bad, I stuck £50 into Bitcoin on the off chance this might happen and was expecting about £4 in Bitcoin Cash so surprised to see £164 for it.
  20. I think it's a good idea, I have 10x 2013 far from pristine silver Britannias I would happily sell for payment in crypto. I'm looking for some funds to invest once Coinbase list their new coins, basically I think whatever one is cheapest will see the most "what the hell" money.
  21. I would imagine other savings and investment vehicles are suffering, gold, stocks and shares etc, why have your money sitting in the bank earning 2% pa? I do think they can just ramp Bitcoin to the moon and then blame it for the financial collapse that will allow them to regulate it to death and bring in their own "safe" and approved bankster crypto, I think this is how they intend to get us into it.
  22. silver past highs

    Was it not the transition of Bear Stearns silver division to JP Morgan that caused the momentary rise, they lost their grip for a short while during the 2008 collapse.
  23. Brick of Bank Notes

    Exactly how thick is a "brick of bank notes", if you think there is some future value in their collectability I would keep a dozen sequential ones pristine but I think keeping "a brick" could be asking for trouble given the built in depreciation and uncertainty these come with. This is why most of us swap them out for gold and silver.
  24. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    It looks a bearable price to me so worth a punt, it's an interesting looking coin.