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  1. Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Plastic boxes from Ikea for my storage, from the enticingly named "Klamtare" range, nothing fancy but they do the job, sturdy enough to take the weight and the lid when closed feels reasonably airtight.
  2. Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    I think a lot of todays manipulated price action needs a fake narrative to support it
  3. I just made £80 profit selling a car headlight on Ebay, one of mine had some deep scratches in it so I ordered a horrible tatty cloudy one off Ebay for £30 which was the cheapest one i could find as a replacement while I took mine out to repair it which I did by sanding and buffing the shine back into it with some cutting compund, then I thought I might as well do the tatty one as well and stick it back on Ebay and try and get my money back but it came up like new when I had finished and intead of £30 it made £116 and I was £6 to post it. I'm now wondering if there is money to be made repeating this.
  4. Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More

    The 2018 Chiwoo Cheongwang is available from Goldsilver.be on May 4th which is just a little too far behind the 15th April or I would have added these.
  5. Something I have noticed being ramped up of late is an attempt to emasculate men, for long enough women were portrayed as the answer and if they were at the helm everything would be better but now there is enough of them in positions of power to see that is not the case, Clinton, LaGarde, Yellen, May, Sturgeon, Merkel, the entire Swedish government etc all had or have power and all making a complete horlicks of everything. Hollywood seem to promoting a - women good men bad narrative as well in their latest offerings where the women are smart and savvy and the men are dumb and useless. Not sure what it's all about but it's noticeable.
  6. Tons of Gold fall from sky

    So all that stuff about Russian golden showers was true after all.
  7. I noticed Sarnia silver are selling 2010 Lakota copper rounds for 92p with just a couple of pounds for delivery if you got a few. https://www.sarniasilver.com/store/index.php?page=copper-rounds A quick price check on EBay shows other sellers are putting these up for £3-£5 ish and getting sales at these prices so with a bit of legwork it should be possible to turn £25's worth of copper into 3-4oz of silver.
  8. Twenty pence now at some public toilets, I'd want only the best super soft lotion infused toilet paper for this, no greaseproof smear it all around stuff here.
  9. I see where you are coming from, Snickers etc. are going to go up 5p but grow back to the size they used to be, I'm fine with that can't see any manufacturers abusing this.
  10. This means a tin of economy beans, peas etc has to go up 5p, items that should only be raised a penny will now have this raised fivefold and is best nipped in the bud now as if it's allowed the 5p will be next in the firing line.
  11. Surely the more smaller the denomination of coinage that is done away with then the higher price rises have to be, no such thing as a halfpenny any more so a penny is the minimum something can be hiked in price, if there is no such thing as a penny or a tuppence then 5p is the least something can be hiked as long as we are still using cash.
  12. Just tell them she sometimes suffers from "cloudy headedness" and that she does not consider herself to be fit for jury duty and they should take her off the list.
  13. Need advice onto how to get into Bitcoin, been watching Youtube videos and I'm still not sure how to go about it, anyone got any Bitcoin for dummies advice on how to get started. Also whats the best way to get a wallet started, something I won't lose if my PC ever goes on the fritz. I want to buy one bitcoin just to get into it. Finally if it shoots up in price and I want to swap it out for physical gold or silver whats the best way to do this, I've heard of Bitgold but it is long term secure.
  14. Any chance of doing a 2oz Privateer box? Apparently the new Davy Jones Locker round is going to be the last in the series so we now know there will be 7 in total in the series which is a bit of an odd number and as far as I'm aware nobody else is doing a nice presentation box so it could be popular.
  15. Topcashback Ebay Offer

    Funny how it's always the decent payments that never track, I bought my other half a watch for christmas that should have seen £25 cashback and I had to jump through hoops to see it, I only just got it through the other day, will turn into an oz of silver when it clears into my Paypal account, all the Ebay 3p and 5p transactions go through no problem.
  16. The divide and conquer tactics have been used to good effect for centuries now, - pit left against right, young against old, black against white and more recently men against women all in the name of keeping everyone distracted and joining forces against the real enemy.
  17. Brexit.

    There does not appear to be any word on how things will pan out, ever since Brexit was announced I've switched to stacking silver only just in case what you fear is what happens. After Brexit I will go to gold if the silver VAT advantage is lost to me.

    I find a good way to get an apology and a refund even, sometimes more is to send an e-mail that goes something like this - Thank you for your correspondance regarding my first purchse from you and your overchrarging me, blunt bordering on rude, actually no just plain rude - nice, I will be posting this on all the various precious metals sites I am a menber of as well as all the social media sites I publish to, Youtube, Dtube, Twitter, Facebook etc highlighting my experience with your company as a warning to anyone contemplating dealing with you. Once they are up and running I am happy to send you links so your customer services can learn from it if they choose to, and I would highly recommend they do. I will be shopping elsewhere and will be recommending everyone else does the same. On a personal note I have had half a dozen transactions with Goldsilver.be, all a few thousand pounds worth and they all went fine.
  19. Following on from last weeks Ebay discount voucher apparently today if you convert your nectar points into Ebay vouchers Nectar will credit you back 50% of the total amount up to £200. Could be more cheap sovereigns for those with Nectar points. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/convert-nectar-points-ebay-vouchers-recieve-50-points-back-from-nectar-2230163?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=06202015&utm_campaign=Daily%2BHot
  20. My high street is mainly charity shops and bookmakers, loads of empty shops and when something new does open it tends to be something like a vaping supplies shop or a mobile phone repair shop, a lot of Turkish barbers shops appearing as well.
  21. I listen to a lot of the US geo-political and finance Youtube channels, the way I look at it is it's their foreign policy that could kill us all and their monetary policy that could bankrupt us all so they are worth keeping an eye on.
  22. making money with silver coins

    It's actually easy enough to make money selling silver coins but it's not going to be fortunes. Step one - buy from a reduced VAT seller like Goldsilver.be or Silver-To-Go, you need a reasonable sized order though £600 upwards, do a trial basket at each to see which works out cheapest inc. postage. Step two, wait until you get zero or £1.00 max selling fees then list them on Ebay and sell with a lightweight packaging as you can get away with and have signed for delivery so nobody can claim they never received it. Step three - count your profit, you should be able to buy @ £14/15 ish per ounce and sell on Ebay for £20-22 ish on the most common cheap bullion. Subtrack postage and the £1 Ebay takes you should see £3 or therabouts profit per coin.
  23. Horse head from the mafia

    That's nicely done, I like it.
  24. Advantages of this Slab vs. Non-Slab

    If it were me I would pay the extra $5 for the slabbed version, although these are bullion coins they are still only 100,000 mintage which is not that big all things considered so should hold some kind of decent premium into the future. Your extra $5 sees it preserved and protected in a slab from a professional grading company and even labelled as Gem BU you should see your money back easily enough in the future.
  25. Software Updates

    For a while there I was convinced Microsofts Windows ungrades were designed to mess up Google and try to make you use IE instead as every time I did one Google would start to play up. There is a move from Microsoft towards leasing your operating system on a part time basis so I can't wait for that - Yay!.