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  1. for sale

    bump, last few items for sale.
  2. for sale

    prices reduced
  3. for sale

    oh well, I made a nice profit on them so I'm good
  4. for sale

    I should charged more for the 2oz, iv's had 8 offers for them so far
  5. for sale

    ahh, miss communication, someone else has bought the 2 oz goats so I cant sell them you, sorry. only the 1/2 oz coins left
  6. for sale

    goats are sold pending payment. I have the 2 x 1/2 oz left if your intrested
  7. for sale

    @oliversw5 and @lucioelv ill send you payment details shortly. my inbox is a bit busy at the moment
  8. for sale

    @oliversw5, the snake has sold but the rest are good if you want them?
  9. for sale

    looking to sell my loose silver that are not in tubes or wraps. price includes postage but if you buy multiple items ill knock a little off. PayPal F&F only please 1 x 5 oz pamp Fortuna bar in hard case with C.O.A £105 (sold) 2 x 2 oz 2015 Perth mint lunar goat £40 (sold) 2 x 1/2 oz 2015 Perth mint lunar goat £11 (sold) 18 x 1 oz first majestic Mayan rounds (milk spots) £16.50 (17 left) 8 x 1oz 2015 maple leafs (comes in plastic bags) £17 (3 left) 5 x 1oz 2015 kookaburra £18 (sold) 3 x 1 oz Mexican libertad £17.50 (sold) 2 x 1 oz 2015 koala £18 (sold) 2 x 1 oz 2015 funnel web spider (milk spots) £16.50 2 x 1 oz 2015 Britannia £17.50 (sold) 1 x 1 oz 2015 Noah's ark £17.50 (sold) 1 x 1 oz 2015 Chinese panda £20 (sold) 1 x 1 oz 2013 Perth mint lunar snake with lion privy (coin is perfect but slight crack on side of case) £20 (sold) 1 x 1 oz 2012 Canadian moose (a patch of milk spots by the date and the moose side has very light milk spots) £17.50