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Everything posted by steve1905

  1. 400oz full stack pic

    Thanks for sharing, absolutely fantastic hoard. Out of interest what attracted you to the 2 x 1g bars?
  2. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Can I have #7 please unless @sixgun wants it, in which case I would like #11 please. Thanks.
  3. 2016 Silver Sixpence --- Price ??

    Gold Britannia every time.
  4. Today I Received

    @JohnAnsink Thanks. The bottle tops are really nice and the pizza is just............different.
  5. Today I Received

    Having pizza and coke tonight
  6. completed Tubes of 2016 Brits

    Hi Woody, what condition are the Maples please? I'll take them if not too badly milked. I'll drop you a pm. Thanks.
  7. Thanks @kimchifor posting this. I remember someone, was it @ChrisSIlver ? posting about these a couple of years back and I've always liked the idea so have treated myself for Christmas
  8. for sale Various Silver Coins Prices Reduced!

    Brits and £20s arrived safe and sound and perfect condition. Thanks
  9. Used a couple of TCB accounts and got 4 oz of silver at £13.40/oz and 1/25 oz gold for £30. Cheers for the heads up guys
  10. wanted 1kg silver bar

    @arshimo2012 has one for sale, you won't get a better seller on this forum
  11. Today I bought.....

    1997 1oz Britannia for £86.50 after TopCashBack, Nectar points and credit card cashback. Most I've ever paid for 1 oz of silver but happy I can now fill the first slot of the display box.
  12. Will you order a Peter rabbit again?

    "A book and 50p coin set presented together for the very first time" obviously worth £1000 then. I don't think so.
  13. wanted 9ct Ingot Type Pendant

    I am looking for an ingot type gold pendant, 9ct, preferably about an ounce in weight but might consider 1/2 oz. English hallmark, year 1977 (letter C) preferred. If anyone is looking to sell please post or PM me the details and price. Many thanks.
  14. for sale Gold

    Hi Arshi, are you splitting the Valcambi bars? If so I'll take a row of 5 please. Thanks.
  15. Today I Received

    Received today, 2 x silver forum 100g BYB bars. Absolutely superb BYB, many thanks
  16. 100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

    Numbers 64 and 65 please BYB. Thanks.
  17. wanted Cuban coins

    I have a 1916 4 pesos if you are interested. It is in a pendant mount that was sold to me as 18 carat but TBH I can't see any hallmarks. Total weight is 11.1 g. It's a nice piece but the coin faces are "pimpled" from being worn as a necklace. If you're interested I will try and upload some better photos of the faces.
  18. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    BYB bars no. 64 and 65 delivered today. Fantastic quality and attention to detail. Many thanks BYB
  19. Did someone order some Silver Forum Bars!?

    EPIC! BB, can't wait until mid June to see them in the flesh.
  20. Hi from West Yorkshire!

    Welcome t'Forum Dan. Also from West Yorkshire
  21. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    Great idea, many thanks.
  22. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    2 bars please, nos 64 and 65 if available. Thanks.
  23. Would agree with sovereignsteve, the Coingallery capsules are a decent quality and certainly good value. There is a slight rattle but nothing to worry about. Only slight negative is they are listed as 45mm external diameter and mine are 43.8mm so the fit into the Beast Box from Morezone is not as good as I'd hoped. I have a few capsules spare if anyone wants to try them.
  24. Thanks Shortstack. I have bought some capsules from Andy at CoinGallery that look similar to the ones on the silberling.de link. They need to be 45mm on the outside to fit snuggly in an excellent box I've just bought from Morezone. @Jester I'll post regarding any rattle once I get them.
  25. What is the outside diameter and thickness please? Thanks.