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  1. making money with silver coins

    Are you ( were you ) a business seller on eBay and if not, then when would you be automatically classed as a business seller with this level of sales ? Did you have any problems with buyers claiming they didn't receive or the coin was not as described ?
  2. I think the Forum rules require you to list prices
  3. I generally purchase stationery from my local Staples. Needing to order some Scotch Magic Tape I thought I would check Amazon prices expecting to see similar but maybe having to add postage on top. I am a Prime subscriber so many items are shipped for free but didn't expect cheap tape to be included. I cannot believe the difference in price ( or the rip-off price from Staples ! ) Staples Website -
  4. making money with silver coins

    I see that you are a new member; so welcome. As you are just cutting your milk teeth on PMs I urge you to spend a few hours on this forum reading up on stuff. Try searching on key words and you will find most probably 99.9% of the answers you seek in getting off the first rung of the ladder.
  5. making money with gold sovereigns

    Does this offer on eBay relate to gold coins etc. When I received one of these offers I checked the small print and it excluded PMs so maybe it changes from time to time ?
  6. Wales earthquake

    I walked through one of the lowest tunnels deep inside the Hoover Dam many years before 9/11 when this was still possible. The concrete was still warm to the touch. When concrete sets it gives out some heat and this Dam is still cooling down so it will be many billions of years before the centre of the Earth gets to luke-warm temperatures. I also imagine the Earth's daily rotation adds energy, hence heat, to the core.
  7. CelticGold AG. Has anyone dealt with them?!

    HGM or Atkinsons
  8. British trade dollar fake

    Looks suspicious - have you seen this ?
  9. Lovely looking box. I bought a bulk lot of capsules from @Stu73 which are foam ringed inside. I measured the outer dimensions of these caps at 53.8mm diameter by 10mm high. Are you able to laser cut the slots to this size ? I used to work with cutting / engraving CO2 lasers made in the USA by Synrad ( Seattle ), Coherent ( California ) and another outfit in North Scottsdale, Arizona whose name escapes me as it was a long time ago. Under the bonnet - whose laser is inside your kit and what output power - 25 Watts ?
  10. Anyone else getting frustrated that 50% of your time these days is installing software updates and operating systems ? Almost weekly there is another round of downloading hundreds of Megabytes of updates so what is going on ? A solid good working Microsoft Excel starts to show bugs after an upgrade and a week later there is yet another update .. then another ... Even Apple changes its iPhone, iPad, and MAC operating systems more frequently now that in the past. Maybe adding lots of unwanted and unecessary junk is their tactic to slow down your expensive devices forcing you to buy their newer models ? Spending far too much time getting improvements but never quite follow what the heck they are so adding to my grumpy old man status.
  11. I am having great difficulty interpreting the chart below and understanding why silver appears so cheap with a ratio of about 80 now. If indeed silver has been manipulated down by bank mafia then we stackers should be piling in as a reversal is long overdue. Maybe a fellow stacker with a knowledge of statistics can add some 'hard to pronounce' trend line and forecast the future ratio say in 5 years from now ? Whilst doing that what will be the winning lottery numbers on Saturday ?
  12. Gold Price jump

    Many of us invested in stocks, funds etc in ISAs or pensions might have lost about 8% last week when the markets collapsed. That's a ball breaker and can bring tears to the eyes.
  13. Full silver stack to date

    I was planning to cash in a chunk of funds to take profits a few days before the markets took a nose dive recently. My hesitation cost me dear and I am kicking myself now. Had I sold into cash I am sure the markets would have spiked so I would be kicking myself for selling too soon. Cannot win - same with PMs. Death and taxes are the only two things guaranteed in life.
  14. for sale Australian stock horse 1oz 2014

    I would not normally comment on other forum members pricing but as you have quoted eBay and GS.be as comparisons you didn't mention the primary dealer in Europe, EMK, who have these in stock today for €39.75. Most of us on here will already know this - sorry - but we do try to help one another on this site.
  15. Pitfalls of buying sovereigns!

    Are we starting a new section on guitars ? I would like to know how so many tribute bands can achieve authentic sounds and tones and how do guitarists learn the tunes especially difficult licks.