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  1. A bargain indeed or a total scam ? Sold a one ounce coin well below spot and once fees are deducted ... you judge .... the guy merits monitoring.
  2. Was in New York City and in my tiny Manhattan hotel room near Central park, the bottle of still water on the dresser was priced at $9 plus 15%. Also it is cheaper to book a 5 star luxury cruise with booze, fine food, 24 hour service and entertainment included than stay in student-like accommodation in a private care home.
  3. A good purchase - hoping you don't have to pay £8 fee plus 20% VAT when it arrives in the UK. Let us know please.
  4. I once thought I was on to a winner winning a kilo silver Kookaburra at less than half spot price. The picture was clear and showed a kilo coin. When the postman handed me a letter there was a tiny 5 gram miniature inside. I was waiting for the box with the kilo coin inside. The miniature was a true replica on both sides but because it was so thin it had a smooth edge. The photo on eBay ( turns out to be a library picture copied from elsewhere ) showed a thick reeded coin so that gave me comfort when I asked to return the miniature. Fortunately there was no argument but until I got my ~£250 refunded there was frustration.
  5. I am always left scratching my head when people list an ugly looking poured 100 oz brick / loaf of silver for a higher price than the same weight in beautiful looking silver one ounce coins. Flipping smaller denominations in theory should always be easier and for more profit. With gold however I cannot understand the significant premiums in fractal coins bearing in mind the intrinsic high value of the metal. 4 quarter ounce coins would be expected to cost slightly more than a single one ounce coin but only taking into account the added cost of production which in reality will be minimal. I would rather buy 2 half sovereigns if the same price as a full sovereign for example if adding to a gold portfolio. Therefore if looking to buy smaller denomination gold coins, unless there is numismatic interest, the value selling to a dealer will always be by weight so don't pay over the odds because it is less than the standard ounce.
  6. Demand outstrips mintage in establishing future price / value but what governs demand ? Sometimes slick promotion and advertising, celebrity endorsements, fake news, bullshit on forums and sales hype by so-called 'experts' ...... ???? Higher priced / high demand coins ( must get one of those ! ) can also loose their appeal over time so the initial high premiums paid melt away into insignificance as no-one years to come is interested. I have seen coins with very low mintages and coin sets with issues of only a few hundred but their value is only what some is prepared to pay, often not much more than any other that is similar with higher mintages & issues. Anything special over 2,000 I think is not really low mintage but better than 100,000. As ChrisSilver posted - demand is key not quantity minted.
  7. withdrawn

    Not sure if 2010 counts as old but I have some spares. I also have surplus 2012 and 2013 if interested.
  8. completed

    Just out of curiosity - if you melted sterling silver or say an alloy that is approx. 90% silver can you not separate out the impurities by raking off the top crust or leaving behind any solids in the crucible ? That's refining I assume so is it more difficult than combing the surface of impurities ?
  9. A friend of mine living in Scotland has a daughter who is a teacher. She told me that the SNP are visiting schools polluting the minds of youngsters into how they are ruled from Westminster by a Tory government and that is very very bad. Whilst I cannot verify this, if true, it reminds me of an elderly lady from East Germany telling me the story of how the Nazis, before WW II, infiltrated schools and brainwashed all the youngsters creating the Hitler Youth. We need to ask Trump if he will permit the Mexicans, once they have built his great wall, whether they can come over here and rebuild Hadrian's wall - and the Scots will pay for it !
  10. for sale

    Hi - is this collection housed in a box, tray or loose ?
  11. As we sail away from the EU in, I assume 2 years from triggering article 50 on Wednesday March 29th , what becomes of our passports ? Will there be a phasing out or in my case, when I need to renew my passport next summer, will I have to pay for another a year later in 2019 as the UK will no longer be part of the EU ? What would happen to a Scots person assuming Scotland votes and is granted it's independence ? Would a Scottish person ( birthplace and / or one or more parents Scottish for example ) residing in England ( past 20+ years ) currently with a UK / EU passport have to choose between a new Scottish only passport or a new UK passport and would a Scots person be offered this choice ? Would Scots living north of the border be able to keep their UK passports ? If Scotland becomes an independent county I cannot see how it would be correct that Scots, living in Scotland or not, could continue with their UK passports and if so how does that effect Scots who have chosen England to live or retire in bearing in mind that they do not get a vote in any referendum ?
  12. 1/2 oz Britannia proof or double sovereign proof - these proofs look stunning especially if in perfect condition.
  13. Never heard about a €60 daily restriction - can withdraw £300 per day in the UK from an ATM and any amount over the internet.
  14. Savers got their money out of Northern Rock but shareholders in the bank lost 100% of their investment. As a shareholder I was pretty p**d-off having lost several grand, when along comes Branson who bought the best bits at half price and a week later was making millions. A similar thing happened but on a much larger scale with Lehman Bros and the gannets were quick off their mark picking up the juicy bits for a song much to the demise of savers & investors.
  15. Funny how people talk about investing in PMs primarily gold and silver but could include platinum and palladium. All depends on timing - buying at the dips is great but predicting the dips is impossible. I copied two charts from APMEX ( hope they don't mind ) showing the spot price for gold and silver over the past 10 years. Many forum members are mentioning a 10 year "investment" timeframe so the charts might be a bit of an eye-opener.