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  1. Trends in Royal Mint Milk spotting?

    Absolutely - Quality over Quantity. The Oriental & Anniversary Brits are what all coins should be - free of scratches, bag marks, dings and scuffs. I conclude that they are pressed on a different machine without a hopper ( see how they mass produce ordinary £1 coins so its obvious how the soft silver coins are ruined at the Mint ) The lack of spotting is likely due to a slower process ( less heat ) and less recycling of the cleaning solutions meaning clean and not contaminated. The last sentence is pure speculation on my part.
  2. Half sovs

    I bought a lot of coins from BbP when I started stacking because they were pretty much the only name I knew. A sovereign or half was priced accordingly regardless of date so I was very lucky buying a bulk load of Victorian shields. I then switched to HGM because they were cheaper and again a coin was priced a few percent over spot regardless of rarity or year. Today is totally different as the main dealers are categorising their bullion coins making bigger margins. BbP for example will try to sell some proof coins or proof sets at twice the price they will buy them from you. Their model has changed and so has that of HGM who have raised their premiums over spot. All you can do is compare on the day adding in Atkinsons and maybe some others if buying silver coins. I would never buy silver coins from these sellers because they add 20% VAT even if the coins is resold - they could apply the 5% VAT rate but choose not to so all my business goes to Europe or the Forum if yo are quick enough !
  3. I received a message from Transferwise confirming their fee is 0.35% + £0.80 Checking my many historic transactions it turns out I was actually paying almost twice this amount using a DEBIT card. Once upon a time there must have been a good reason to use a debit card rather than a bank transfer - perhaps speed ? - who knows. In summary, despite what Transferwise have told me, you will most likely get stung a significant charge using a credit card and more than likely you will incur a charge of a few pounds using a debit card. The only guaranteed way of paying their 0.35% + £0.80 and nothing extra is to use a bank transfer.
  4. "Plain Fields" Britannia Still sticking around in 2018...

    Just amazed to see a plain fields Royal Mint 999 silver coin without a scuff or rub mark on the highest point. Only goes to show what is achievable when they put their mind to it and take some pride in QC.
  5. price of silver

    When the price of silver is manipulated by the large corrupt banks & financial institutions, knocking out a few buildings in Syria isn't going to affect their agendas. It is difficult to comprehend that it probably cost over £150 million in state-of-the-art missiles to destroy a few buildings and bunkers more than likely empty.
  6. for sale 5 x 1oz Emus

  7. You need to check the terms ( small print ) of your card very carefully and don't get confused between credit and debit cards. You will use a card to pay for goods in a shop or restaurant or maybe withdraw cash from an ATM. Whatever card you use to obtain cash will cost you fees - a transaction charge plus a foreign exchange fee. Some debit cards used in ATMs across the EU will not cost you anything ( e.g. Nationwide Flex and Metro, plus some others ) You also want to select the option enabling your bank to work out the exchange rate and not the bank overseas providing the service as they will take some of your money by providing a poorer exchange rate. I am not aware of ANY debit card that will give you cash in the USA without some charge or other. As for credit cards - ALL credit cards used in obtaining cash will charge you and these can be relatively costly. Paying for goods and food - use a credit card that is either VISA or MasterCard and ensure you pay in USD and not GBP. VISA and Mastercard use better exchange rates than you will get locally and most ( check ) will NOT charge foreign use fees. It has been a while since I was last in the USA so I may not be quite up to date. Another tip is to carry your driving licence or something that has your photo ID as many USA retailers like proof that you are the card owner. Take 2 cards if you can just in case a card is blocked for any reason and tell your card provider that you will be travelling in the USA before you depart.
  8. 1/10th gold coins

    Drip buying ( from Atkinsons ) 1/10 compared to a full ounce assuming no changes in price over time - You end up paying 12.6% more which is significant. Even if you purchased 10 on a single order the premium is still 8.4% Selling back you get paid say 98% of spot which is purely weight taking no account of denomination.
  9. 1/10th gold coins

    I agree with the above - premiums for these small coins are relatively high and although Atkinsons state free delivery, they have already built in a cost for SD so you are paying a lot for your gold. Work out the cost for 10 bought individually ( shipped under different orders ) then compare to the cost of a single 1 ounce.
  10. Need Advice: Silver Bullion

    There are several bullion dealers in the USA that sell coins and bars very close to spot and with no tax to pay you are very fortunate. Why not call some of them and ask if they remit the same per ounce buying back coins, rounds and bars. Chances are silver Eagles win overall but you never can tell. I believe APMEX and some other big dealers show buyback prices on their websites.
  11. Exact weight of 2018 1oz Britannia

    These are cheap scales and for some purposes accurate enough but not for PMs. However, your measurements do show a consistent high reading so they are slightly off. Some types permit you to recalibrate by following a series of button pushes. Have you weighed any new or unworn gold coins like half sovereigns or sovereigns ? The likelihood of getting free gold will soon confirm your scales are out of calibration.
  12. Gold Short Term Investment?

    If you have a mortgage with several years still to run and paying interest then use your £20k to pay towards the mortgage. If your pension pot is healthy then that's fine but if you have paid income tax and would like to have it refunded then take a look at a SIPP. With the new tax rules and your age you can treat a SIPP almost the same as a bank account and even if you have no taxable income you can place £2,880 each year into it and the government adds £720 to gross £3,600. As for buying gold the problem is risk as it is at the end of the day a commodity. You should look at the charts showing spot over the past 10 years and compare with the FTSE 100 for example. No-one can forecast the future prices of gold or stocks & shares so it's all a gamble but if you are covered elsewhere with other investments then have some speculative fun with gold. With an order of £20k you should call the usual favoured suppliers and see if they will cut you a deal aiming for less than ( ideally ) 2% over spot. Often the cheapest coins are one ounce bullion like Krugerrands but they aren't particularly attractive. My favourite right now are one ounce Queen's Beasts and nothing beats shiny brand new gold. The premiums on fractional in my opinion are too high. Look out for an offer on sovereigns or even half sovereigns as they are highly liquid and it doesn't matter their age or condition selling back to bullion dealers. Twenty grand in half sovereigns is a nice heap of coins.
  13. Is this normal? Re: order with bullion company.

    Wholly unacceptable from a main seller with a good reputation on this Forum. If the price has since dropped and you could buy cheaper then I would demand compensation as goodwill or cancel the order. Sharing the experience with Atkinsons - ordered late yesterday, shipped today, will receive tomorrow. All communications by email. Also quite a bit cheaper than HGM for a new gold 1 oz coin compared to used for exactly the same coin. Got to stay sharp these days and don't assume your once favourite supplier is offering the best deals.
  14. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    HGM are loosing their appeal with their raised premiums. I used to regularly buy from them when premiums were only 2 or 3% but not any more. Just ordered a brand new Bull from Atkinsons at £987.41 with SD free and paid using a credit card with no fees ( might even get 0.5% cash back ).
  15. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Just checked the current prices on the RoyalMintBullion site and the premiums on the early Beasts are interesting so will this trend continue ?