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  1. I've bought some of these for about £25 including P&P and I would buy more at this price.
  2. If anyone from the Royal Mint is reading this perhaps he or she would care to comment on their rip-off prices.
  3. Taking two snapshots at the same time it is interesting to compare prices. Buying the new 10 oz silver Queen's Beast Lion direct from the UK Royal Mint will cost you £197.99 + VAT = £237.59 If you are in the USA the SAME coin, made in the UK, shipped to the USA and with a profit margin for the retailer will cost $201 ( £160.80 at 1.25 exchange ) and free shipping. OK we have to pay the VAT tax to fund stuff BUT pre-tax we are still paying £197.99 - £160.80 = £37.19 more which is 23% more even before the VAT is added.
  4. for sale

    Reserve for me please qty 2 Libertads 1985 at £20 each. What is the year of the Libertad priced at £17.80 ? Are all other coins 2017 ?
  5. Are you factoring in shipping costs and currencies ?
  6. You need to get the World Coins Catalogue by Krause to check your miscellaneous coins. Look out for an out-of-date copy ( that will be cheap ) since all your coins will be older than the copy publication date. Terrific news on finding a gold sovereign - that's worth about £230.
  7. I suggest putting your best coins in the correct size capsules then individually in small polythene bags to protect the caps from scuffing. Then just keep them in a tupperware or equivalent box with a bag of silica gel dessicant. If the coins don't merit purchasing capsules use flip wallets or mini poly bags just to stop them rubbing against each other when stored loose in a box. As you have proofs in original boxes ( I assume ) then don't forget to protect the boxes themselves by either wrapping in a layer of bubble wrap or just place inside a strong plastic ziplock bag.
  8. completed

  9. Nice project and hopefully you will stick it to the end. Who are your preferred suppliers of these Beasts if you don't mind me asking ?
  10. The Beasts so far in yellow metal
  11. Seeing how quickly GoldBenj completed his 1980 proof gold half sovereign today I am considering listing the same coin at the same price of £145 plus shipping. I also have the proof full sovereign 1980 that I could offer for £280 plus shipping. For both I would ship for free so £425 total. The half sovereign is in a red leatherette box and the full sovereign in a green leatherette box, both with certificates and coins in Royal Mint screw capsules. If anyone is ready to order but wants close up pictures or has any questions then I can respond this weekend. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal friends & family. Shipping by Special Delivery £7.50 per coin or free if taking both at the same time. Sorry I don't have time today to add pictures and I would rather snap them in daylight. For anyone interested, but needing more time, I do have more than one of each so could list a second set if there is demand.
  12. Got a full and and half sov 2017 from Atkinsons. A fair price for shiny new coins and wouldn't pay more than 10% premium for a proof.
  13. Just as I thought - always cheaper in the USA. Kind of sucks when you add the shipping from the UK and the margin of the dealer and it still smashes the best price from the Mint direct even before the 20% VAT is added.
  14. Just spotted that /.be asking €186.46 vs Aurinum €195.79 Typical but what the heck !!