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  1. Mintages from Wikipedia Kangaroo 2016 — 20,000Kangaroo 2015 — 20,000Kangaroo 2014 — 20,000Kangaroo 2013 — 20,000Kangaroo 2012 — 20,000Kangaroo 2011 — 20,000Kangaroo 2010 — 20,000Kangaroo 2009 — 20,000Kangaroo 2008 — 6,802Kangaroo 2007 — 8,598Kangaroo 2006 — 25,535Kangaroo 2005 — 26,146Kangaroo 2004 — 55,057Kangaroo 2003 — 35,230Kangaroo 2002 — 32,376Kangaroo 2001 — 45,562Kangaroo 2000 — 42,638Kangaroo 1999 — 49,398Kangaroo 1998 — 49,398Kangaroo 1997 — 72,850Kangaroo 1996 — 49,398Kangaroo 1995 — 72,850 + Coin Fair — 2,500Kangaroo 1994 — 44,996 + Coin Fair — 2,500Kangaroo 1993 — 72,853 + Coin Fair — 5,000[2]
  2. I am in the UK and looking for someone in the USA to sell or procure on my behalf the 2012 BU 5 ounce silver 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes and mail it UPS, DHL or FedEx as a normal small package. Checking some of the more competitive prices I gather this coin could likely cost around $250. One of the problems buying from many sellers on eBay is they insist on using the rip-off Global Shipping Program and that almost doubles the cost of this coin. Apmex has a large minimum order value for us Brits and on importation we pay 20% tax on top of other fees but considerably less than the G.S.P. of eBay. If anyone has a coin for sale or knows of a good source and would care to quote me then I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Agreed that's why I am always looking for bargains and adding to my collection. The best place to see the series is here - https://www.heubach-edelmetalle.de/catalog/silbermuenzen-kangaroo APMEX also shows a fair selection of images for these "Roos"
  4. Not quite correct ! The REAL Kangaroos are produced by the Royal Australian Mint ( RAM ) and every Kangaroo issued starting with 1993 has a totally different image. I like this series and have been trying to build a complete run but getting 2007, 2008 and 2009 can be a challenge unless you have deep pockets. They also issue the coin on a blister card. Check out the 2016 coin and the 2017 carded coin pictured below -
  5. " .. Och aye the noo and hoots mon there's a moose loose aboot the hoose ... " You have no idea how difficult this is to type correctly without the spell corrector changing every word. Welcome and I too bought my very first gold bar and silver coins from BullionbyPost. When you are starting off and placing small orders of relatively low value, built in shipping can be a significant additional cost. Also our UK main dealers like to show "prices from" meaning you have to order 500 to get the headline price and with silver add the dreaded 20% VAT. The price you end up paying for a single coin can bear no relationship to the advertised price. Like others commenting, you will be best advised to spend a few hours reading stuff on this forum to acquaint yourself with various suppliers and where to compare prices. There are some favourite / popular suppliers of silver coins and gold as well as forum members offering coins for sale from time to time. Stay clear of eBay until you gain hands on experience and can check for fakes or stick to reputable sellers on eBay specialising in coins.
  6. No I did not sell any because the purpose of stacking was to accumulate not to flip. The precious metals experts were going overboard to get people to switch fiat for gold and silver. There is an Australian Forum that preceded this one called Silver Stackers and that didn't help as the forecast for silver was "to the moon". Talk of Morgan Stanley manipulation and all sorts of crazy stuff meant that stacking PMs was a no-brainer. Loads of informative videos, emails, news bulletins and financial super-gurus all encouraging pundits to buy, buy, buy !!! Trump calls this FAKE news and on this I have to say I agree. Of course the price shot up and proved everyone right and so the climb went on and on. Anyone selling a silver Britannia or Kookaburra on eBay would get £30 or more the day it was listed. Finding a good eBay German seller, that ended up being Aurinum, was brilliant as prices were good and VAT in Germany was ( I think ) only 7% whilst it remained at 20% in the UK. Today the German's ( and some other countries ) use a loophole in VAT ( which surprisingly UK sellers don't seem to be interested in ) called differential VAT after the Government increased the rate to 19%. Silver bars were always 19% so buying coins was a better deal. Having the fiat and getting bo-didly-squat in the bank, stacking seemed an interesting investment, especially with the forecasted silver price caused by the Chinese buying more than could be produced - allegedly. Anyhow you can see how the price plummeted and never reached the $1,000 per ounce projections. Mind you it could have been worse as a friend of mine sunk all his pension pot money into Brent Crude when it was over $100 a barrel - again on the advice of "experts".
  7. Started stacking early 2010 then watched silver double in price and steadily fall back to below where I started. Problem was I enthusiastically piled in on the rise, thought this was a great hobby / investment, ( possibly as many fellow stackers think today ); then after the peak watched my assets fall to half - like carrying a bucket of water with a hole in it.
  8. I just started watching a Netflix series called Bloodline where people live in the Florida Keys. It looks a super retirement place with white sand and turquoise sea and of course lots of cocktails at sunset. From what I gather, having flown over the Keys, it is one straight road ( literally ) with causeway bridges connecting a series of small islands that runs for 100 miles or more to Key West. Doesn't seem to offer much other than the beach and the ocean, perhaps the odd hurricane. With American TV this could be a boring place to retire unless you were prepared to spend your life cleaning your boat and fishing.
  9. for sale

    I think gym membership at a David Lloyd centre runs into a half sovereign per month
  10. He is asking £32 shipping for the 4 coin Brit set weighing in its box 258 g only ( see picture ) and I just shipped such a set with bubble wrap and cardboard box Special Delivery for £7.25. Covers £500 contents and gross weight up to 500g
  11. The grass always looks greener when you visit another place for the first time. By way of illustration - Travelling by train from Geneva into the high alpine region, round the lake and seeing the snow capped mountains, I took lots of photos through the panoramic window. What a stunning place with lovely views. The next trip I looked out of the window. The next trip I occasionally looked out of the window. The next trip I wasn't bothered any more. A good friend of mine went to an idyllic Greek fishing port in summer and bought a villa with views of the marina. Terrific place, lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and people watching. In winter however everything was closed, there were no boats in the marina and the nearest mini market was 20 km away via a narrow road - not so lovely. The moral is when retiring think of (a) your closest friends and their whereabouts; (b) ease of grocery shopping if you are used to big supermarkets; (c) other tourists peering into your garden in summer; (d) parking which in some places can be near impossible; and finally (e) location of your main hospital. Sometimes dreaming of walking along a sandy beach is appealing but would you do that if you lived there ?
  12. I think he needs new scales. I just weighed my 2005 set -
  13. Looks like a picture of my stack of 2p coins getting bagged up to take to the postoffice.
  14. My advice is to ask this Forum for silver coins and after looking around to gain benchmark prices set your offer in cash terms. Let's say you check out Atkinsons and see what you like and decide to buy 2 Maples, 2 Pandas and 2 Britannias not caring about dates. Suppose you can get all 6 coins delivered for £150 ( this is for illustration only as I haven't checked prices ). Place a request on this Forum to see if anyone is interested in unloading some spares like these 6 silver coins including P&P for under £150 say £140. That saving gets you half way to another ounce next time you buy. As for the cheapest coins look to GoldSilver.be, CoinInvest and SilverToGo - all overseas EU sellers. There are many more and you will find all their names on this site. However remember to factor into your cost shipping charges and any fees incurred in paying your supplier. Unless you are placing bigger orders you may find the cheapest EU sourced coins work out the same or maybe higher than buying locally. You will need to decide between stacking the cheapest, sometimes boring bullion, vs decent priced interesting mixed coins as a hobby. Spending £200 on gold right now will not even get you a single sovereign so not much to hold in your hand I'm afraid so perhaps silver will give you early satisfaction before venturing into yellow metal. As a newbie STAY AWAY from eBay until you have fondled all the coins you are considering buying and can measure them and weight them precisely.
  15. wanted

    I assume from the picture you are NOT collecting the lovely real RAM series Kangaroos dating back to 1993 ?