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  1. Here are the two issued Beasts housed in caps supplied by @Stu73
  2. This coin seems to sell at a fairly high price - check out eBay sold listings. I have been monitoring past sales for the 4 coin set and I would pay £145 for the set if in great condition.
  3. I paid 20% VAT on the contents including the $40 Australian postage and £8 fee. I have written to Border Force with a claim to have the VAT recalculated using 5% and not 20%. If I obtain a refund I will post here but it might take a few weeks to hear back from them.
  4. Off main topic but perhaps almost as relevant - Currently there are suppliers of suitable capsules so we can at least protect the Beasts but perhaps someone would like to source a decent affordable box for the full set. A polished wooden box would be preferred over a "Blue Peter" cardboard one. One important point though is that the cutouts would have to be designed around a specific coin capsule for a snug fit so that would dictate the brand of caps.
  5. I have a mate who is the Managing Director of a Japanese plastics moulding company based in the UK. If you are interested in buying 100,000 ( minimum order ) he will work out a quote. Tooling cost is about £20,000.
  6. I would not worry too much about the slightly underweight Panda. Take a look at this forum thread -http://forums.silverstackers.com/topic-36685-new-2013-panda-under-weight.html Measuring SG is tricky if you are trying to get an accurate number. Besides requiring precision calibrated scales you need to ideally use the correct water temperature and good practice in taking the measurement. Pure silver is 10.49 so a higher number suggests a measurement error rather than base metal ( i.e. a fake. )
  7. Very interested in your results but be VERY careful mixing the solution and maybe do this outdoors - avoid breathing the stuff. Once mixed I think it will be okay indoors and maybe stored in a plastic container with a sealed lid. When I had a blackened USA Eagle dipped in e-Z-est it was only for a few seconds - maybe 5 secs at most. It was charcoal black all over and turned out brilliant shiny after a single dip. Have a container of water ready or running tap to plunge / rinse your coins after dipping but do this immediately to rid all the acid.
  8. USA wins again !! Shipping to the UK plus the fees will kill this for us Brit Stackers.
  9. What solution ( e-Z-est equivalent ? ) have you mixed and are you happy with the results ?
  10. Focus should never be a problem using a decent phone or digital camera with say 4M or higher resolution. Some people try to get too close to the object and take the shot outside the focal range of the lens. You can zoom your picture and crop it - so avoid trying to get too close. Lighting is critical and natural light is always best but this doesn't mean bright sunlight. Sometimes you may have to tilt the coin or move off centre with the camera to avoid unwanted reflections. Too much light can cause overexposure and wash out detail so just experiment a bit.
  11. I suggest you compare the final amount of cash you would receive if selling on eBay. Forget the Buy it Now prices etc and check the sold auctions then deduct 15%. Don't overlook auctions that end with a low price due to timing or bad luck - if the seller. That sets the benchmark then try advertising on this forum around the benchmark price. Perhaps you can get 5% more but many of us on this forum are experienced and many on eBay aren't. If you really want to minimise fees then list your coin on the alternative site to eBay called e-Bid. Unfortunately this site is less well known compared to eBay but I have used it and it works exactly the same as eBay. If you have popular coins and price fairly then I would suggest this forum first then eBay or e-Bid if you get no luck.
  12. It possibly works out cheaper for the Mint to have all their customers do the closer quality inspection rather than pay employees to undertake boring work. Many customers will never bother to check their coins or if they see a small blemish will just accept it. Those who perhaps purchase these coins as gifts will rarely have their friend or relative plucking up the courage to complain. Returns therefore may be statistically small. Sending return postage does not require a desk, supervisor, National Insurance, holiday & sick pay. Only a thought !!
  13. My silver coins ( carded RAM Kangaroos ) from Australia arrived yesterday and the numismatic / collectibles commodity code of declared. Despite this clearly shown, full VAT was charged so I have just completed a Border Force form to try and have the VAT reduced to 5%.