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  1. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    Gold has dropped about £8 today so new prices - Atkinsons £1,015 / Chards about the same including postage ( per screen shot below )
  2. Vat free 10oz QB's

    Another way of looking at the VAT problem on silver kind of goes like this - You need some work done on your house. Tradesman (a) is self-employed and highly skilled and quotes you £1,000 with no VAT because his business is below the VAT threshold. Tradesman (b) works for a larger firm and is equally skilled as (a) but no better, and has to charge you £1,000 plus VAT so you will pay £1,200. How many of us will give the work to (b) ? Now with silver - many of us purchase from GS.be and STG and others overseas because of the VAT problem. That means significant loss of business to Atkinsons, Chard etc. If you are a VAT registered business you are working for the government collecting taxes. You charge VAT at the point of sale but you claim back VAT at the point of purchase. You only pay the VAT difference to HMRC. I really cannot understand why our UK dealers are not being smarter. They are loosing significant business to Europe but I really don't care as I am happy to buy from overseas getting much lower prices; but for small purchases I would rather buy in the UK, but tend to wait until I can place a larger order to amortise additional shipping charges.
  3. Gold Unicorn - Queens beast!

    Just did a quick check for Unicorn 1 ounce prices releasing Sept 25th - Royal Mint - £1,038.26 Atkinsons - £1,021.08 Chards - £1,021.19 Anyone found any better prices ( include delivery for comparisons ) ?
  4. Vat free 10oz QB's

    You didn't miss anything - legal currency is free of VAT but this coin would never be exchanged at face value so not VAT free. Gets even more intriguing with the earlier releases of the Royal Mint silver £20, £100 so called legal tender coins only to find them described as commorative only after a quick thinking punter bought a large quantity on his credit card and cashed them in at his bank gaining valuable credit card points. After this event the banks were instructed not to exchange them. Having said tha,t if I was working in a bank I would gladly give face value for a 10oz'er.
  5. Coin catalogues and guides?

    I purchased a book from a member on this forum that might get you started - The author is Sebastian Wieschowski and more info can be found at bullionblog.eu
  6. proof coins questions

    I once bought an expensive proof from BBP and had to return it as it was significantly marked. Best place is this forum. If you care to PM me I have several quarter Brit proofs in boxes with numbered certs. Let me know what BBP is asking and I will try to beat it making it worth your while. I also have several boxed proof sovereigns, not looking to sell, but always interested in offers - PM me with your target price.
  7. Updated Michael Marsh book

    I just checked Amazon and something seems to have gone weird with their page. It now shows as unavailable and even the bookshops are listing at £300 so a glitch somewhere. Mine is on its way apparently ( order from Speedyhen ) who had several in stock as did the other sellers. Maybe worth looking them up individually rather than searching through the Amazon page for this specific book.
  8. Has the sh@t finally hit the dollar fan?

    Protesting the poll tax - let me think for a minute. Currently home owners pay a council tax based on the value of their property which funds council expenditure which covers salaries, pensions, schools, social care, police, fire, parks & libraries and of course bin collecting. The council tax takes no account of the number of occupants and therefore the number of wage earners in a household. People who stretched themselves to afford a large house to raise a family are now living say as a retired couple. Their council tax might be for example £2,500 per annum. Across the street in a smaller property live multiple occupancy young families - 6 wage earners for example, and their total council tax is £1,800 so equivalent per couple to £300. So the retired couple pay 8 times as much !! Doesn't seem right to me. The media of course resorted to the comparison between the Duke and his cleaner paying the same poll tax but that's a poor reason to abandon it. Most ( but not all ) of the poll tax protestors were not paying any council tax in the first place so when they were having to pay a contribution for local services they didn't like that. It is time we re-introduced the poll tax or created a local income tax as the former rates system is grossly unfair.
  9. The new 2 oz Silver Unicorn is out now

    I would be looking to add 2 at the best price either STG £34.90 or GS.be €35.04 but postage is a killer for only 2 coins; so maybe there is a group buy ?
  10. Metal detecting

    My metal detector saved me £600 in new tyres after a kitchen refurbishment. I found over 20 metal joinery screws on my driveway ( where the skip had been located ) buried just under the surface in the pea-shingle, that would have definitely ended up in tyres.
  11. I already sent in a petition several years ago and it didn't get more than about 150 votes so good luck with this fresh attempt and count me in for adding my support. I also wrote to my MP which was a waste of time as MP's have got more important issues to deal with. If however there was a Minister in the government who had a son or daughter venturing into our stacking world then that might get some attention.
  12. VAT on silver coins

    The VAT rate in Germany of 7% on silver coins ended a couple of years ago and went to 19%. I was regularly buying silver coins at 7% then after the rate rise the clever Germans ( and others but NOT the Brits ) invoked the differential VAT scheme to attempt to limit the price increase to their customers. As for secondhand silver a dealer in the UK can today choose to apply zero rate VAT but doesn't, or builds a fictitious 20% into their margin so continuing to screw us. Under the terms of free movement of goods in the EU, once VAT has been charged at source, there is no further VAT to be paid so if the Germans charged 2% only using some legal loophole and shipped to the UK with say a 22% VAT rate ( after a rate rise ) we as buyers will not have to pay the difference of 20%. Working in reverse however a UK seller shipping to Germany would invoice their goods WITHOUT charging VAT and the German recipient elects to pay their local VAT at 2% rather than our 22%.
  13. Waiting for Christmas or?

    The charts over the past 12 months are like a roller coaster or the back of Nessie the Loch Ness monster - in mathematical terms a "sine wave" no less. There is a buying dip right now so waiting for Christmas might be a mistake - however there are no guarantees that the price will not drop further. I think the markets are getting set for a UK interest rate rise which has the opposite effect on PMs but if North Korea detonates another nuke or fires a longer range missile everything changes in a flash. Volatility is the word to remember and trying to predict the markets is impossible. You might get lucky one day but as soon as your back is turned something will bite you in the ass. If you have the cash burning a hole in your pocket, then if it was me, I would buy some now. You may find buying sovereigns after gold spot has dropped, as it just has, becomes tricky, or premiums rise from 3% to 5% ( or more with some sellers ), as there will be many other buyers cleaning up whilst at the same time there will be fewer sellers, preferring to hold for the next rise, so they become harder to find at a decent price.
  14. question about sovereigns

    I have a feeling that the proofs are stuck using different dies which have a sharper / better defined profile / cameo. There is considerably more care in the pressing and the coin could be subjected to multiple strikes of the press. The blanks are spotless and cleaned carefully before entering the press. Then the coins are carefully inspected and handled and not dropped into a coin hopper like regular bullion coins.