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  1. for sale 2oz Queens beasts lion

    I will take 1 of each beast please
  2. for sale Gold coins

    Both beasts please Arshi
  3. Has anyone tried bartering with their PM's?

    Would you accept the £20 silver coins issued by the Royal Mint ( once described as legal tender only to now be called commemorative ) rather than crisp £20 notes then ? This is not that different to exchanging real US dollars for Disney dollars after the Mint misled many of their customers.
  4. I am beginning to get more and more annoyed by tempting headline prices that suck you in then when you discover the true cost you think - WTF ! It started today when I had to go to the postoffice to renew my driving licence having reached the end of its 10 year validity. On the DVLC form is clearly states that the fee paid to the Post Office will be £17 BUT there is a little asterix and when you read the footnote it states that the PostOffice will charge and additional fee of £4.50. So why doesn't the box on the form tell you that you will pay £21.50 not £17 ?? Then I browsed Atkinson's website today to check the latest price of the 1 oz gold Unicorn. Fantastic - the price has dropped a little but to get the bold headline price you have to spend quarter of a million quid ! Then on to the silver 2017 UK Lunar Rooster. Price from £16.67 but if you buy only 1 it will be £23.50 - huge difference. The airline industry was bad for advertising cheap fares but then you had to add on all the costs so this was outlawed as misleading. Isn't it time Atkinsons and others did the same ? PS - not a dig at Atkinsons ( who I use ) but the British advertising method of showing the VAT free volume price first. Technically they are correct but so were the airlines.
  5. Haha ... suddenly Brexit doesn't seem so bad - share with the BBC ( Brussels Broadcasting Corporation ) ....
  6. Calling all seasoned stackers

    Today silver stackers cutting their first teeth are in a fortunate position compared to 'seasoned stackers'. Firstly there are numerous sellers offering a huge selection of coins compared to a few years ago. There is a forum like this that supplies lots of information so if you have paid attention you won't pay silly prices anymore. You can buy from various identified suppliers in the EU essentially VAT free ( only until after Brexit ). Before the differential VAT scheme was adopted VAT on silver coins in Germany was only 7% but 19% on bars. If you knew where to buy in Germany you saved lots but I started buying on eBay Germany as there weren't the current suppliers around. The silver price has been manipulated to artificial lows compared to gold - see the historic gold / silver ratio. With silver relatively cheap I would definitely load up the truck right now. You can buy gold anytime and the price will always be a couple of percent over spot. If you are starting your stacking addiction hoping to make future gains then you are assuming gold will rise in price. Selling gold will only ever give you the dealer prices as buyers are smarter / through the forum etc. Not everyone can buy silver as cheaply as we informed forum stackers - we know where to go and how to minimise shipping costs by ordering more than just a few coins. Jo Public however wanting to buy a single coin however see a price that includes VAT and some margin so the potential to sell your silver immediately and make a small profit is already there. The effort however is something to bear in mind selling one coin at a time but then if you are retired it might get you out of the house to visit the post office more frequently. Personally I cannot see any fundamental reason for the gold silver ratio to be stagnating at its current high levels so my tea-leaves predict considerable upside in silver sometime in the next few years. Don't forget you will not be able to buy VAT free ( or differential VAT ) coins after Brexit so everyone will be seeing an approximate 15% increase and therefore a potential profit on pre-Brexit inventory. Unfortunately there is no-one on planet Earth that knows how gold and silver prices will be next week never mind in years to come. There are many experts that will tell you their predictions but they cannot make any guarantees either and the probability of getting their forecasts wrong is 50%. You are on your own so make your own judgments and don't put all your eggs in one basket; only invest up to 10-15% of your total assets or what you can afford to loose in part value without forcing a fire-sale to pay bills.
  7. You are right the issue isn't confined just to Scotland but the point I was making is that the cost of the drugs doesn't stop the addicts ( wherever they are ) so the heavy drinkers will not stop their habits if a unit of alcohol costs double what it does today.
  8. Trouble is if you drink enough of it you have no idea of what is happening so you don't worry about it. Once your brain is f*cked and your eyesight gone you live in your own little world and are probably as happy as you can be.
  9. Today I Removed

    If you have a spare ATB 5 oz Hawaii Volcanoes I can take it off your hands leaving you a bit more space.
  10. Andy Hoffman says he's sold all his silver

    No different to a Timeshare salesperson - full of sh*t but optimistic during the sales process.
  11. Silver has not been good to me

    Are you kidding ?? Found this earlier today - Pasted this line from your earlier post - 2) Physical stack will consist of 100% sovereigns, used as a long term retirement investment. Now did you change your strategy or is the bar photo a bit of fun ?
  12. I have visited Bulgaria several times and the locals in the far flung places distil their hooch made from grapes - sounds like "Rack-ee-ah" ( don't know the spelling ). Basically you gather and ferment the grapes, which are abundant, in large water butts then using a home-built copper still with a small bonfire in the back yard you gather the clear alcohol spirit filling plastic 5 litre water bottles. The problem is the grapes contain stalks and the first few percent of the clear spirit is almost pure methanol ( wood alcohol ) which boils off before the ethanol. The locals over generations discovered that the methanol makes you go crazy and blind as it is poison so know to discard the first batch of liquid ( or double distil ? ) but if you are planning on selling the alcohol to foreigners or people you will never meet again do you want to waste it and do you care ? This is why buying counterfeit spirit is highly dangerous but it is amazing what a refilled original bottle with a label can do when you are desperate.
  13. I heard that the Scottish Parliament has decided to penalise the masses by making it law to charge at least 50 pence per unit for alcohol. Apparently there is a drink problem in Scotland ( to the best of my knowledge it has been this way for the past 100 years ) exacerbated by cheap booze. Now walk along the city streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow and you will find heroin addicts out of there skulls and although I do not know the price of class A drugs I will assume naively that they cost a small fortune and not 50 pence a pop. Price hasn't alleviated this drugs problem one iota. Now the people that are drunk 24 hours a day buy their alcohol from discount supermarkets buying strong cider and beers. Putting up the price will not stop these people from drinking so if their benefits have run out early they will resort to crime and stealing. The added cost per unit will have no affect other than to raise crime. For the more responsible citizens and old folks that have worked hard all their lives looking forward to a sherry, glass of wine or whisky they will all pay more in future. A stealth tax no less. For example the traditional spirits like whisky, gin and vodka can be purchased in supermarket offers from time to time at around £16 per litre. In 1 litre of spirit there are 40 units of alcohol so by law in future this cannot be sold for less than £20. That will have an effect on the big producers in Scotland as sales drop and will reduce the pleasure of many old folks who cannot afford to pay the increase. In a typical 750 mL bottle of wine at 12% strength there are 9 units so the minimum price will have to be £4.50 but the cheaper wines today currently cost less.Paying more for budget plonk means many will decide it is not worth the cost so sales will drop and the folks in the distribution & production chain will all be penalised. But wait - the solution can be found by white-van man driving up the M74 from south of the border with cases of discounted drinks. Remember the booze cruises across the channel to France when duty free was abolished ? A nice earner for entrepreneurs and maybe someone will stop selling ice creams door to door, with chimes ringing out, and sell booze instead. Two ninety-nine ice-creams for the kids and 2 bottles of Smirnoff for me please. Imagine that - door to door discounted whisky - don't even have to go out into the cold rain in the dark as your next bottle of Famous Grouse will come to you and save on petrol, parking or bus fares. Has the SNP really though this one out ?
  14. colloidal silver

    Much to my annoyance my wife bought a large bottle of this stuff without my knowledge - and it was not cheap ! Before trying it she found an article warning about the side effects and turning your skin blue so it went down the toilet. I would gladly have dipped an old Maple into a jar of distilled water for free.
  15. How to invest 5000€

    If you can buy silver VAT free then the big question is whether to buy gold or silver or maybe some of both. Gold is not cheap right now but the buy / sell margins are very close so you really cannot go wrong unless the price crashes and you are holding gold but the chances are it would recover over a relatively short time in any investment cycle. Gold is seen more as a preservation of wealth as normal money loses value through quantative easing or inflation. Silver in my personal opinion is undervalued when comparing its price to gold - the gold silver ratio. Therefore although more speculative, silver has potentially more upside and as this is a commodity that is most likely market manipulated, the price of silver could rocket without warning. The problem with silver is VAT and dealer margins so if you can source your silver cheaply then this is what I would buy. A difficult decision starting off but €5000 doesn't buy you much physical gold to hold in your hand - just about 5 one ounce Krugerrands.