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  1. I am sure the best commercial storage units have an option for insurance but I doubt insurance would cover a PM stack. Having said that, people moving overseas for say a year will store their stuff and that might include valuable furniture, musical instruments, works of art etc. However coins might fall under the category of cash and that might not be covered. If you can conceal your coins in food containers inside suitcases and other containers wrapped in bubblewrap, newspapers etc then that should suffice but there would always be risk I guess especially if anyone knows. Assuming you cannot get insurance then do you have a close friend that you could trust to look after your stack ? There are strong lockable cases on the market that might hold your stuff and if you tell your friend (?) that they contain old books or something he / she wouldn't be tempted. Just don't go for a place in a cladded high rise.
  2. You the buyer are handing over a full sovereign so I cannot see how you are getting such a great deal. The shopkeeper can reduce tax at any time by writing off the item as damaged, obsolete or stolen stock. If I was the shopkeeper I would be very suspicious that the coin was a fake.
  3. You definitely don't want to be saving cash. Contribute up to 20% of gross pay into a SIPP and invest in dividend paying equities with dividends automatically reinvested. With the tax relief from the government you will not be paying 20% of take home pay. In the SIPP you should readily see 5% compound growth. The data show here assumes £500 paid per month into a SIPP. Each year £6000 is paid into the SIPP which grows at 5% ( choosing the right funds you could do much better ) At the end of 20 years your fund is over £200,000
  4. Saw this listed on eBay
  5. Some of the more mature forum members might already have a will or are considering making a will in the relatively near future. Young bucks probably don't have this on their "to-do-list" but with all the stacking happening, especially seeing some of the more expensive coins being purchased, some of us are not shy of a bob or two and possibly therefore a will is something that is worth considering before it's too late. Generally a will is a couple of pages of legal speak that leaves everything to your spouse or shared equally between your children. If you die without leaving a will and you own property or have a large stack hidden under the floorboards, dealing with a deceased person's affairs can take a very long time and be extremely costly. I have a friend who has paid thousands to solicitors in fees for settling her mother's simple estate and it has taken over 2 years because there was no will. A will can be prepared by a solicitor but for substituting your name and address in a Microsoft Word document you may end up paying about £300 or maybe even more. There are various other Companies offering a will writing service or a will kit at lower cost but I came across a site that will enable you to create a will on-line in a few minutes and download your will for official witnessing / signing - for FREE ( look for a code that saves you the £50 fee ). This Company, Farewill, is endorsed by MacMillan, the well known cancer charity and Farewill has very high scores of customer satisfaction. You can edit your will at any time and and get an immediate download by paying only £5 per annum by credit card. This seemed like a nil-risk genuine bargain so I have just completed mine and everything looks proper so I am curious to know if anyone else has made a will and how it compares to this one. I cannot see anything untoward but as I am not a solicitor I hope I am not missing something important. An interesting feature is you can list various assets, bank accounts, financial products etc so that your executor can look for these once you are gone. If for example you have buried your treasure in the garden you can simply add an entry like "PM in Tupperware box next to Fuchsia garden border", or you can add - "gold in safety deposit box Metro bank". The beauty of this service is that you can edit your asset locator at anytime, without charge, and if you don't let someone know about your hidden treasure then who will find it if the worst happens - traffic accident, stroke / heart-attack, terrorists, air-crash, fire in high-rise .... you get the drift !
  6. The £ is pretty crap at the moment and has a long way to recover let alone strengthen.
  7. Anyone on here remember ~£30 per ounce ? How do you view your "investment "?
  8. Sorry to hear about your health condition but hopefully the planned surgery will be successful. I assume your silver is with you and not located somewhere in the UK ? As others have mentioned earlier the sure way of getting cash for your stash is to visit a bullion dealer like HGM in London who would possibly agree a price on the spot and pay cash over their trade counter. How will you get through UK customs and avoid VAT ? Do you have supporting documentation to show you bought the silver in the EU ? If not then you will likely get hit by a 20% charge. The price you will obtain from any dealer will not be to your liking. Expect spot at best and spot is currently ~ £12.50 and ounce. BullionbyPost are offering spot prices for coins so you could lock in a price on-line, ship Special Delivery and receive payment in a few days. Selling privately on the forum to members with a 100% trading history might work but you might have to ship prior to receiving payment, compounded by the fact that you reside overseas. You would need to describe the condition of the coins, maybe a high resolution picture of the kilo Libertad and your asking prices. Best of luck
  9. Another point to consider is that he / she might not have established a PayPal account and you may end up being paid through an e-cheque which can take about 2 weeks ( maybe not that long but certainly feels like it ) for you to receive your money. PayPal advises not to send goods until the funds are cleared but during this time you will never be sure that the buyer would not cancel. Personally I would stay clear of any new buyer. Have you considered listing on the Forum here ?
  10. Welcome to the addictive silver forum !! When the National Lottery first started selling tickets I thought I would definitely win big by being mathematically astute and logged every winning number on an Excel spreadsheet for about a year. Using complex analysis I picked my "winning numbers" every week and guess what !! I don't buy Lottery tickets these days preferring Premium Bonds so at least you keep your money. Therefore I strongly suggest you do not get your hopes raised too highly for silver "investment". Setting off on this venture I suggest you start collecting the cheapest bullion coins you can find. Search SilverToGo, CoinInvest, Atkinsons for their latest offers. Always factor in the cost of shipping. You can frequently pick up a good deal on this Forum so check daily. There is a ton of useful stuff on this site and lists of suppliers etc etc so search the Forum for info. Perhaps avoid buying anything on eBay until you know more about coins and how to spot a fake. These bullion coins are essentially only worth their weight in silver and nothing more so owning a coin or a bar is essentially irrelevant. Silver is relatively cheap right now so jump in if you have the cash and can afford it. If you are also a collector then you will not be disappointed in the coins sold in capsules - Australian Lunars for example, Pandas and a few others. However they can cost a lot more but if you can buy them with no or very low VAT then in the future you might be able to sell at a profit of at least the VAT we pay in the UK. Homework ... homework ... start researching and don't get carried away by Youtube Americans telling you that silver will go to $5000 an ounce ! If it did then I could afford a ticket to the Space Station.
  11. Do you have any surplus RM screw caps for half sovereigns ? I am looking for 2. Thanks
  12. If bought from eBay you start the resolution process by giving as much information as you can, pictures help, as to why you believe the coin is a fake and requesting a full refund including all costs of shipping ( if you want ). eBay will likely ask that you return the coin to the seller but before you do so get the seller to agree to either prepay the return postage or agree to reimburse you. Even if the seller does not accept returns, if an item is "not as described", eBay will support you. Unfortunately you then have to wait and once this time has passed you can escalate for eBay to decide. Ensure ALL correspondence is through the eBay resolution section.
  13. completed

    I'll take it conditional on there being no obvious scratches, damage or fingermarks just toning. Let me know - thanks
  14. Before you choose to "invest" in PMs make sure that you have a decent pension on the stove and that you are paying into it for later years and also to take advantage of the tax relief. Even for people not paying tax or perhaps not in work, you can make every year an instant £720 tax free gain by investing in a SIPP. Pay £2,880 each year into your SIPP and get £720 added for FREE by the government, effectively making a gross investment of £3,600 which will grow tax free until retirement or until you are 50 and need to dip in. Making an instant 25% cash gain is definitely worth noting compared to the gains likely to be achieved in flipping 2.8 ounces of gold or 150-170 bullion silver coins. Assuming you are concerned about capital gains, you only pay tax on gains above £11,300 in any given tax year. Have a spouse then you can double this to £22,600. Should you decide to sell some of your PM portfolio I guess you might consider this worthwhile when the potential profit is at least 15%. That means you would have to sell about £75,000 of PMs before CGT even starts to kick in or £150,000 with a partner.
  15. I assume you are referring to the Arctic Fox that followed the Polar Bear ? A few weeks ago I bought a tube of 1.5 oz Arctic Fox's seeing that the price had dropped substantially and was much closer to the Polar Bear. Until relatively recently the Arctic Fox was at a premium of about 50% so no idea why but at least it is more affordable today. Can you return / exchange your coins ? All mine are perfect so maybe your supplier had bought them spotted ( and discounted ) and is passing them on. Unfortunately badly spotted coins tend to sell for bullion prices and selling a spotted coin can be hit & miss. Assuming you paid bullion Maple ( or thereabouts ) prices; that's what you've got and if bullion price, then if there were mine I would try to clean with good quality silver polish to at least make them look good. Who cares on common bullion silver ?