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  1. Still more expensive than ASEs and Maples though if stacking fine silver - just checked APMEX prices to compare.
  2. Pasted from APMEX - As low as $19.99 per item! These 5 gram Silver notes are an innovative way to own Silver, which is convenient, affordable, and versatile. Bit of a poetic licence inferring this is an affordable way of collecting silver.
  3. I'm good for spot plus 5% if that counts as a valid bid.
  4. I thought when the FTSE rose after the Brexit referendum it was bound to fall back so I sold a fair chunk of my funds. The pundits reckoned the market would tumble so I was happy that I had a nice pile of safe cash, ready to buy back into the market once it had collapsed. Now that the market has risen by almost 10%, I feel I was too quick to sell. Is the market over-valued and due a correction ? I'm afraid whatever you read or hear - if you buy it will fall and if you sell it will rise. The financial gurus reckon the USD will strengthen due to the Trump effect and interest hikes so gold is predicted to fall by 8% this year. The Euro is slowly weakening so is this a good time to buy & hold dollars - perhaps ? Yet the USA is technically bust with massive debts ( like us in the UK ) so who would have the courage to buy dollars ? There are people making fortunes whilst others are loosing their shirts so I am not convinced there is any fail-safe strategy for investing - other than diversification across many products keeping PMs to about 10-15% max of total wealth.
  5. One thing that has always concerned me about considering selling on eBay, but not exclusively to eBay, is if you list a pristine coin or coin set, FDC condition, and the buyer opens the box and a coin falls out; or the buyer takes a coin out of its capsule without wearing clean gloves and it drops onto the floor - the coin can be damaged, scratched, dented or marked so the buyer isn't happy with the new purchase thinking I will claim it was received this way. How could you prevent a damaged coin being returned ? A £2,500 pristine proof set is now significantly devalued? I know you can keep pictures etc. but at the end of the day there has to be a high level of trust and honesty. Most people are, I assume, honest traders but the seller might not have so much protection against a less scrupulous buyer. Personally I don't see myself listing high value proof sets on eBay but bullion is ok. If I ever consider selling a high value gold coin set I think I would arrange a face to face meeting with a reputable dealer who could inspect and accept the set.
  6. Not at all - see it all the time with enthusiastic forum contributors.
  7. completed

    Hi Arshi, if still avail I would like 2 of each year please. PM the total cost using 1st class signed-for if that's what you prefer using for postage.
  8. Mishandled proof Britannia £1 half ounce 1997 with it's sister, the quarter ounce 50p, showing worse for wear - bought as 'immaculate mint condition' on eBay mid Feb 2017
  9. Sorry guys - some of you have moved substantially off topic. Thanks for the general advice though about dealing with eBay returns. I noticed the scheister I bought my silver proof set from was selling a £2.5k gold Britannia set that was withdrawn for an apparent error, then a week later re-listed without any corrections, including original bad English and mistakes. Removed yesterday stating no longer available. Maybe he is getting the message ! Hope someone hasn't bought a gold version of my silver set.
  10. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I sent a detailed account with further photos to the seller through the eBay returns process as I assume all this material will be taken into account in the resolution process. I am irritated by having to now wait 8 days before I can escalate to resolution even though the seller and myself are in total disagreement. Nothing will happen between then and now so why can this not be moved up a gear ? I called PayPal and they stated that this has to be sorted out by eBay following their procedures ( fair of course but frustrating when there are avoidable delays ) Since I used my Visa to credit PayPal I guess there might be some comeback from Visa as a last resort but not sure - hopefully will not have to go this route.
  11. completed

    Great price - wish I had the free cash to buy now.
  12. I am looking for a high quality, unmarked proof full sovereign 1988 preferably in an original RM screw capsule. It does not need to be in a box or have a CoA. Target price £260 or thereabouts depending on condition. I just missed one of these the other day which was sold hours earlier in FDC condition - hence knowing the fair price. Also, As above but a proof half sovereign 1992 also in VGC. No idea of a fair price but possibly £130 ?
  13. completed

    I am assuming the pictures don't do the coin any justice or is it in poor condition ? Looks pretty scuffed and grainy but I am putting that down to lighting and camera. Do you have the exact weight in grams ?
  14. It is now over 2 years since my "friend" promised to repay a short term emergency loan. I have a county court hearing next week and I wonder if my "friend" will have conjured up a health problem so as to not attend at the very last minute. Costs are now over £500 and rising but even if they double I am taking this to the end. I am reassured after watching TV programmes showing High Court Enforcement Agents recovering debts. My plan B is to apply for a charge on property if I can claim interest on the debt at a decent rate ( 8% or more ) - a potential good investment in the long run ?
  15. Seeking inputs from fellow forum members - Today I received what was described as an "immaculate mint condition" silver Britannia 1997proof boxed set. I am horrified to see the condition of 2 coins - see photos. I contacted the eBay seller who replied stating that these were not the coins he sent. Now I know this to be false as they are the exact coins, so what chance do I have through the resolution centre and is there a way of reporting fraudulent activity as clearly this seller is a liar and cheat ?