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  1. That sack is too heavy scrooge McDuckie. Needs to start lifting weights and he wouldn't need the walking stick. Better melt some on those silver coins into silver weight training equipment.
  2. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    No rush here, I will send it at the weekend. Thanks for your time organising this.
  3. **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    I noticed that the 2 oz queens beast unicorn is out of stock. There have been 5 ordered in the listing shown in this thread. Did they sell out after that order was placed? Am I right in saying that I should wait until weekend to send Mr backyardbullion a message with my order? I don't wont to be bombarding him with unwanted emails at an inconvenient time.
  4. 1/10th gold coins

    Personally I don't think it is being ripped of. Spot price is about £94.50 for 1/10th. £108 delivered. That is a flat rate of £13.50 for manufacture, capsule and delivery. The one ounce coins are about £990 and spot is around £945. Flat rate of £45 for manufacture, capsule and delivery.
  5. 1/10th gold coins

    Royal mint delivered £108. Coin is in capsule which is always nice bonus Including delivery is 14.45% premium. Good deal on a coin this size if you ask me. Quantity of 10 is £107.55 each. £1075.50 an ounce. About £85 more for an ounce but greater flexibility when selling. May or may not be significant when selling, depending on price of gold at time in the future and the method of sale.
  6. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Better get looking down back of sofas and taking extra odd jobs and save for the magical 1 oz unicorn. That big ounce is next for the big bounce.
  7. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    You have to watch out for those beastie lions they bite harder than count Dracula.
  8. Can a sovereign go rusty?

    A sovereign is not pure gold. Don't know what the other metals will do. Is that the doc's time piece there?
  9. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    I've been looking at different websites almost every day for months. The Griffin and Dragon have been sold out for a while now. I was expecting the quarters to disappear from the mint site anytime. Didn't expect the price hikes for the quarter ounce. They currently sell 1/10 Britannia for £108.49. Gold wise a quarter ounce equivalent price is 2.5 times 108.49 = £271.22. 1/10 Britannia is cheaper than any quarter ounce beastie. So the question remains. Is gold just gold? Would a better investment be to buy 1/10 Britannia's or is it likely that someone will pay a collector premium for a gold beast. Some people apparently pay crazy premiums for proof coins? Thoughts?
  10. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    The key word missing is From. I only want one that price is for a quantity of 50+
  11. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Just noticed that the Queens Beast griffin and dragon premiums looks to have followed the Lion and had a big increase in price at Royal Mint Bullion. Anyone got some thoughts on the new prices? I was contemplating buying the quarter dragon as I would like to collect the series. Not sure it is sensible now at over £300. I was under the impression that paying big premiums on gold maybe OK for collecting but not a wise investment to make. Could someone really recoup this premium when selling? Thanks.
  12. Understanding inflation

    Did England move from using CPI to CPIH for inflation. Consumer price index plus the housing market. All bull anyway because the vast majority of inflation is in the essentials such as food, gas, electric etc. Who cares if sofas or flat screen TV's have a slight dip in price when food rises 6%. You can say to yourself, not buying a new TV. Unless your going to grow all your own food your stuck with rising prices. Especially bad when sterling value is being flushed down the toilet and we import most things. Retailers will have old stock purchased at old sterling values and when they repurchase inflation bites. What's when you start to see more air than crisps in a bag of crisps, to hide the inflation. Tick, tick, tick, tick, click, boom!
  13. Platinum - who's buying?

    I imagine platinum could be difficult to sell should the time arrive. Anyone try selling any? Doesn't look as good as gold in the pictures.