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  1. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    This article deals with that issue. Theconversation.com/why-a-cashless-society-would-hurt-the-poor-a-lesson-from-india-79735 Essentially, 97% of all transactions made by the poor are in cash!
  2. What will happen to gold if we go digital

    I think that a cashless society is further off than we might think. Realistically, it is only the western world and the wealthy Asian countries that could go cashless. Cash is still king in Africa, India,Southeast Asia and many of the middle eastern countries. Imagine going to say, Morocco with only a debit card! You wouldn't get far!
  3. I'm in love with

    I'd rather buy three 1oz Britannias and a few sovs! I can't believe anyone would consider paying that for a 1oz coin. That's insane!!
  4. For the most part I agree with you. We really need to just get it over and done with!
  5. Sovereign Photo Thread...

    1881 Victoria Young Head Shield - Sydney Mint. Who likes em dirty?
  6. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    Used them loads of times, I doubt you will have any problems. Their service is superb!!
  7. Audit time everyone

    Sorry sir, the dog ate mine!
  8. Gold Sovereign Expert

    Yeah, I found that really useful. Spent a bit of time going through my stack!
  9. Gold Sovereign Expert

    Yeah, I saw those 2012's, I was going to get one but I wasn't sure of their reputation. I think they are all gone now Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Royal Mint - Crypto Gold

    If I hold it, I own it! I would take a lot of convincing to put my trust in any institution. I only have a bank account because I'm forced to!
  11. Christmas greetings

    Welcome to the forum!
  12. I wonder if the Cypriots would consider it a bit of a stretch!?
  13. Today I Received

    Nice, any idea how old it is?
  14. Sovereign Photo Thread...

    1957 Sovereign. The first coins minted under Elizabeth II. Taken with a macro lens at close to 1:1 ratio.
  15. Gold Sovereign Expert

    Yes, the offer 2% for transfer. I was looking at their bundles of 5 sovereigns, they are supposed to be very fine at least but they don't state which monarchs. I normally go for a bunch of pre owned from Atkinsons, they are a bit cheaper. I just thought I might look elsewhere for a change. Thanks!