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  1. Half sovs

    Ordered a mixed year one from Atkinson in the end.
  2. Half sovs

    Looking at the price of say a 2018 half sov they are cheaper than say Atkinson. For full sibs I've bought with chards as even with the postage working out cheaper. What about the random year coins? Worth taking a punt with any company (now looking at Atkinson for the random year ones).
  3. Half sovs

    Hi, Been looking at picking up half sovs monthly. Looking particularly at bullionbypost, seems to a tad looked down on here from the comments i've seen. Is there are particular reason for this? Prices seems comparable to others especially if you take into account postage (my first coin came from them). They do the 2018 coins aswell as the lucky dip/mixed year ones. Is it worth going for the lucky dip coins? the same price as the shiney new 2018 but the chance you could get a damaged one. I am guessing you'll never get a special one as i'm sure they are cherry picked out. What do you think?
  4. Hopefully i'll have some cash left after 2 weeks in Japan and April Car insurance to add some silver! have my eye on a 1kg coin!
  5. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Not too sure I can spare a full sovereign a month. Maybe half or 1/10th
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    I'm actually tempted to buy one of those gold Britannia's every month. Was debating if I should buy a small coin monthly or a biggercoin every 2-3 months
  7. Today I bought.....

    At least you got a reply. Took 2 days before the auto response even made it to me lol
  8. sharps pixley

    I might have to pop into sharps when i'm ready to make a purchase, pass through London alot.
  9. Price Comparison - With and Without VAT

    Now i want a 1kg coin! Maybe after my Japan holiday!
  10. newb

    Dont think i'll be stacking. Hoping to pickup the yearly ones with maybe a couple of random ones a year (oldies and lucky dip ones). Might keep this chain and just sell the scrap bits. I wont wear it again, it would more likely be a hand me down to any future children i may or may not have.
  11. newb

    I really like the 2018 half sovereign but that could just be me being biased Its a chain i had in my early teens, abit chokey for me now.
  12. newb

    Hey, been lurking, admiring and getting slightly jealous of the stacks. In my youth i collected various proof coins so have some silver coins, dont think i've got anything of any real value. Recently picked up my first 2018 half sovereign, shortly followed by a full sov (2018). Thinking i might try and pickup a victoria jubilee head sovereign in the next couple of months. I have various bits of scrap gold floating about including a 1 ounce 8ct chain. Wondering if its worth just keeping it as it is or selling it and turning it into my next sovereign, thoughts?