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    Gold and Silver coins for future wealth protection.
  1. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Blimey. Thort they went out in 1970...guess you learn summat every day.
  2. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    A 2017 Sixpence?!!!....Be worth a small fortune I wager!!
  3. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Oooops, better make that Half a pre - 1946 Sixpence!!
  4. Precious Metal Themed Songs

    Half a Sixpence- Tommy Steele
  5. Free Postage on Gold Special Offers

    Great Scott, Marty, there's a rip in the space time continuum!!!
  6. Silver bar or rounds? 🤔

  7. Today I Received

    Gold Swiss1947 Vrenelli 20 Francs from Sharps Pixley 1946 Sixpence from Cambridgeshire Coins 1918 Threepence from Cambridgeshire Coins
  8. Hello from Holland

    Welkom op het forum.
  9. Customer Service

    I thought this would be a nice counter balance to some of the recent posts about poor customer service from certain coin dealers. Last week I ordered a Pre 1920 Sixpence from Cambridgeshire Coins on Ebay. It arrived quickly but was a 1946 Sixpence. I just phoned them directly and spoke to a very nice chap who apologised for the error and offered to send me a Pre 1920 Sixpence in replacement. He also said I could keep the 1946 as a goodwill gesture. Nice to see there is still good customer service out there. Well done Cambridgeshire Coins.
  10. oh dear this guy says down lower

    1- Predictions are easy...unless they involve the future. 2- Don't worry about it. 3- Definition of an "expert"...an ex is a has been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.
  11. Milk Spots

    This is why I buy Sovs!!!
  12. Today I Received

    1915 George V Half Sov Melbourne Mint from HGM. 1921 Morgan Dollar PCGS MS63 from Weighton Coins.
  13. This prize muppet embodies all that is wrong with modern footie. It pains me greatly that he did this whilst wearing a Leeds Utd shirt...sob sob sob
  14. Agreed. Bunch of poncey, overpaid ballerinas they are. Fall over at the slightest breeze and roll around in agony these days they do. 1970's Leeds UTD...now THAT was football...leather ball that got water logged and weighed a ton...pitches like the Somme...tackling from behind...fish 'n' chips at half time...real Alf Tucker stuff that were...eeee, them were t' days etc etc