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  1. storage for loose gold bullion

    If you are looking for something little bit nicer take a look at this link https://silvergoldbull.co.uk/coin-display-boxes
  2. Grading

    this is the steps to submit a coin for grading (NGC) http://www.ngccoin.co.uk/Submit-Coins/How-to-Submit for UK there official centre is Heritage Auctions UK https://www.ngccoin.com/news/article/6193/heritage-london-ccg/
  3. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Any deals for the BLACK Friday ? I saw this deal posted in the silver forum
  4. Will you order a Peter rabbit again?

    Limited Edition Presentation: 450 22 Carat Gold and weighs 15.50g for £1000 * Current Gold price for 22 Carat is around = £28.64 so this coin in terms of gold alone is around = £444 U will pay £556 extra, personally I don't think its worth but let us hear from more expert members.
  5. Gold bar buying advice

    @BackyardBullion Thank you for your detailed reply
  6. Gold bar buying advice

    Hi everyone I am interested in buying 1 oz gold bar Is there any advantages or disadvantages for each or it doesn't make a difference since they are the same weight 1) PAMP Lady Fortuna http://www.pamp.com/mintedingots/AU00RI022S101 2) Royal mint https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/Bars/RMGM1OZ