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  1. Bare Hands/ Air-tites

    Should I be putting my BU coins into air-tites? Should I ever be touching my BU coins with my bare hands?
  2. N.Z. Star Wars

    I was kind of bummed out, and excited at the same time. I was shopping on APMEX and wanted the latest New Zealand, Star Wars, Darth Vaddar coin. I put in an order for 5 coins. Unfortunately I got a message explaining there was only 1 remaining in stock. So I got the very last one. But I did get one. I finally understand the demand for collector coins. I only recently became aware of these coins, and the older releases are insanely expensive already. Over $100 each. This makes me even happier for getting in earlier on with the Queens Beast series. I just can't bring myself to pay so much for the older coins. I have to be completely honest. I think I have all but abandoned generic silver or gold. The coins come with a triple benefit. They are, at minimum, worth the face value. Then they are always worth the spot price, usually with the premium. Then there is the numismatic appreciation of the coins. I don't knock anyone for their own strategy. But I have finally refined my personal strategy. I want to diversify between SGC's (standard government coins) as my foundation. Then I will be going heavy toward collector series, which I find attractive/ artistic, or with sentimental value EG star wars. Finally I will have the smallest allocation toward proof coins. This seems to be a good method for me. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows where I can get Spanish silver coins, please let me know.
  3. I am interested in other peoples feedback regarding First Majestic Silver Corp. and First Mining Finance. First Majestic is a Canadian company, which is the second largest primary silver miner in Mexico. Mexico is the largest silver producing nation in the world. First Mining Finance is a "mineral bank". The company is only 1-2 years old. It's mandate is to acquire gold mines in stable countries, which have already established infrastructure. So the point is to buy as many properties as possible, while it is cheap. Then once gold gets higher into the next bull-market, open sell and open the mines, while holding residual interest and generating cash-flow. The CEO and chairman of these companies is a man named Kieth Neumeyer. He has a track record of building billion dollar mining operations. He seems to be held in high regard within the PM mining community. I guess I want to know what the PM mining companies look like during market crashes or corrections? What is likely to happen as the demand for silver increases with industrial applications, but the price doesn't seem to rise with it? Won't primary silver miners be forced to stop operations or demand higher prices to justify producing mines? Gold isn't my forte. So First Mining Finance is less understood by me. I understand the concept, but I suppose, not the real value of gold. The need for having gold as a store of value is not lost on me. But the need to mine a metal with limited uses, doesn't really make sense to me.
  4. War?

    I wasn't suggesting Britain would invade Spain. It was only a hypothetical scenario. But outside of a global conflict, why should foreign investors care about the economy of other countries which may be engaged in war? America has been engaged in war operations within Afghanistan since 2001, and remains to this day. Doesn't seem to impact the price of gold or silver. As to the uncertainty. I can be certain that war requires guns, bullets, uniforms, tanks, fuel, etc. Why wouldn't a person just shift into a position weighted to a war economy? Why not even buy stock in a bank who buys war bonds? This idea of "uncertainty" is a little confusing to me. I know that in the past, not even that long ago, governments settled transactions with gold. This doesn't seem to be the case these days. So a sudden scarcity in a certain country seems to be a minuscule factor in determining the valuation of gold and silver. And it isn't like the PM's suddenly vanished. They are just in someone else's hands.
  5. War?

    I hear a lot of people mention war as a reason to invest in gold or silver. That uncertainty leads to people leaving the stocks and bonds markets. I am confused as to why this is. Saying Donald Trump could provoke a war with Iran or North Korea seems to drive the prices up. But I don't understand why. Say Britain invades Spain, for whatever reason. Why does that impact the U.S. or China? The influx of war build up should show a reason to buy stock in weapons manufacturers. Any help in understanding this would be appreciated.
  6. market manipulation true or false

    Mike Maloney said it in a way I liked. "If the market is going to subsidize my silver purchases, I will benefit as much as possible for as long as possible". I would not be happy if the market corrected at this point in time. I am still new to this, and would love to stockpile a lot more, before it gets to expensive. I don't want this market to show a price spike. Look at the markets when silver was about 50 dollars an ounce. The spike was short lived, and a LOT of people got burned. I would prefer a sustained growth pattern, over a sudden price jolt. This seems to take a lot of discipline. A "gentleman's game" as it were.
  7. 2017 Silver Britannia Proof

    I actually love this design. I am looking to make this my first proof coin purchase. I look at buying coins, like buying art. Because it is art. The incorporation of the British isles geography as a base for the body is quite interesting to me. Then running the flag in the background. The minimalist aspect of this coin can be appreciated too. Sometimes restraint by the engraver can be a good change of pace. As highly detailed the 2016 proof is, it just doesn't "speak to me" as much as this coin.
  8. Fractional Gold Bars

    To be honest. I am still new to the PM game. I highly favor silver to gold or platinum. But as gold prices begin to drop, I am looking to pick up gold. But I am on a budget. And I only like to spend about $200 to $300 on PM's a month. I have been looking at some of the more popular online dealers, and they offer 1, 2, 2.5 gram gold bars. Which are in my price range. But I don't know if they are worth the investment at such a relatively small quantity. Does anyone have an opinion on these gram denominated bars? Or should I be looking at the fractional coins? please and thank you.
  9. PM Premiums

    I am more concerned with the value of coins, as coins are more liquid. I know "custom" silver products have artistic value. However; The demand for these products is even more limited than premium coins. My inquiry is more about what drives the premiums in coins. Especially in the resale value over time. I now have a new found appreciation for the term "mint condition". But is there a reason a premium grows, and what are the underlying influences in PM premiums.
  10. PM Premiums

    I have only recently begun an aggressive acquisition of silver. I like to start slow in any new field of study. It is an old habit from learning music. "practice slow". But I want to nail down my investment strategy. This means having a solid foundation for my silver stack. I always hear people recommend American Silver Eagles. But I also HATE this coin. It is boring to me. I also read somewhere that a coins premium is only relevant in it's country of origin. I am a fan of the Britannia. I find it to be a much more attractive coin. It changes its design every year. But does it matter if a coin is more collectible, via limited production? I know semi-numismatics are only viable for appreciation on the secondary market. But I don't know if the coin has to be graded. I know some mints are notorious for milk spotting. So does this affect the value of a coin? To what degree does the milk spot affect the value in contrast to scratches and poorly handled coins? I know exposure to air can lead to "toning". But some people say toning can make a coin more visually attractive. Does any form of blemish on a premium coin in BU condition make it drop to spot price? Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated.
  11. Gilded Silver Coins

    That is unfortunate. So it seems like they are for your own personal collecting and not for investment purposes. But it is good to know, before I waste my money.
  12. Gilded Silver Coins

    The first topic I wanted to get clarification on is gilded silver coins. I find them to be far more attractive to the eye. The lower mintage seems like it should demand a higher premium. But I don't know if they are worth the amount you pay. I know a new 2017 gilded britannia is more than twice the price of a BU coin. What is the benefit or drawback of these coins? I know the amount of gold added to them is nominal at best. So It can't be the added gold which is driving up the cost. I know it requires more labor to produce. But is there even a market for these coins?
  13. New to S.F..COM

    Wanted to introduce myself. I heard this forum promoted on several Youtube channels. I am trying to up my PM I.Q. And one of the best ways I can think of is to interact with other PM stackers. I am currently trying to refine my strategy. I began slow with buying generic bullion rounds. But I don't like the fact that the rounds don't appreciate in value. I want to learn more about the premium coins. I am from the USA and most people recommend I buy Silver Eagles. I am not a fan of this coin. It doesn't change year to year. Which is why I am beginning to favor Silver Britannias and Queens Beast series. But I don't really know enough about how a coin increases in value over time. Nor what diminishes its value, IE spots and scratches. Nor the best way to sell collector coins. My LCS doesn't seem to value collector coins in any regard. So I don't know where else to sell them. Any help I can get to increase my knowledge base would be greatly appreciated.