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  1. FED Rate impact

    I was watching the impact the FED interest rate would have on multiple markets today. I watched the EUR/USD jump up, I also saw the stock price for First Majestic Silver and First Mining Finance go up, and the spot price of silver and gold also jumped. This was the complete opposite of what I thought the markets would do. I figured the increased rate would increase demand for US currency and bonds. I thought this demand would drive investors out of stocks. I also thought this would lure investors away from precious metals. I remember a few months ago when the FED increased the interest rate, this is precisely what occurred. I'm just curious as to what the precious metals community thinks about central bank decisions?
  2. Technical Analysis for Silver

    Does anyone out there do technical analysis for silver? If yes; Where do you get your charts? Also is there a way to know how many ETF contracts are bought and sold by a single bank or person?
  3. The truth about my diversification strategy is to invest in things which are unavoidable. Thus, water and death are my go-to sectors for investing when it comes to stocks. I have been "speculating" long in the silver market. I jumped in with every intention of averaging down. So My portfolio is heavily weighted toward acquiring silver and mining stocks to leverage the physical buys. I am buying into First Majestic Silver and a little for First Mining Finance for a little exposure to gold. I am still looking for some advice into a way to get exposure to the water sector. A lot of people are telling me to invest in utility companies. But I honestly don't know enough about this for me to take that kind of risk. Death is pretty straight forward. I have chosen Service Corporation International. This company provides all things in the death business including cemetery plots and caskets or urns. If anyone has experience in death or water and are willing to give a new investor some insight. I would really appreciate some advice and wisdom.
  4. Herd Anticipation

    I feel like sharing my long-term investment strategy with people. This is so I can get feedback and warn people they may be chasing with the herd. i would love if people pointed this out for me. The current economic environment in the U.S. is not going to be the path to an economic Eutopia. The proposed tax cuts are a benefit for the wealthiest of the wealthy. The broad and sweeping removal of regulations will see massive corporations doing unconscionable things in the name of profit. The federal reserve is going to continue to raise interest rates to counter-act the 2008 crisis. This is leading people to flood back into the U.S. markets. The most recent event is the raising of the interest rate, drawing foreign and domestic investors to bonds. This is also sucking currency from the stock market. The catalyst for ending the record highs in the stock market is this perceived safety of the bonds market. Since the interest rate will continue to be raised, just to bring them back to historic norms, more and more capital will be diverted towards bonds. The tax-cuts proposed for the super rich and massive corporations is a recipe for disaster. I like to refer to this as "Cumulative Error Effect". If a few do something detrimental, there is no real long-term effect. But if a majority all begin to do these things, it will quickly lead to disaster. Think about the over-hunting of the American Bison in the 1800's. Sure if a few people over hunted, the population would be able to adapt. But when everyone feels it is their right to hunt the bison to an excessive amount, the bison will go extinct. Leaving no more bison to hunt. Do not get me wrong. I seek to build my wealth for my entire life. I want to contribute to society to a degree which will have its inherent financial rewards. I do NOT want to get their faster than is prudent nor realistic. These "get rich quick" schemes never end well. These attempts by the super wealthy, like the Koch brothers, to accelerate the rate they accumulate and dam up wealth is actually leading to inflation. There is a term known as "velocity of money" which is how many times a currency unit changes hands. So what happens when millions of dollars are not being spent, because they are being hoarded in excessive holdings accounts? Consider how much money the wealthy hold and never spend. This is not the same as prudent saving in order to achieve certain goals. This is the pay-check to pay-check mentality which should be avoided. This is the reason taxes are prudent in order to stimulate the economy. "taxes are theft" is just about the worst attitude a person can have in my opinion. "taxes punish successful people", is another load of crap statement. Wealth is power, power equals responsibility. What is going to happen when the taxes return to a prudent level? Freedom isn't free, so pay your damn taxes. Anyway, the reason this leads to inflation is because with so much currency being hoarded, a central bank will have to create more currency to replace the hoarded currency. Now for the sweeping deregulation. Wealthy/ powerful people don't like being told what to do. They are under the impression they are almost god-like. Or that regulations are a scheme to destroy their industry. "why can't I pump billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?" Because it will trap ultra-violet light and cause the average planetary temperature to rise; Leading to drastic weather changes and rising sea levels. "but it is still snowing, this is a Chinese hoax or the 'green tech' trying to steal our money". Regulations exist for a reason. Yes these temporary periods of deregulation will be taken advantage of in the name of profit, which will look like improved economic outcome. This is because these people and corporations are basically "cheating". If you had a righteous business model, you could afford to pay your taxes, pay your employees a living wage, and not need to sacrifice safety nor the environment, in order to be successful and profitable. This is why I began buying silver, not gold, about a year ago. Silver is going to have an increased demand for multiple reasons. Gold has limited need for increased demand. Silver is still a "monetary metal". But it is also an increasingly utilized industrial metal. So as people start chasing the bonds and inflated stock markets, PM's will get cheaper. Which I will buy more and more of, until the inevitable occurs with taxes returning to needed levels, regulations being re-established. Or even when the deregulated system exploits the public and causes another crash, just like the sub-prime mortgage fiasco. AND BAM! Precious metals over correct, time to sell. Precious metals re-value, time to buy and hold.
  5. How much does it cost to grade newer coins from NGC or PCGS? I want to get some of these coins graded at some point. But only if it is worth the investment. I'm interested in grading the New Zealand Star Wars Coins, Vaders and Storm Troopers.
  6. Self Grading Coins

    What is the benefit to grading coins by professionals, and grading coins from your own skill/ opinion? I know it is obvious that people will trust a professional over a general collector. This will always demand higher prices. But I would expect a buyer would appreciate buying coins with a general idea of their grade, and have the option to get them professionally graded if they so chose. So knowing the dings, nicks, spots etc, and making it a point to point them out to a buyer, should be a factor of buying and selling your coins on the secondary market. I know I have grown to treat my coins like "101 Dalmatians". I know which coin is which, based on their imperfections. So I have my own general idea of what grade these coins are. But when it comes time to sell them, should I be open and honest about these imperfections? Or should I just take a picture of the coin and tell the potential buyers to play the roulette wheel?
  7. Bonds/ metals

    I have never been a fan of long-term, time-dependent, investment vehicles. This includes Bonds, IRA and 401(k)'s. The reason is it limits your ability to take profits, lack of liquidity and can have required withdraw's, which can force you to take huge losses. We saw a lot of this in the 2008 crisis. Many people had their life savings in stocks and bonds, only to see their retirement fund vanish, with no chance to stop it. I have no problem with short-term government debt investments. I am a big fan of T-bills and notes. That being said; I am noticing the inevitable down turn from the record stock market highs. ALL, not many, of my stock holdings are falling at a concerning rate. This has nothing to do with market fundamentals. These are all solid companies with bright futures for growth. I don't like to talk about politics a lot, in terms of this forum. But I never had an interest in precious metals. I actually never had a big interest in growing wealth. But with the emergence of Donald Trump and his ilk, I saw a huge opportunity to make money. Not because he is such a "tremendous" businessman. He is an ego-maniacal, elitist, xenophobic, man-baby. He breeds chaos everywhere he goes. Him and people like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan want to deregulate everything, and give massive tax-cuts to the wealthiest Americans, and cut our international trade. This is not an equation for economic growth. It is an equation of greed. Every time these people wave their "personal freedom banner", they are going to engage in shady business practices and scams which are get rich quick schemes. Anyone who has bought into a get rich quick scheme will tell you the inevitable outcome. But when it comes to our national/ global economy, people are convinced, "this time it will work". It never works. Let me rephrase. It makes a lot of money for the people who already had more than enough. It doesn't really impact the poor, they had little or nothing to begin with. It effects the middle-class the most. I also know that as soon as these selfish, greedy, short-sighted people inevitably crash the economy again, gold and silver will get those price spikes again. This is why I began buying precious metals. It isn't because of hyper-inflation, prepping for the end of the world, nor any other reason the "pumpers" give. People are always saying, "nobody has a crystal ball. nobody can predict the future." This is true to an extent. Becoming a student of history will give you insight into the future. It's a part of the scientific method, which creates "laws". 1+2=3, every time. Every time the wealthy attempt to accelerate the rate at which their wealth grows, at the expense of the general public, a crash inevitably follows. Just like the person who says, "I am a great driver." As they are texting, drinking a latte, and speeding. 3...2..1. CRASH!
  8. Mining Viability

    What is the approximate minimum price for gold and silver, at which mining is no longer economically viable? I am more concerned with the primary producers, not zinc and lead miners, which sell PM's as a byproduct.
  9. Air-Tite Coin Capsules, where can I buy them?

    Apmex is now my go-to for most of my PM purchases as well as accessories. Their international policy of shipping costs are something to consider, as well as minimum purchase requirements. But as long as you are getting the capsules at the time of your PM purchase, this shouldn't be much of an issue. https://www.apmex.com/international
  10. Price Spike Dips

    I know I am a contrarian when it comes to precious metals. I just don't see a future for currencies, cryptos, being backed by PM's. I certainly don't see us going back to straight PM coinage as the money of use. If precious metals goes back to a commodity money, it will be gold, and only for governments in international trade. But here is the bad news in this event. If this happens, gold will be bought from the general public, not "confiscated", and made illegal to own again. I do see a future where it is illegal to own silver as an investment vehicle. The demand for silver as an industrial metal will become crucial for the ever growing tech sector. Not because it is being used as "money". I hear a lot about how people won't comply with "confiscation". Confiscation is not likely to happen. Government buy-back is what is going to happen, if it happens at all. I hear people say things like, "if you didn't comply with the gold buy-back, you would have seen your purchasing power go up dramatically". Um, no. You would have seen your purchasing power of gold go to zero. Since owing gold was then made illegal. What would have happened if owning gold was never made legal again? You would now be holding a worthless, illegal asset. I didn't want to talk about "manipulation". But here it is. If the central banks are in fact manipulating the price of silver, it is most likely for the following reason. If the price of silver was too high, the price of tech manufacturing would be too expensive, limiting the production, thus reducing the efficacy of development in said market. We need tech more than physical silver as money. And if they are "manipulating" the price of silver, you have been given a huge gift. That gift is predictability. They would have to keep silver low enough to be bought and used, while keeping it high enough for silver producers to remain open and profitable.
  11. Price Spike Dips

    I have noticed a trend in the spot price of silver. It tends to have these major price dips. I know most of the PM community attributes this to "manipulation". I want to remove this option from consideration and see what are the market influences which could account for these drastic swings down, but not up. For example; Do primary silver miners stock pile their silver supply and sell it all in massive transactions, or do they sell it as orders become filled? Do primary silver producers enter into futures contracts, then fill orders, and what role could this affect spot price? What role does silver recycling have on spot price?
  12. Mintage Threshold

    So I know certain coins have a limited mintage number. There are some which are limited to 1,500 some 100,000 to 250,000. Then there are unlimited release coins, such as ASE's and Britannias. What is a good number to search for when trying to determine whether or not a certain coin is actually rare. I have been buying the Darth Vader coins from New Zealand. The information provided indicates the maximum mintage is 250k. I don't know how rare this actually is. Then I picked up the 20th anniversary Britannias. The indication is that only 150k will be minted. What is a good rule for determining a mintage number?
  13. 2018 Britannia coming down the pike

    When I looked at the pre-sale photo on APMEX, the finish was the same as the QB Unicorn, with that dot pattern.
  14. So I attempted to register for the premium membership on the forum. The problem was the order is in British pounds. Is there a way for Americans to register for this forum?
  15. 2006 price uptrend

    I don't know if this is a major factor in the price of precious metals. I have tried to explain the reason I buy PM's to my family. They have zero concept of what I am trying to teach them. Inflation as a result of an expanding currency supply is an abstract concept, which is difficult for people to understand. They interpret rising prices as a result of greed. Which is a factor in the price of many goods and services. So the trust in currency is concrete to the point of tying it back to gold or silver, would only serve to confuse them further. Not only this, but if every country in the world went back to the gold or silver standard, there simply is not enough to create a valid system. I do agree that we need to tie our currency to a physical commodity, but I don't believe gold nor silver will be those commodities. I believe Mike Maloney said the amount of gold is about enough for half an ounce per person alive, and silver is only about a quarter of an ounce per person. This combined with the ever increasing NEED for industrial silver would be literally depleting your money supply. I do believe that gold and silver are under-valued. I do believe the prices are manipulated by central banks. Silver more so than gold. I do believe this asset is a great store of value, and is currently a great investment. But I honestly can't see the world going back to a gold or silver standard. I think it will be a multi-commodity system, like the consumer price index. A basket of goods like water, flour, fuel, land would equal (x) amount of currency units. I believe TIME should be an integral component of currency valuation. TIME is precious.