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  1. Hi all Complete Lunar 2 set for sale Inc genuine Perth Mint wooden case. All coins in good condition with no scratches or toning and in original capsules. The case is lovely with removable tray to store spares and costs £50 new. Price is £335 plus postage Thanks for looking.
  2. for sale Perth Mint Lunar 2 - 1 oz set 2008 - 2018

    Open to reasonable offers...
  3. completed 2017 Full Sov 200 Privy

    Hi all As above for sale. Price is £240 plus postage of your choice. Payment by BT or paypal F&F. Coin in lovely condition. Any questions then please PM. Cheers
  4. for sale Perth Mint Lunar 2 - 1 oz set 2008 - 2018

    They will be bringing the last coin out, Year of the Pig, probably in about October, and dated for 2019. Apolgies for any confusion....
  5. completed 9 Piece Silver Tetris Set - 999 Silver

    Great idea, great skill, well done.
  6. 1817 Gold Sovereign up for auction... thoughts

    £821 in the end
  7. Came across this while browsing, sorry but can't get the link, on our favourite auction site. Seller has no previous and nothing else for sale. I'm no expert but it all looks rather bizarre. Current bid is at £254 with a day to go. What do you think...
  8. Cleaner found 7kg of gold in an airport bin!

    Not that I own one but the dimensions on that look way too big, anyone lost any movie props have they....
  9. wanted Shield back half sovereign

    Let me have a think overnight as I'm at my own particular salt mine at the moment.
  10. wanted Shield back half sovereign

    Hi Looking for the above, not graded. No preference on date or mint if anyone can help. Thanks
  11. wanted Shield back half sovereign

    How much you asking
  12. wanted Shield back half sovereign

    Thanks, hadn't seen those yet. Just thought I would try the forum first before going to the dealers.
  13. wanted Shield back half sovereign

    Fine and above would be good. Looking to spend up to £150 ish
  14. Hi all Up for sale at £290 or exchange for offers on silver/cash. Make an offer..... Good condition, no scratches or scrapes. Cheers
  15. Hi all I'm looking too exchange the above for a kilo of silver. Not fussed what make but preferably with certificate. Have also got half sovereigns if preferred. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hi Still looking to move this on for no other reason then a change of direction in collecting. Would like to exchange for 4 whole sovereigns, 8 halves or any combination. No preference on dates. Also still for sale at £960 Thanks for looking.
  17. for sale 2017 Gold Britannias - Price reduction

    1/4 oz sold
  18. Hi all For sale... 1 oz britannia 30th anniversary £1000 now £960 plus postage 1/4 oz britannia £240 plus postage of your choice Payment by PP F&F or BT please. Capsules also included if required. Thanks for looking.
  19. for sale 2017 Gold Britannias - Price reduction

    Saturday bump
  20. Sovereign Photo Thread...

    Special issue proof half sovereigns.
  21. Britannia Photo Thread...

    A slight twist to normal.... the 1797 "cartwheel" penny and two pence were the first coins to feature Britannia as we know her today. It was the first time she was pictured holding a trident, instead of a spear and the first time she was pictured overlooking the sea and a ship. This coin is the two pence version, 41 mm, is made of copper and weighs a mighty two ounces. The penny is slightly smaller at 36mm and one ounce.
  22. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    No worries, I get the butler to clean them....
  23. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Thanks for the intrest. I have posted some photos on the Photo's Only link, under britannias, sovereigns, and perth mint.
  24. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    9 months in and my stack so far.
  25. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    They always say quality is better then quantity !!! Lovely looking desk by the way.