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  1. Today I bought.....

    Thank you ! Yes I am really happy with this one and like the history around these trade dollar coin, and I love Asia . It seems that there is only 6 original GB trade dollar gold coins remaining in the world and to my knowledge, 2 were sold in auctions for around 250000€ in 2012 and 2014... I think I'll have to be a little patient because I plan to get the silver proof one in a combined shipping (not before the end of the month). Of course I let you know, and will be proud to send some pictures once I get them in hand
  2. Today I bought.....

    I broke my piggy bank to buy the Trade dollar gold proof coin from Goldsilver Really high price but a low mintage (200), a beautiful coin and the first of a serie of 5 coins (Trade Dollar GB, France,US,China and Japan)
  3. St Helena silver 2018 trade dollar

    Hello, Just ordered the Trade Dollar Gold proof coin from GS.BE They said that they are going to get the silver proof too I have read bad experiences with Goldsilver, but no problem so far for me with them after a 3 years relationship
  4. 2017 South Korea ZI:SIN Gallus 1 Oz Silver Bullion

    Hello, Lpm still have more than 3000 coins in stock
  5. Goldsilver.be advice

    No problem for me with Goldsilver so far, after 45 orders within the last 2 years. I often call them, they are helpful and the communication is fine, thought difficult sometimes to get a reply via emails, and their replies would seem a little bit laconic or even rude for some. As pointed out by Bullionbilly, you can buy and ask them to keep in their vault for free (up to 6 months), so you can combine multiple orders and only pay shipping fees only one time. Vault is free for 6 month, until the next order that give you another 6 months free...really great I am a very satisfied customer
  6. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Was sold at 680€ (599£) GoldSilver.be sells them at 699€ !...so only 19€ more with a dealer, they also sell the plain edge at 719€ ! but just 1 proof and 2 plain edge in stock only Seems to be a real bargain
  7. Today I Received

    Hello, here is the just received 2nd Garden Panda set from Luckypawnshop
  8. Rwanda Lunar Dog silver proof or gold ?

    Aurinum.de has still two gold dog at 1998€
  9. Luckypawnshop does not reply

    Luckypawnshop doe not seems serious...They propose a refund and return policy but without any reply from them, I feel powerless... I have relied on good appreciations of this site and found their chineese medals beautiful but it would have been better to abstain instead of going in confidence...disapointed and hangry These Lunar Garden are not ready shipped so maybe I have to put a claim with Paypal
  10. Luckypawnshop does not reply

    Hello again Numistacker, Thank you for your information, I have donwloaded wechat and tried to find "luckymoney" and I have fund "lucklymoney" (with an "L"). I have sent a request but without result for the moment. Is it the right contact ?
  11. Advice Needed! fingerprints on silver proof coin

    I have used with success pure acetone ( not nail polish remover) on a q-tip and gently roll the q-tip (not rub) on the coin. Let evaporate, and rince with distilled water. Let evaporate the water