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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Johnson matthey/Engelhard/Perthmint/British made Bullion/silver cast bars/ingots.
  1. Bullion tester & counterfeit Bullion

    @morezone Apreciate it buddy, still pretty new too forums. Cheers C
  2. Hey there Ladies & Gents! im sure everyone's aware there's a lot of counterfeit Bullion & coins circulating, Mainly on eBay but many of you like myself could have been burnt through a coin shop dealer & both parties could not be aware the item in question is counterfeit. Not all dealers have an XRF which can cost upwards of £15,000, so they use more conventional ways I.e scratch test or acid test which can ruin the item especially if it's an collectable peice. But we all know the best pieces come from the small time coin dealers who usually charge a tiny percentage of the premium compare to the big time company's. so I was looking through & I've found one seller in the uk with this on eBay (282643054696) I think the price is pretty decent.... I was wondering if any one on the forum has the tester or can share some inside on it? Any information would be brilliant, Cheers C

    Hey there AGPanda, Thankyou for the warm welcome
  4. Hello there Ladies & Gents! I've just joined the silver forum as a few friend mentioned I'm missing out of all the fun, I'm a stacker/collector looking to purchase Engelhard/Johnson matthey silver bars/ingots as my local dealers can keep up with my demand lol. Hope to hear from you soon & as always happy stacking! Cheers CC