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  1. When Siver goes through the roof!

    I haven't thought too much beyond simply hedging against the death of the financial system we are presently living under. But if silver goes through the roof, I will probably use it to buy land and a house.
  2. Welsh Gold Rush?

    You know what's romantic to me? Gold. Scottish, Mexican, Chinese, it's all gold. If I can get it at a decent price, then I get lots of good warm fuzzies, much like kissing a girl. That what I call romantic.
  3. wanted 13mm coin tubes

    Or if anyone in Europe is willing to ship one to me, I'd appreciate it.
  4. The End of Progress ?

    There's also the darker aspect to things, where purveyors of existing technology, which to them are profitable, will not tolerate anything making them obsolete. I believe this happens more often than we know. Things like the moon landings are a rich source of, uh, discussion. I won't go there, no pun intended. Well, kinda.
  5. How much silver is too much silver ?

    How's that song go? "There's no such thing as a car too fast, a girl too pretty, or too much silver!" Or something like that.
  6. Interesting Article

    Well, if planet Earth is an investment for off world entities, then what are they being paid in; petro-dollars? Do other ET's accept those in trade? If we're paying all these trillions, then it has to be in something actually worth something. It's apparently not the metals we consider precious, since there's no shortage of them. Human DNA? Blood? Fear? Because there's also no shortage of fear and bloodshed.
  7. SHTF

    Why wear a hat when you can line your entire home in it? That's what I would do if I could.
  8. wanted 13mm coin tubes

    Yes, they don't have any tubes or capsules that size. I've asked around the various coin and bullion sellers, and they don't have any that size. Or they don't sell them. I'm wanting a tube for 2 peso gold coins. My next move is to try to contact the Mexican mint, because the 1/20 ounce gold tube will fit. Or the Austrian mint, since 1/25 ounce gold and platinum container will fit.
  9. SHTF

    Sounds like he's paranoid and wants to protect himself from directed energy mind control weapons. Can't say that I blame him.
  10. Collecting a series or not?

    There's no real way to know what the future holds for numismatics or bullion. I would think that it's best to have a complete series, if it doesn't cost absurd amounts to complete it. And if you go to sell them in the future, I'd imagine there will be someone looking for a complete series, and it would only help your case if you have all of them.
  11. Hi All, I'm looking for a direct fit tube for 13mm coins, such as the 2 Peso Mexican gold coins, or the 1/25th gold Philharmonics. Anyone have any such tubes for sale? Thanks. I'm in the USA. I've found them for sale from European sellers, but they don't ship to the States.
  12. Greetings

    A shop that I like is the Coin Gallery, 4224 W. Dunlap, Phoenix AZ. They have a website too, coingallery.com.
  13. au ag augur

    Yeah you're right, silver is silver. Bullion still has its metal value. In these cases, I bought them because they're very beautiful, and I'd still keep them, but it would be sad for their looks to fade.
  14. au ag augur

    Welcome augur. I have the first three of the Queen's beasts, but the 2 ounce BU version, not the proofs. Last I checked they were spot-free. I kinda don't want to check now...
  15. Greetings

    Hello Alan, are you coming to Orlando? If so, I'm afraid I can't be of any assistance. I'm in the southwest, Phoenix, Arizona. I can point you to a nice shop in this area, though.