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  1. Silver Price Analysis

    @aztecstargazer Yeh i done the same not long ago mate having too much variety was going to make it difficult to sell one day so i readjusted to have less variety
  2. Silver Price Analysis

    It all sounds good. Hopefully we all make it through in the end. Even my friends economics lecturer tells them its not a matter of if it is just when.
  3. Silver Price Analysis

    @sixgun Ive tried a few times to understand the kinesis thing is it just along the same lines as the RMG that the royal mint will eventually be rolling out or nothing like it?
  4. Silver Price Analysis

    I'm no expert but I think lower for the short term future.
  5. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    If you dont mind me asking from your experience if you were to save for a house again what would u mainly stack from this?
  6. Gold is money

    I signed up for one of these accounts it took about 2-3 weeks to get approved and for the card to come through the door. Not tried to use yet though.
  7. The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Majority of mine and the rolls are just silver brits
  8. Yeh i think that subject is a hard one. On one hand i feel if you have nothing to hid i dont see the problem but on the other hand why should your everyday living be constantly monitored. I know its meant to help with terrorism etc but when does it go to far... Also I imagine big companies get paid a lot of money to hand over details to the government/police. I seen an article before saying amazon last year handed over record amounts of data. So that is not going to stop anytime soon :/
  9. If it works why change it
  10. That is very true mate 😂 all i know is apple are always trying to move closer to a complete piece. Like they are trying to make it that they can make their phones in the lowest amount of processes possible. Im sure they could find a way to let us change the battery however 🙄
  11. This is the one I had seen here:
  12. But by it being touchscreen would mean it is only a screen for user input no? if you mean that the screen will always need a housing with for example a wifi connector inside it yes that is true i was meaning you will not need any input devices nor will you need a tower pc or anything it will just be the one. I never looked into chrome books before is there operating system stored on the cloud?
  13. I also seen on a snapchat story that there is a company currently working on having no hardware other than a screen. There plan is to store the operating system on the cloud so all you will need access to at any one time will be a screen which will be pretty cool
  14. I study product design at uni and I always thought planned obsolescence was a big thing in industry. Not came across it once in my studies even working with a client its never in their intentions however i have never worked at or with a big company so the higher you go it might come more into play. apple did come out recently saying they slow down the phones but that was to help them last longer. I dont know if any company would do it on purpose and put something that would reduce the life i think its more likely they just buy parts that have a life of X years.
  15. I dont know a lot about shoes but I have tried to buy and sell yeezys a few times and everytime i have sat and i think the bots have won all the shoes before i refresh the page :/