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  1. Today I Received

    There is a video i watched on youtube of two guys that went to france but i think after travelling and getting it melted down it wasnt worth it but if u have a lot maybe :))
  2. Today I Received

    Well last purchase for a good bit of the year as this almost bankrupted me. Also done with the silver versions so nice way to have the designs as well.
  3. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    I looked not long ago and at the time it was gs.be
  4. 2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Proof

    I was a fool and paid £99 for the BU version due to a price hike on STG when they came out. Stupidly thought since they went to that price they were running out(was quite new to stacking at this point - i know 1 million mintage how stupid). Looked the other day as it is one of my favorite coins and its completly spotted so took it out the capsule. Will keep in my wallet to get the use out of it atleast.
  5. Great price mate. It seems everytime a good deal comes on here I have just spent every last penny I have on some overpriced bullion 😢
  6. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    I messaged atkinsons last night asking would they be getting the 1oz dragon back in stock and i got a reply today saying ”thank you for your enquiry on the Queens Beast 1oz Gold Dragon.Unfortunately this coin is now sold out and unavailable from our suppliers, we will only be stocking this coin as a pre-owned coin in the future.”
  7. I think even if it doesnt return a good amount that would be a cool centre piece in a room.
  8. Something to put your stack into perspective

    From my understanding you always design something for a range of users. Example the car seat, you design for the 5th percentile because only designing for the 95th would have problems like the flying example. The car seat is adjustable because it needs to not only deal with the average person but the not-average people also. Just because you have designed for everyone doesnt mean there isnt an average person. There will be a person every so often that walks in and buys a car which doesnt need the seat adjusted. *I read through several times not sure if im off point, just letting you know*
  9. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Yeh and this is when it is so tempting to just pull out the credit card. Just need to sit back every so often and remember its just metal :/ Were all of those 1oz bullion brits? thats a hefty task every year.
  10. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    Im currently saving for the dragon but wont be able to buy till mid june if my budget works out. I luckily have the lion and griffin in 1oz BU. Both ms69. lets hope dragon isnt too bad by then 😢
  11. 1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    Each gram £37 sorry :))
  12. 1 gram gold bars - who buys them?

    I am up to 7 gram bars now i just really like them and can buy them without having to save up. I think right now its metal content is £30 and off of sharps pixley i could buy one for £37. So spread of £7 you need to make back. Imo thats much easier than buying a silver coin. Some semi numis have that spread in them or more from the start and will be hard to claw back. I would say they are more of a long term play and in 20 years if i lose a few quid its still more than what id of had if I had of bought nothing pm related.
  13. Queens Beast Gold Coin Premium

    I dont know whats going on with these. Now the dragon is in the same position as the lion and griffin. Don’t know why they are jumping so much :/