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  1. I dont know anymore when watching the news if something is real or fake. Everyone seems to have hidden agendas and lies.
  2. I seen today inflation now 3.1% isnt the target for BOE 2%
  3. Why we don't own bitcoin

    Yes you can mate look into coinbase. Got a user friendly app that is easy to use and can be downloaded on smart phone.
  4. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    It would have been cool to have seen it up close in real life. Always cool when I hold a one ounce gold coin but that would have been impressive
  5. Why we don't own bitcoin

    I bought a Nano ledger S today to put away for christmas looking forward to it coming. From what I've seen it is very safe to store on. It'll be stored with my pms. So same risk of it being stole as them. Only thing that can go wrong is it breaking but i think if i have the keys stored i can get it back (don't quote me) or an EMP. (unlikely)
  6. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    I remember seeing the news story for this. Imagine getting away with that :0
  7. How low can we go?

    That also sounds good to me i was happy to buy at prices before so at new prices its even better. That is a gutter Pete if you don't mind me asking what price were you buying silver at I just feel their going to inflate the American market for sometime to come. It must be crazy if you study economics, I thought about it but surely all the fundamentals are well thrown out the window now :))
  8. Anyone on here smarter than me study the charts or anything on gold and silver and think we will go lower in price or what? thanks 😀
  9. I dont know much thats probably why it isnt clear I just wanted a better understand ing of what an interest only mortgage was and the ups and downs of it.
  10. What would you buy next ?

    I like to put my profits into metal. i dont know if any of you have seen any of the series black mirror. I believe one day we will all have a chip with our currency balance on us at all times. In black mirror they represent it as people cycling everyday to earn money and it adds it to their balance. Its on netlfix quite enjoyable. i think if the system wasnt rigged pms will come back but you look at all the indicators and i just dont know. everytime you think they cant possibly go lower they do
  11. Today I Received

    When you commented byb I was just expecting to see a table full of pms 😂😂
  12. Today I Received

    How do you guys take such clear pictures? My iphone pics are always terrible I don't know if its just due to the lack of sunlight in my room tho
  13. What would you buy next ?

    For my computer running 24 hours a day it increased ours by £50 over 3 months. the reason we are doing it as a group venture is because one of my friends at his house do not pay electricity. i dont know the ins and outs of why not but thats why he is helpful. So that is where we are putting the antminers and our electricity bill will be 0. Before nicehash went down you could check the profitability and electriciry bill of what machine you were using but im sure other websites will also have a calculator. coinwarz might be a helpful website.