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  1. What are your Favorite coins in your stack?

    Some nice coins you have mate. Id say my fav of mine is my plain edge strike on the day sov 2017 or 1 oz gold qb lion as i got it for my 21st
  2. Student loans.

    Yeh when i told the guy on the phone i was still at uni and wanting to pay it back he sounded confused a bit. He was telling me you dont start paying back till a year after you graduate. As I do product design at uni still not too sure on how great the chance of a job in that industry is.
  3. Student loans.

    Thanks for that mate. Yeh thats what i was trying to understand if it is really classed as debt or not. In that case if i have some spare money at the end of the month ill put to it but i will also stop worrying about it.
  4. So i've had mixed opinions from family and friends on this. Im in 4th year of uni and I have managed not to take a loan for this is my last year. However my first three years i did. Total student loan debt =£14,500. I phoned up and set the account up the other day to check balance and have put £25 already into it and am trying to put a fiver a day to it. However should you pay this kind of debt off early? One of my friends who went to get a car said they didnt even take student loans into consideration of debt. If you have any advice on if it is worth paying off early id appreciate your input. thanks Joseph.
  5. I doubt it. After this il gonna stop talking about it because i dont think its worth it. So to be clear. They agreed to cancel the order in june that was the end of it no contact nothing. Then yesterday sparked the cheek.
  6. Im not to sure mate. Kinda new to the whole process of whats happened.
  7. Hi mate. i honestly couldnt tell you what the change was. Simply because I cant remember. At the time i probably thought i wouldnt forget but honestly i dont know. Also the emails from gs.be just say a change has been made look on our website for the change. So i couldnt even tell you what it was now. I can show the email if you like its not a big deal to me. Sixgun has explained it to me just to make sure i dont owe money. But the real reason for the post was just to show how cheeky they were for little reason imo.
  8. Thanks sixgun. No im not confused mate. I just was wondering where shortstacks was going with his thoughts.
  9. But they didnt amend price with stock and send new invoice?
  10. Then obviously that voids the order. If they dont have the goods you purchased
  11. Yeh if they change it i dont get how they even have a leg to stand on. Did they try to get losses out of you?
  12. They banned my IP today! 3 months after the cancellation. So they have the right to wait throughout my lifetime before trying to get some money ? Theres been a lot of volatility in 3 months obviously.
  13. They then agreed to cancel the order but three months later try for the money. So what would happen in that scenario?
  14. Even if they change the order?
  15. Yeh when i talked to another guy he said yeh my colleague noticed u. In those situations its so tempting to revert back to my 16 year old mindset but i tried not to I feel constantly making fake accounts and placing dud orders would be fun for sometime but i will refrain.