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  1. wanted Sovereign screw capsule wanted

    Saw this other listing on the forum, not sure if still available
  2. ASE sales collapse.. Are *you* still stacking?

    Hi Jester, just like you I am not an invester or owner of any crypto currenices However I thought the basic premise of cryptos was that it was a decentralised ledger of account, installed and shared by its users (allover the world) and updated with every new transaction. Like a paper notepad writing down each new transaction and sharing it simultaneously will all its users to be verified before any new transaction can take place, this prevents fraud, debasement and manipulation... Unlike if one person i.e a central bank had control over the money supply. Looking from the outside it appears that the large demand for crpytos is from China citizens, and I'm sure the Chinese government will have some concerns about that and potential capital flight that may unfold
  3. wanted Empty Monster boxes

  4. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Lots of items put up for sale by bullionbypost on eBay, plenty of sovereigns with many different years, proof sets and other world coins... silver too http://stores.ebay.co.uk/bullionbypost
  5. completed 1oz and 1/2oz 2006 gold Britannia selling as bullion

    Box or COAs on the 1/2 Brit? If still available?
  6. completed 1/4oz 2015 gold proof Britannia with capsule

    Box and coa?
  7. Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    With some comfort room I did pay less than that. Came with orginal box and coa so was pleased all round, I guess I was a bit anixous as it as my first gold purchase... I'll put some photos up on forum when I manage to take a decent picture
  8. Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    Thank you everyone for your input, I was asking the question as I was enquiing about my first potenital gold purchase... which I went ahead with! I bought at a price which I believe to be great value, A 2006 Proof 1/4 Brit. Most definatley
  9. Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some thoughts how much of a premium one should pay for a proof coin over say an equivalent bullion grade. I know its depends on the year, mintage, rarity etc But 20% 30% Reasonable?
  10. wanted Empty Monster boxes

    Thanks Murdoch, I've had a look at the UK bullion dealers and none seem to have any empty Brit boxes, goldsilver.be have Maple boxes and I'd happly buy a couple of brit boxes with my next order from them (if they had any)
  11. wanted Empty Monster boxes

    Hi All, Just after a couple of empty monster boxes preferably for Silver Britannia tubes if anyone has some spares, or knows where to source them please Regards
  12. 10% paper market downspike

    Just typical that silver has a 'bad' week but £ Sterling also has one too, however prices with the european dealers cheaper today than last week
  13. New Here

    Hi Aero! I think no matter what your tipple is, there are plenty of fakes in many varieties and disguises when it comes to Ebay Welcome to the Forum Regards Silver Sheriff
  14. Are we a rare breed?

    More like 1 in 10000! It's difficult to put an figure on the average savings per household in the U.K. as often the stats used in quoted articles include pension and home equity. Considering the savings rate fell to 1% last month and the rise in unsecured borrowing credit cards and PCP finance for cars since 2009 I wouldn't be surprised if Silver Forum members are in extreme minority.