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    GrahamDiamond reacted to kimchi in ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018   
    Cracking catchphrase for a video series
    I will watch Graham's next video with a nice strong brew and a bacon buttie
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to Roy in Austrian Gold Ducat   
    Another enjoyable video, thanks.
    I've had the same thought, some coins seem to tick all the boxes and everyone wants to be a bit different but, for British coinsters*, it always comes back to the 'Sovereign'.
    I'm slowly selling off all my curiosities and oddities and replacing them with either sovs or gold (22k) brits. I'm even in 2 minds about the beasts.
    *copyright @GrahamDiamond
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to Ansel in Silver Shillings & Florins + Sovereigns   
    A little slow posting this due to a very busy couple of days. Hope you enjoy!
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to JunkBond in Austrian Gold Ducat   
    We all are, it's just our wallets that hold us back!
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to PansPurse in Austrian Gold Ducat   
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to kimchi in JANE AUSTIN £2 COIN A TRUE ROMANCE   
    I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is an absolutely exquisite coin
    Far too good for circulation (so my BUNCS whisper gently to me lol).
    Love the sign off, Mr Diamond, 'I love coins, me!'
    Btw are you the Graham Silver from the diamond forum?
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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from kimchi in JANE AUSTIN £2 COIN A TRUE ROMANCE   
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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from daz in Britannia Photo Thread...   

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    GrahamDiamond reacted to KevinJam in ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018   
    Thanks, excellent video of some beautiful coins. 
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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from kimchi in ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018   
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    I have been informed that the orders will be shipped into 4 separate parcels as the order is just so huge. Hopefully they will be with us soon - my best estimate for everyone is that your silver will be in the post to you early to the middle of next week. 
    I am now sending out onwards postage invoices to everybody involved. Some of you might not get one today as I am waiting to confirm with @augur who ordered what with is mini group order. The delay is so that I can correctly calculate how much postage will be based on the weight of your parcel. 
    We have paid a total of 36 EURO's for shipping. Due to the size of the order this won't impact people greatly. It is what it is and I am going to do my best to convince GS.be to give us free shipping in the future. But, they are doing a great job when you think they are boxing up 1000 oz of silver and there are a lot of different items in there!
    Not sure that the unboxing videos will be out this weekend - If I get any deliveries before the weekend then maybe. Otherwise next week is going to be a big week of silvery goodness!
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to kimchi in ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018   
    Very nice sets!
    Great call on the Jane Austin - it's a really beautiful coin, so delicately tasteful, absolutely perfect imho :) That and the aviator aren't in circulation yet AFAIK. Have you seen how many two pound coins need to be released for 2018? I can't see how they can fit them all in without (at most) a very limited release. Ones to keep hold of for now that's for sure!
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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from kimchi in ANNUAL COIN SETS 2017 and 2018   
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to fehk2001 in PF70 2018 sovereign proof   
    2018 pf70 sov proof 
    545 + delivered your choice 
    PayPal friends and family 

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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from kimchi in 10p Coins   
    The Post Office sell the bagged expensive 10p coins for £4 a pop. Westminster are carded at £2.50p and the RM £2 in a plastic bag.
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to BackyardBullion in Group Order Negotiations - 10 oz Queen's Beast Dragon & More   
    I have been getting a lot of people asking about the 10 oz Queen's beast dragon coin. 
    It is currently available on GoldSilver.be for 164 EUROs but not available until 15th April, so too far away for the current group order. 
    But, I will be organising a group order for these coins one way or the other. 
    I am currently negotiating with www.europeanmint.com as to whether they can beat the price of GS.be in which case we will probably use them.
    If they cannot supply them at a competitive price then my plan is to open up a group order in Mid April for these coins. 
    Now, what will really help us (as a forum) is if we can give some feedback to European mint on some of the most in demand coins that people would want to buy. If we can get a list of coins that will be popular and that people will want to buy in decent volume we can get some buying power to help EU mint match or even beat prices from GS.be
    So, if you are interested it would be great to hear what coins you would be keen to buy over the next 2 months.
    The idea here is to find out what type of coins would be best suited for bulk buying from EU mint. 
    Comment here so we can get a short list of coins that people might want and we can go from there. 
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to silversurf in Britannia Photo Thread...   
    A slight twist to normal....  the 1797 "cartwheel" penny and two pence were the first coins to feature Britannia as we know her today. It was the first time she was pictured holding a trident, instead of a spear and the first time she was pictured overlooking the sea and a ship.
    This coin is the two pence version, 41 mm, is made of copper and weighs a mighty two ounces. The penny is slightly smaller at 36mm and one ounce.

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    GrahamDiamond reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    Few half shields, 1866, 1884, 1887 in fair condition

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    GrahamDiamond reacted to SilverRomantiX in Panda Photo thread...   
    New additions ❤❤❤
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to Gildeon in Panda Photo thread...   
    Gilded Panda 2009-2018

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    GrahamDiamond got a reaction from LittleJohnSilver in Ow Do All!   
    Welcome, have not been on here that long myself, I have gained a lot of knowledge from the Kind people on this forum.
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to LittleJohnSilver in Ow Do All!   
    Long time lurker, first time member.

    For some unknown reason I have found myself becoming increasingly interested in silver stacking for investment/retirement purposes as opposed to the prettiness of silver. I have zero faith in our current barely-hanging-on financial system lasting, so have taken the first step in deciding to start stacking as much silver and gold as I can possibly afford.
    I think it was a Silver Shadow video on Youtube a few weeks ago that got me interested, and from there more information followed the more I began to research.


    Hello All!
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to morezone in Sigma PMV Testing a 24K Gold Lego Brick   
    Might be interesting for those wanting to see the machine at work.  I've had it for a couple of years now but have only used it a handful of times.  
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    GrahamDiamond reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Received these today.  Speculative buy and yes, I did pay what I think was silly premium for it!  and bought into the 'scarce' Pobjoy mint Bu Falkland Islands 'Britannia Rules the Waves' ...we'll see in time if this gamble pays off! But I do like the coin so it might cushion the eventual disappointment of its price plummeting!
    Another Rocking Horse Crown which was at a very enticing price on eBay.
    The star of the show for me today however,  is the bu Netherlands Lion.  What a beauty.