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  1. Silver Hammered coins

    In case it's helpful these look very much like a silver penny that I have that came with an informational booklet. I've pasted photos of the coin and booklet below. As was said earlier, these are not that valuable in terms of resale, but there is loads of history...
  2. QB box

    I think these are the same boxes. I bought them from the thread above, and they are very nice. They come with capsules, but also hold (albeit a tight fit) the Royal Mint screw capsules.
  3. Today I Received

    ...and one of the originals that inspired the restrike.
  4. Today I Received

    2017 Royal Dutch Mint Lion Dollar Restrikes. Thanks to @augur for turning me on to these coins
  5. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!🎁🎄
  6. Today I Received

    Not today, but recently...I added more to make 1 kilo of BYB's 100g Silver Forum bars! They actually fit perfectly in this APMEX box, which will hopefully also contain 2018 bars this coming year 🙂
  7. And just like that 2017 draws to a close!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! 🎄 🎉
  8. It was a long journey, but it took about a week, which all things considered is not too bad this time of year.
  9. Thank you! And of course there is no chance it's here before Christmas, which is fine. Happy Holidays to you as well
  10. Draw number 6...or you can take the gift receipt option
  11. I read too quickly, apologies. In any case the MS69 lion is for sale there as well for $419.
  12. Here is a retail pricing comparable I found....I don't know if any sold at this price: https://www.jmbullion.com/2016-1-oz-british-gold-queens-beast-coin-ngc-ms70/
  13. gemstones

    A key difference to remember is that gemstones can by created synthetically, so to me this complicates the idea of rarity (although I believe natural vs. synthetic must be disclosed, although they are chemically identical). http://www.jewelrywise.com/just-for-you/article/what-you-need-to-know-about-lab-created-stones
  14. Premium members Christmas prize draw.

    I'm in. I'll contribute three 1 oz silver Eagles, with the option to instead receive the equivalent of 3 oz spot silver +5% via PayPal F&F.
  15. You're welcome. Great bars and a great cause, and of course @BackyardBullion is the one actually doing all the legwork so he deserves the thanks!
  16. Do you keep proof of purchase & receipts?

    I do the same as you with respect to receipts...both electronic and paper. I file them when I enter cost basis into my tracking spreadsheet. For forum purchases, I have always used PayPal. For each transaction (BYB and non-BYB), I print a copy from my PayPal transaction history and write what was purchased on the transaction summary printout. These have served as my forum receipts.
  17. Best place to order 10 oz silver bars?

    I don't know if APMEX will do the same this year, but if you create an account they will you email any deals. Since you are based in the US, if you are simply trying to accumulate the most silver, for the least cost including postage, it is going to be very difficult to beat some of the big dealers like APMEX, JM Bullion, SDBullion etc. I would second what Pete said...I've bought plenty from the forum and have yet to be disappointed, but you will need to find a tremendous deal to make up for the shipping cost if you are just looking for low cost silver. Everything I've purchased from the forum has been has been either proof coins or BYB items, but there are very good deals here and very reputable sellers. Yes, the BYB bars are custom and handmade. Each bar has a unique ripple finish, or a mirror finish. But either way your paying for his time and skill (and supporting a small and growing business!) so I contend they are more like "proof" bars vs. generic bullion.
  18. Best place to order 10 oz silver bars?

    I use APMEX for purchases like this, being in the US. The have a very large inventory of bars, and will give you free shipping if your order is at least $100. Also, last year they had some attractive black Friday deals, including silver bars at spot for a few hours. That said, I'm also a huge Backyard Bullion fan and have plenty of his bars. It's not appropriate to compare his bars with bulk silver, which is what you were getting for $181 at jmbullion. BYB bars will be more expensive than bulk issued bullion, and similar to a proof coin not appropriate if you are stacking purely for weight, but to me they are worth it!
  19. The APMEX price was not very attractive ($3,500). However, if you look now the Royal Mint is showing a few available for £1,825. http://www.royalmint.com/shop/u/uk17qugp
  20. MCM sold two versions. Their eBay sales channel sold a purple label early releases exactly like the lions currently still on eBay and for the same price. However, there were only a few and they sold out quickly, possibly because the unicorn mintage lower than the lion, or maybe they just bought less. MCM also did a first strike 1 oz gold unicorn that has the same Buckingham palace label as the silver 1 oz unicorns still for sale on their site. These were only for sale through their rare & unique sales channel, which for whatever reason does not show their offerings online.
  21. I'm not familiar with all RM issues, but this is the case with the Britannia as well. For example, the 5 oz silver 2017 Britannia has the limited edition presentation of 1,500 (the black 5oz display and COA etc), but a max mintage of 1,600. I know this is another coin MCM is selling graded without OGP. APMEX also sold some of the QB gold 1 oz without OGP, but they have sold out (raw coin, but no wood display). I asked my rep about this, and was told that many customers complain about storing all of the extra stuff or think it's wasteful, and just want the coin. I asked if this means they could sell me the OGP (I prefer having it all together, and have one from MCM that is slab only), and was told no because the mint just sends them the coin and COA. This would be another example of the mintage above and beyond the special presentation mintage.
  22. The 400 is the presentation with Royal Mint packaging. The remaining go to places like MCM that get them graded and sell without the original packaging.
  23. wanted Wanted queens beasts proof gold or silver

    You're welcome! The Royal Mint website has the mintages, but they are nicely summarized on the pages below. The NGC populations for the silver 5 and 10 oz is the third link, but you might need to register....you can view the populations with the free memebership level. http://agaunews.com/queens-beasts-lion-coins-now-in-proof-finish/ http://agaunews.com/queens-beasts-proof-unicorn-of-scotland-launches/ https://www.ngccoin.com/census/world/great-britain-decimal-1968-to-date/sc-350/s10pnd/
  24. wanted Wanted queens beasts proof gold or silver

    You're welcome, and I agree with your strategy. I'm guessing if you watch listings patiently you'll be able to pick them up for less, or maybe someone on the forum has some to sell. However keep in mind that the unicorn has in some cases much lower mintages than the lion. For example, the 5 oz lion proof was a max mintage of 2,500 (with an NGC PF70 population of 445) and the 5 oz unicorn was 750 (NGC PF70 population of 240).
  25. wanted Wanted queens beasts proof gold or silver

    I don't have any for sale, but some of the purple label PF70 beasts you are after are still for sale at retail prices from Modern Coin Mart (MCM). They still have the PF70 5 oz Unicorn, and the PF70 10 oz Lion. I don't believe they've sold the 10 oz Unicorn yet, as there were delays from the mint....I ordered one from the Royal Mint in June, and finally got it in late September. https://www.moderncoinmart.com/2017-great-britain-5-oz-silver-queens-beasts-unicorn-of-scotland-proof-10-coin-ngc-pf70-uc-early-releases-exclusive-queens-beasts-label.html