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  1. Cash Back on Royal Mint and other Purchases

    sound like the gloves are off lads come on calm down calm down lads
  2. Cash Back on Royal Mint and other Purchases

    hi numi i watch youre vids om utube but dont have a account on there i would like to say thanks on here the info you give has as pointed me in the right direction when i was travelling in the wrong
  3. Hello everybody !

    hi man sounds like youre in this for the long haul
  4. Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    take a decent mag glass with you some markings are so rubbed the naked eye cant pick them up so some sellers dont know what the have got got also look out for diffrent silver and gold marks that are not uk
  5. Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    no probs mate i dont just collect coins i look in charity shops and car boots to find find silver and and gold its surprising what you can find
  6. Today I bought this good. Buy or Bad ???

    easy to do when starting off some sellers on ebay puy the word silver on cu coins because it looks silver i got caught out at first but a little bit wiser because of silver forum members helping out good luck mate your gonna need it silver and gold ponds are full of sharks
  7. Selling silver to buy gold

    hi sixgun thanks mate i think the georgeiii was a miss srtike or dug out of a field it looks to flat or out of shape the pics dont really show that defect
  8. Selling silver to buy gold

    Thanks for the info guys it's very good there is a website like this to help new stackers
  9. Selling silver to buy gold

    hi bb by the way i have watched most of your utbe vids and learnt alot from you i dont think i can sell on here as i am not a pm and i need more advice on values of things as i have only been picking up silver and gold for six months so still pretty green in the game
  10. Selling silver to buy gold

    Hi guys I am putting some silver and other items on eBay to go towards a couple of sovs I am bidding on help with start prices from members would be greatly epriceated.
  11. Help needed

    www.coinquest.com will give good information on these coins some are worth more than others
  12. GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    hi guys found a seller on ebay selling cheap pandas gold and silver search for a seller called rachel2297 seems legit
  13. Newbie saying hello from sunny ( not ) Cumbria UK

    hi mate i am down in millom ive been to workinton to get tats done from a guy called sid about 25 years ago i also collect silver but thinking of selling it all to buy gold the outlook seems better
  14. Newbie saying hello from sunny ( not ) Cumbria UK

    hi mybluehaven i am also from cumbria which part are you from
  15. Opinions on my first purchase

    check out www.coinstudy.com there is some good advice on walking libs