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  1. hi welcome
  2. i write code so i would be very very wary of any website there easy to set up takes like 2 days to seem legit and then crash the site and its gone like a lot of peoples money
  3. hi mark i am pretty new also and not a pm when i first started collecting silver it was mostly old coins that i thought were scrap but after advice from members on here i can see they will make more money if i resell them i still pick up anything i can made of silver like jewelry and spoons and trays from second hand shops and always pay way under spot so i cant really lose in the long run as long as silver prices keep rising in say the next twenty years thats when i intend to cash evey thing in so always look for things under spot and you cant go wrong good luck on your new venture.
  4. I bought one on eBay turned out to be a fake eBay is allowing fakes to be sold even after I complaind best place to buy is off a trusted dealer I think they will never reach there full potential on the market but as a collector it is personal choice what you buy
  5. hi also pretty new but learnt so much of this site already
  6. it seems the us market prefer toned silver than the uk
  7. Great info guys I've only been a member for 2 weeks but learnt so much on this site already .
  8. Hi man thanks for taking the time to research these items for me would you believe I paid less than ten dollars for all the items in the pictures your price guide is great it gives me something to think about when I list them on eBay I will let you know when I do if you're interested kind regards.
  9. i make my own coil by puling out a rizla and sticking a good lump of golden virgina and a extra slim filter in the end works perfect every time lol
  10. Here's some American things I've picked up from a charity shop I think you guys call them thrift stores over there the mint set is a 1983 Philadelphia souvenir set not sure if there is any silver in there also not sure what the Washington mint coin is or the other things on the pics any help with values would be great.
  11. hi mate glad too see some one from us here i have a few things you could possibly value for me i will put some pics on in the next 24 hours
  12. thanks pete i can get to the place you suggested this is the sort of advice ive been looking for again many thanks
  13. pampfan do you think it would be worth my wile to take some old english coins to trade in usa or is there no intrest in the american market
  14. no probs mate
  15. ive done a completed listings on the three silver coins amount came to 90 quid hope this helps