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    barney reacted to thebeginner in The chase is on: 1oz Gold Maple Leaf Collection   
    My latest acquisition this month  The GML 2001 Viking Privy
    Very pleased!

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    barney reacted to SilverSkipper in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    My modest effort so far....
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    barney reacted to austack in Hatton Garden price increases   
    Oh well, Atkinsons is my go-to now.
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    barney reacted to Lea79 in Sovereign stack additions vid   
    Hi guys 😃
    I haven’t posted a vid in awhile so I’ve started with some sov additions to my stack. 
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    barney reacted to Sovereign in Today I Received   
    1/4oz gold proof bull 
    top quality 👍

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    barney reacted to Goldmick in Today I bought.....   
    Just got back from London got this while I was there 

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    barney reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Flippin' eck...Gold (and Silver) rush!      
    This lovely little lot all arrived today, some of them belatedly due to the snow and postage delays.  But mightily surprised that the 2005 Britannia arrived in four days all the way from the South of France!  The Britannia 1/10's from eBay the Sovereign coins from Bullion dealers and thank you to @arshimo2012 for the 4 Emu's and  the 1kg of Belgium's finest Umicore 100g Bars.  Unfortunately, two of my boys took a fancy to the Emu's so only two left for me to stack! 

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    barney reacted to Lea79 in How great are Hatton garden metals?   
    Hi guys 😃
    Yesterday I sent 10 full sovs to Hatton garden metals to sell.  I’ve never sold any of my gold via a company before.  I ticked PayPal as my preferred payment method.  This morning I get a call from a lovley employee from HGM informing me that PayPal take a 10% charge if the payment is over £1000.  PayPal would charge me £200!! And I would i like a bank transfer instead. 
    I didn’t realise that PayPal charge as if never sold any that way before.  I think it great costumer service from HGM for informing me of this and in effect saving me £200 quid and that they deserve good feedback for this.  I’d definatly use them again for the ease and for the way they handled my sale. 
    Well done hatton garden metels and thanks for saving me £200 quid. 
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    barney reacted to JohnAnsink in Ode to Stackers   
     Silver and Gold
    That's what we hoard
    Riches untold
    We never get bored
    Our shiny things
    Make us all feel
    Like we are kings
    That lustrous appeal
    Dollars and pounds
    Is not what we hold
    Only the rounds
    Of Silver and Gold
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    barney reacted to Gordon in Proof Sovereign Collection   
    My proof full sovereign collection from 1979-2018 complete. A great coin to collect and to put together as a collection 

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    barney reacted to Pampfan in The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread   
    My pamp silver bar collection - complete sets of fortuna, Rosa, lunar, religion, liberty, emoji, etc., all sizes known are shown.

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    barney reacted to austack in Selling 1927 SA Full Sovereign £232   
    £460 for the remaining two or £232 ea, that includes postage.... seriously good deal.
    2011 Sold.
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    barney reacted to GoldBenj in Today I made.....   
    It's been a bit of a long ongoing project around work commitments but I recently finished my girlfriends engagement ring.

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    barney reacted to Norskgeld in Today I Received   
    1915 George V Half Sovereign from HGM

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    barney reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Big thankyou to @pho for this glorious Libertad set and also very pleased with my purchase from Atkinsons of the 1/10 Britannia.  

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    barney reacted to shawy2510 in Today I Received   
    Postie has just been
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    barney reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Thanks to @Roy for the last two BU 1oz Britannia coins I needed to finish my 1998- to date run, and another Kennedy half.  Also, my obsession with Marianne continues with a 5 Franc coin that isn't even silver. 

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    barney reacted to Hyunchul in My 2017 Mexican coin collection   
    My whole collection of 2017 Mexican coins. 
    Think this is almost every type of coin from Banco de Mexico except for the Libertad kilo BU. 
    Have I missed anything?

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    barney reacted to HelpingHands in 2018 oriental Britannias and 2oz lunar Australian silver coins   
    Please only comment in sales threads with interest to buy/enquires etc.
    I'm sure nobody would appreciate a comment in their sales thread which basically says 'you can get them cheaper elsewhere'.
    If you really want to give advice send a pm.
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    barney got a reaction from Kman in Some Upcoming Royal Mint Releases   
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    barney reacted to sg86 in Today I Received   
    1875S lovely coin! If it wasn't for the small scratch lower left this is virtually UNC

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    barney reacted to mr-dead in Full silver stack to date   
    Dug out my whole silver stack today before it goes off to the safe later to gather dust for a couple of years.
    Managed to stack this lot in just under 2 months.
    1588.1 oz / 49.39kg (inc. the 150g proof panda that hasnt been delivered yet)
    Average cost = £14.10 oz which isnt too bad

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    barney got a reaction from PansPurse in Today I Received   
    Hi @PansPurse the COA was issued by
  24. Thanks
    barney got a reaction from PansPurse in Today I Received   
    Hi @PansPurse the COA was issued by
  25. Thanks
    barney got a reaction from PansPurse in Today I Received   
    Hi @PansPurse the COA was issued by