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  1. The Sovereign 2017 Piedfort Anniversary Piece Graded NGC PF 69 ULTRA CAMEO £1350 Free Postage Payment via PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer Original Box and COA Thanks for Looking
  2. Hello I have for sale TISSOT Touch TITANIUM SMART WATCH Z 253/353 £299 + Postage of your choice UK Only Payment via Paypal F&F or Banks Transfer Used Condition few marks around bracelet and clasp from general wear & tear See Pictures Sapphire Crystal is in mint condition Each of the Touch functions METEO, ALTIMETER, CHRONO, COMPASS, ALARM, THERMO 100% Working Purchased for over £1000 from GOLDSMITHS Grab yourself a Bargain Thanks for Looking
  3. Hello I have for sale biOrb LIFE 60 Litre Piano Black Aquarium Fish Tank Brand New Unopened Sealed see Pictures Will Include Extra filter media FREE OF CHARGE Seachem SeaGel™ which is a blend of MatrixCarbon™ and PhosGuard™. MatrixCarbon™ is an ultracapacity carbon for the removal of organic and color impurities. PhosGuard™ is a powerful remover of phosphate, silicate, toxic metals, and acids. Both components are bead shaped for optimum water flow characteristics and penetration biOrb LIFE 60 uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration, which has a surface area equivalent to the size of a football pitch. Any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of the biOrb. This biOrb LIFE aquarium is supplied with an Intelligent LED light which automatically replicates a natural 24 hour light cycle. Comes complete with Air Pump, Transformer, Sponge Filter, Airstone £190 POSTED in UK Payment by Bank Transfer or PayPal F&F Thanks
  4. wanted saflip mylar coin flips

    hi does anybody have some saflip mylar coin flips they might want to sell? please sorry might be in wrong topic
  5. do they ship to UK ? I want one but all seem to be in America
  6. Loupe recommendations?

    Bausch + Lomb has a wonderful reputation for top-of-the-line loupes. There are also high-quality loupes made by Nikon and Zeiss but they can exceed $100. I don’t know that you need to spend that kind of money. Bausch + Lomb offers a very fine, optically-correct gemological loupe for about $50 which is, in my opinion, the best value for the money. Because it has a smaller diameter in the loupe area, some people complain that you have to move it around to take everything in. But you’re looking at – or for – microscopic things inside or on the surface of a stone. A smaller diameter is actually better for gemological purposes because it helps you focus more critically and precisely. At the most affordable end, the BelOMO triplet loupe is worth considering as well. Like the Bausch & Lomb, it has a reputation for accuracy and retails for less than $50. BelOMO is made of steel and is a bit larger and heavier than the tiny B&L. This loupe possible suited more for coins.
  7. completed Coins

    nice selection
  8. completed 1oz Perth mint swan

    I will take 3
  9. for sale FS - Various Silver

    Hi are the queens beast lion/griffin in original Royal Mint capsules?
  10. New Irish Member

    Hello and Welcome
  11. Hello from Wales

    Thankyou for all the Welcomes I will check that out definatley Thanks @Jay2
  12. Has anyone ever bought from coin portfolio

    Can still get from there sister company Westminster Collection for £125
  13. for sale Star Trek 1oz Silver Delta coin

    im interested you still have?
  14. Hello from Wales

    they WILL lol
  15. Hello from Wales

    me to, too many kids hahah take up all time, but planning to take the kids to royal mint something different for them to learn make them early stackers and collectors lol