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  1. Isn't that the coin by Louis 'The Defacer' Tamlyn, 'the world's most dangerous designer' as pointed out by @RegalStacker? I do quite like the coin in gold, and the smaller the better from other videos, but (sorry!) this video just cracks me up so much!! I think the divisiveness will lead to a very interesting future for these. I hope it works out well (and I guess it may very well do) for everyone
  2. 2017 Full British Sovereign - India Mint

    I was very impressed with UK Bullion and love the coins, but I first bought one and then phoned up to order a second on top a few minutes later...I got the cheaper price on the second but no offer of the discount code for new customers. I may have been unlucky with the person I spoke to, but I did explain it was my first order from them and nope - no mention of that discount (I would have saved around £13 on the two if they'd applied that as well). So, not perfect for me. Having said that, apart from that it was a flawless purchase, super delivery, so credit where it's due, and I fully applaud this thread highlighting a good company I was otherwise unaware of, I'll certainly use them again with confidence
  3. Many thanks guys I'm a bit wary of Westminster Collection to say the least unfortunately, because after one purchase they spam me almost every day with physical post about coins I have no interest in whatsoever. They also keep hassling me by mobile, which isn't welcome and which I never answer. So I won't be buying from them again unless they change the ways they do business (the folder sounds great but I'm not very happy with the company). @Cornishfarmer many thanks, that looks the ticket!
  4. Since I joined this thread I've been keeping all my change and not knowing what to spend lol. I've got bank bags of old coins from about ten years ago that may hold a few hidden 'gems' (?). I guess I should look through them! Is it worth a 'punt' keeping at least all the different designs of old pound coins, or only one of each do folk think? If I'm aiming for a collection can anyone recommend a nice folder? Many thanks
  5. Today I received.....

    Really very nicely done indeed, my first carded coins and I think the red front Mint side shows a truely wonderful coin off so beautifully. Next year is the last year of the PAMP 5-year license isn't it? The 100th anniversary of the Indian Sov? I'll have to set the alarm clock for that one!
  6. Today I received.....

    I ordered one of those Indian Sovs which would have arrived today, and immediately had buyers remorse at £255, phoned back and cancelled the order... Made it two instead for £253 each They really are nice and absolutely lovely on the card. Very impressed with this first order from UK Bullion - super service and delivery as others have said. Lovely spot @Numistacker and many thanks!!! Also dropping into my hands today were two lovely 2010s from @Danny-boy bought through here (his sovs, his sovs did call me). Been a triffic day!
  7. Today I received.....

    I get the sense you are not a fan perhaps Regal? (Loved your videos btw!)
  8. Today I bought.....

    Every time I log in on here I spend my meager saving on coins... But, it stops me spending money on wasteful stuff and helps me protect my family for the future!!! Today two Indian licensed mint 2017 sovs thanks to @Numistacker's heads up and vid on the received thread
  9. Soppy story

  10. Prince Philip Retirement Coin

    An evil man imo who 'groomed' Liz (who I have a lot of stories about, from when she was older) when she was a young pubescent girl. To be expected I guess (?) when your uncle and controller (Mountbatten) is a murderous paedophile psychopath who introduced Jimmy Savile to the 'royal' family, as first a friend of Philip and then a mentor to Charlie. Not too bad a coin but I think I'll pass on this one!
  11. Which capsules for sovereign?

    Nah don't listen to them/me - do your research but if it's value for you just buy what you like! I'm not a fan myself but we're all friends here and want each other's coins to do well - like Numi says this one could well be a big surprise hit in years to come I usually buy to protect my family, and was into bullion gold Brits at first (until the funds quickly ran out that way lol) so when I found the Sovs it was perfect for me to put away as much as I can in (imho) the best way possible when I can save up some money. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the 2017 Sov - I think it's stunning, I think you've hit the jackpot on your first Sov
  12. Which capsules for sovereign?

    The 2017 is a lovely first coin in my opinion, I bought the same and that's when I fell in love - great choice to start my friend!!!
  13. Which capsules for sovereign?

    Thanks a lot Polar! With postage I would say it might be good for you to get more than 2 'just in case'. Once you have your first sov you 'might' want more in the future when funds allow you to save more wealth! Also which year did you get? Something very special I am guessing as you won't reveal!
  14. Late to the game?

    Late to the game? I think it's the perfect time to start! Blimey if I started now with the funds I first ploughed in I'd have...I'd have...*strokes imaginary free monster box in his head* Enjoy and wlecome to the forum!
  15. Which capsules for sovereign?

    Ooh can I have 3 please if there are any left @BackyardBullion? @PolarPanda Thank you for the thread and congratulations on your first sovereign purchase! I hope you'll be very happy with it, and may it be the start of many like with me (well that's the plan anyway lol, but I have a few for now, and love them ). I made a sov purchase yesterday from here - another 2010 (or two ) to add to its sister from @Danny-boy. I have a 2010 and some 2017s in hand so far - I love them all Oh and a family heirloom 1888 - how could I forget her?!!
  16. Today I received.....

    Wow that is a LOT of lovely gold in the last two posts!
  17. Today I received.....

    As Numi recommended I've just checked out @RegalStacker's erudite, balanced and restrained Youtube reviews of the Britannia - brilliant stuff!
  18. A few of my thoughts on coin grading...

    A brilliant video as always @BackyardBullion and a very important subject I think. Personally I've come very quickly to the conclusion that, for me, while possibly worthwhile on older and important historic pieces (and conservation is a fantastic idea on those), it's MOSTLY a complete and utter rip-off on modern stuff. I think the likes of NGC need to be very careful because some of this modern grading stuff looks far from objective to me, and I'm a relative beginner. There are the suggestions that they give the largest American companies preferential grades (hard to ignore when one is a couple of minutes walk down the road from them!) but it's not my only concern. How on Earth do they give a Tuvala Antique Relief a 70, what are they comparing it to, even the first and/or best will surely be unique to the others? Do they have an absolutely guaranteed from the mint perfect first strike of all these coins and medals? I think not and I don't think they're equipped to be even pretending they know what the true condition of a lot of this stuff is. I have a few old coins I'd like to get conserved, and would be interested in knowing the grade of (where there's a proven history).For a collector I understand why they'd like a set of 69/70s for personal pleasure, but I think the added value for selling on aspect has gone a bit out of control recently. I may be wrong on any or all counts, but that's the way I see it so thought I'd contribute
  19. 2017 Britannia proof

    You'd think a witch would have the power to at least try to be attractive though! It's horrible!
  20. Signed for delivery/post

    I think I'd complain about SD (it definitely shouldn't be handled like that) but not sure about Recorded...we have a regular postie who I trust but he never fakes a signature. Sometimes I wish he would, but then if he did and then something goes missing in the future...it seems like it could be a can of worms for all concerned. Interesting thread! It's certainly got me thinking about an 'alternative' signature I should perhaps work on for signed stuff, instead of the random squiggle I've given until now.
  21. FS - 2010 Gold Full Sovereign

    Sorry I wasn't clear - it was a reference to the sister sovereign I bought from you in June hopefully my wish to buy has now been cleared up, cheers!
  22. FS - 2010 Gold Full Sovereign

  23. Shrinkflation

    Yes but that just means my pandas have shrunk twice (Jeez, you really know how to cheer a fella up don't you! )
  24. Shrinkflation

    Pandas have shrunk
  25. The Silver Forum Branded Investment Bars!

    I couldn't have put it better, I echo every sentiment! It's been a delight to receive my three yesterday and to open today (I had to dash across the country for a gig yesterday!). I would like to reserve no 123 again from the 2018 release please, as well as the same number from any other issues such as the proposed 10 Oz. Beautiful work BYB, you must be very proud of yourself