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  1. terrible customer service

    You wrote that they said they needed to change the terms if you wished to continue. They gave you a choice at that stage to continue on those terms, or not. You didn't take the choice. Instead you have come on here and trashed the company, even now when they have apologised and reinstated the original deal because of your whinging you are still trashing them. You say you own businesses but you judge them purely on the buy and sell % margins. What kind of businesses do you own where there are no premises to own and run, no staff to employ, no taxes to pay, no other ongoing costs? Count the number of people on this thread who have said you are unreasonable and work out a % of posters. Then count the number of people who have said there is some bias in this company's favour (believe me I am the first to complain when things aren't done properly) and find the %. I think you will be looking at something like 99% versus 1%. If that doesn't tell you something nothing will.
  2. terrible customer service

    I think it was fine myself to name the company originally as you felt a grievance - the problem imho is that you haven't listened to the overwhelming chorus of folk who told you were wrong (who you have also insulted, despite them trying to make you see some sense!). Do I understand the present position correctly, in that the company have agreed to honour an agreement they made, fulfilled, and then said they needed to change going forward, and offered you a choice to continue at the new terms or not (at which point you came on here and trashed them) but have since said they are happy to fulfil and have apologised for the mistake? If so I think you are off your head (to be polite). You have already trashed their name, repeatedly (even since the owner has agreed to continue to honour a deal that he probably makes no money on!). I guess you don't understand how search engines work because they will still find this thread despite any changes you may have made. Social media threats against the company now (who seem to me to have bent over backwards to accommodate your unreasonable attitude)? There aren't words.
  3. terrible customer service

    That may be why he's offered you the same deal, I suspect it may not be, but let's leave that aside. You said it yourself on this thread, they told you they would need to change the terms going forward if the relationship was to continue and asked would you be OK with that? They offered you the choice. Instead of either or accepting or declining (your choice, and you had already got super deals) you have come on here and trashed the company, which I have only heard good things about on here, and have only made one purchase from myself, but I was totally satisfied, and felt I got better service than elsewhere. Yes indeed it takes years and years to build a good reputation and here you are still ranting and raving and trashing a company because of £8 on a purchase worth thousands
  4. terrible customer service

    To shut you up perhaps as you are trashing a trusted company by many again and again on the internet, which might unfairly (imo - I think they've been more than reasonable - yes they made a mistake taking so long with your email, but they do have a phone number you know?) affect their reputation?
  5. completed 2017 Sovereign Strike / Struck On The Day PR69 PCGS

    Blimey I still can't believe I won this at that price, over the moon I couldn't have gone much higher myself so it was just a punt really...unless I'm missing something I can't believe there were only two bids! Also @MancunianStacker you've been a top fella so far, it's so nice to deal with good people
  6. I'm seeing 'please update your account to enable third party hosting'. I'm guessing 'update' really means 'upgrade' (aka 'give us some money!)?
  7. completed 2017 Sovereign Strike / Struck On The Day PR69 PCGS

    Blimey I best not tell the missus Hang on I don't have one!
  8. terrible customer service

    I'm not sure anyone's missed the point, as you've missed out a crucial bit of the agreement. Your original post said that they asked you if you minded paying postage - what was your reply? OK, the delay in emails sounds frustrating and not best practice from Atkinson's, but why didn't you phone them?
  9. terrible customer service

    Yep, sounds like one of the 'higher ups' realised you were getting a deal that wasn't a good business decision for them and told them to change the terms. I'd just be grateful that you got what you did at that price tbh before they realised! It may be irrelevant but to be fair to the company I've only bought from Atkinson's once myself (at the advertised terms) and was 100% happy with the service and quality of the product.
  10. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    You are Del Boy and I claim my five pounds! My favourite exchange: Del: What's French for 'duck'? Rodney: It's 'cunard' Del: Too right it is!
  11. Homeless people

    I am very emotionally charged when it comes to these issues, because I was deeply involved in the Jimmy Savile investigations for years (the proper ones by the victims and those who supported them, not the 'official' ones which covered it all up, including his uniquely close relationship with Mountbatten (a paedophile who was blown up by the Irish probably because of his abuse), Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Thatcher. They have thrown us a bone in the media by saying that Cyril Smith...drip, drip, drip...now Edward Heath were serial child abusers (the latter was a murderer as well, I have proof even if the papers won't publish it). If you're interested (although it is stomach churning stuff) look up Kincora, Haute de la Garenne. Ask yourself why Jimmy Savile was a Papal Knight, a Knight of the Realm (twice!) and a Knight of Malta (diplomatic passort as well, no baggage check ;)). A lot of the victims who are still alive struggle with drugs. There is a generation after them who were hooked by drugs, and now we have the third lot and they are being used, tricked and abused in the very same ways, only more sophisticated probably. But don't worry it was only Cyril Smith, Edward Heath and Jimmy Savile, and they're all dead now so it's OK innit? Then we come to London. I would estimate that around 20-30% of the homeless in London are ex-servicemen, most pretty recent. Suffering PTSD and a missing limb or two. There is no 'Help For Heroes' (a scam, just like Esther Rantzen's Childline which was helped by...Jimmy Savile!) just as there is no help for mental health sufferers in the community, who are likely candidates to end up on the streets themselves. They end up there and then, yes, probably many turn to drugs. I don't blame them. I hate the thought of hard drugs full stop but if there was something that would send me to sleep for a few hours on a bitter winter's night with my face on a freezing pavement and frost on my face I have to be hoenst and say I'd probably take it if I could get it. Wouldn't you? I think Roy has raised a very important topic here (although not one I expected to see on a silver forum) but I would hope members here are generally canny, prepared to think 'outside the box', and not just be prepared to be fed the usual propaganda from the TV etc. In fact I wish he hadn't deleted his original comment. Not because I didn't find it offensive, but it gave a real impetus to a discussion that I'm shocked people know so little about. At the same time, I think if the topic had been framed differently from the off it could have produced less friction and been more productive. But, hey! Its my fault, I have never really looked deeper into the homeless situation & how or why they become homless whereas Kimchi has come across people who have been & in my sheltered life I have not so my comments have offended when I did not mean to. Nothing has been offensive to me, and I'm grateful for your kind PM Like Roy I am only here to make friends...if by talking and opening our minds a bit at least to other possibilities, then it's all worthwhile in my book.
  12. Homeless people

    If you read your own post before or after you posted it you might see that you didn't state whether they were addicted to drugs before or after. So you are talking about before? And a pimp getting a young girl addicted and a sex slave while she is living at home, but then becomes homeless, is OK? Because that is what they (the pimps) do you know? How about child sex abuse victims? Do you have any empathy if they turn to drugs when they're older to dull the memories or is that 'tough luck' too? Is it better for them to commit suicide? Or to self harm? I have people I know do each of those three.
  13. Homeless people

    There aren't. Tough luck? When young girls (the majority of girls who first become homeless) get picked up by a pimp, raped by multiple men a night and are given heroin before, during and after to dull the pain, it's their fault for doing drugs in the first place??? I'm absolutely staggered by what I'm reading on here. Perhaps some of you haven't been to a city centre before? Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, London...it's all the same. If you want to have sex with a twelve/fourteen/sixteen year old heroin addicted girl or boy (and I'm not implying that anyone on here would, I'm just saying that some very sick folk do, and that's what happens) then that's the reality. Tough luck for having addictions with drugs? GTFO.
  14. Homeless people

    I think if that's what Roy meant he could have said that himself quite clearly without attacking homeless people in his original post before deleting that bit, without you 'thinking' that's what he meant. I found it deeply offensive myself. If there's a discussion to be had about soup kitchens and hostels (which don't work from everything I've heard first or second hand living near London, and I'm happy to share what I know about those) I'd suggest a new thread that is a bit more balanced from the off.
  15. Homeless people

    So do the homeless people you were so nasty about in what you wrote before you edited your post to remove it. Nice for some of us to sit here in our warm homes on our computers judging homeless people when they can't reply. Shocked.
  16. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    It's not necessarily anything to do with price or quality. I paid over a hundred quid for a Proof anniversary silver Krug which I don't dare look at because many of the ones I had through my hands (blimey must have been ten or so - maybe as many as twelve - with replacements on an initial order of six) were sent back due to milking...some of them over a weekend! Right! Well I'm going to pick an avatar of a Somali Elephant in solidarity with these cheap but beautiful coins! (If it spots I will know to check my tube - like a reverse Dorian Grey )
  17. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    I'd pay a good couple of pounds more per coin if they didn't spot, because I think they're absolutely lovely. These coins and designs deserve better imho as @sovereignsteve says.
  18. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    Yes and no for me. I agree that the QC to the point the coins are shipped out seems good (but I've only seen one, and a real beauty she is! Any scratches on the others - unless they're consistent like @fehk2001 was asking - will happen in a tube sent a long way through the post with all the coins rattling around). But I'd argue that milk spotting is a serious QC issue that mints are just not addressing, because everything points to it being a common part of the production process that the mints are ignoring as long as they get the coins out looking good. For me it's like a boiler, car, fridge etc where they push it out the factory looking fantastic knowing full well that they all break down with the same problem within years, even if properly cared for.
  19. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    It's not my in my stack, but my favourite coin is the 1888 Sovereign my dear late great aunt gave to me when she was very poorly. I don't care what condition it's in, I don't care what graders would think of it, to me it's absolutely priceless <3
  20. 2018 Kookaburra and RAM Silver Kangaroo

    My first order through EMK though and I have to say I was very impressed with comms, packaging, etc
  21. 2018 Kookaburra and RAM Silver Kangaroo

    Got my Roos today, very disappointed with this 2018 offering, it's far, far too 'busy' for me. I don't know what the Mint were thinking with this one. I don't have a Proof but looking at the pics online the mirrored field is the only thing that possibly saves the design for me (and is essential imo). Beauty's in the eye of the beholder and all that, anyone feel differently and that it's a good design? Perhaps for such a detailed design the quality of the strike also needs to be top notch, so it also has that going in its favour (?). The mintage is also 'odd', but at least that seems to go in the coin's favour.
  22. What coin capsules

    1oz gold coins are generally a standard size then? The 2013 Britannias are flatter and wider. A bit of an anamoly then not just in the series but in general? I hear they're not as popular with some because of the size - personally I love them!
  23. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    Some of us don't work in KFC Just joking buddy! - the coins are in storage so I can get new gloves before I go get them out anyway, plus I need some so it's a good reminder to buy them
  24. Somali Elephants amazing bullion quality

    Blissful ignorance my friend! When I get a tube of bullion silver coins I check the top one out if it's a new design to me, then straight into storage they go! There are bound to be some scratched in a tube that's rattled around in the post, if the top one's nice then I'm happy! I got a tube of 2017 Perth Roos at the same time for a similar price. Unsealed it, looked at the top one. I don't like the design () and what's more the top one is either toning already or discoloured. They go into my 'Storage Stack of Shame'. You've got me interested now though. I need some new gloves, then I might drag these out of storage for a closer inspection of the whole tube - will let you know Hopefully you get some nice ones! I'll be picking some of these up yearly now I should think as they're so cheap and so very much nicer than Brits (the worst ones to spot for me) imo