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  1. Latest Perth Privy - alternate Kook design!

    I wouldn't buy it myself, but right you are - credit where it's due and that's a work of art
  2. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    Yep, just a stroll up the road...no vested interests there I am sure LOL. The 22 I have look like they've been deliberately ****ed up, if I were being cynical, because it looks like machine damage. Whatever, very bad form from Perth imvho. Still, nice pick up on the 70 (as long as it didn't cost you too much), really pleased for you - you could do well out of a (very?) rare good example
  3. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    At least it's a 70 (don't trust MCM and the grading relationship myself, but heigh ho)...I have never seen such poor quality from Perth Mint before, these are shocking imho. P.S. /Fallen off my chair
  4. Perth Mint Rectangular Bullion Coin

    I finally cracked open my tube from last month from Golsilver.be today. It was clearly them who opened it as a Mint would not seal a tube and then open it again (without applying fresh and un-interfered with tape seal). The reason appears to be they put a bit of padding in the top before sending (shame they didn't do the same with the Athenian Owls!) but the results were no better than the singles I've had - a full tube of dinged and knocked examples. If I ever see one of these at MS70 I will fall off my chair - what an absolute balls up from Perth of all mints.

    You didn't know your dad was British?
  6. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    It seems like a good way to get a free Sov - I'm up for it if Ermac is We can have a ninja baby together
  7. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    I hope so, after all it's recycled
  8. for sale PF70 2018 sovereign proof

    I've got a baby on the way (Ebay 20% off + Nectar offer )
  9. You guys do know that you might well be dancing with the devil and leading the rest of us into a cashless 24/7 big brother 'society', (which has likely been the plan from the get-go,) don't you? 'Free money? Hell yeah - where do I get my microchip?!!'
  10. A Wee delivery from BYB

    He mined it as well? Blimey he's now got the missus down that huge hole in his garden with a pick, hasn't he? Lovely stuff, what do you think of the 250g? I adore the way they retain heat as you hold them in hand (perfect size). As we usually try not to handle and play with silver much (if at all) I was really taken aback with the heat these keep after ten minutes or so
  11. 10p Coins

    People seemed to have those carded ones in hand on day one, so I guess they were sold in person at the Mint (?) I wonder if the first batch were sent out like that too. For the price I think they all should have been, definitely if you bought a full set. 'Bit cheeky' getting £2.60 worth of change for over fifty quid in some baggies!
  12. Sovereign Rings

    Cheers bud, had a look at those but they seem a bit 'closed shop' and 'specialist (aka 'experts only' - perhaps - ?). Certainly a route to look at/try out though
  13. Sovereign Rings

    Sounds like a plan! I wouldn't expect to sell it through ebay but it'll certainly get some interest from the Spitfire enthusiasts, this one is a potential beauty (all original and can come with mechanical spares for a lot - I have at least half another Spitfire in pieces in the barn - no gearbox though). It just needs some really loving TLC from an expert, and while I'd hate to let it go this is a beautiful car that deserves to be appreciated and restored properly (and I'm not the man for the job alas).
  14. Sovereign Rings

    Anyone know what to do with a late 70s Triumph Spitfire which would love some restoration (technically just needs a new battery to get in back on the road, but does need a new gearbox really)? Cars are not my thing (mechanically) but she is a beauty waiting to roar back into life (one mechanic told me he was thinking of making an offer and putting a V8 engine in to make it an absolute beast). Any thoughts most welcome, cheers!
  15. Today I Received

    An absolutely lovely delivery from @BackyardBullion - one of the first issue of the 250g forum bars A stunning piece. It has a glorious heft to it and is just so tactile. The ripples on it are amazing and really I'm amazed that he has managed this pouring by eye. Alas I don't have the video/photo kit needed to do this justice in the way light plays on (and off) this in the most glorious way, so I'll have to use the 'official' photo, but you really have to see this beautiful piece in hand to properly appreciate it. It has such a lovely 'well' of ripples at the top that make holding and playing with it, with a perfect groove for your thumb, as good as any stress reliever - it is just such a pleasure to hold (and behold). Top work BYB, and thank you!
  16. 250g Silver Forum Bars (2018) - Pre-orders open!

    Lucky number 13 arrived today and she is an absolute beauty! Such a really lovely heft to these and at this size the ripples are absolutely mesmerising!
  17. I'm not sure when, I noticed it about a year or so ago. It used to be yellow and warm the Earth, even when it disappeared behind clouds for a moment. Now it's white, harsh, and burns you very quickly when it's direct on your skin. When it goes behind clouds the temperature drops dramatically. I don't know if it's been a slow change, but I know when I noticed it. I ask friends and family what the colour the sun is and they still tell me 'yellow' until I ask them to actually tear their faces from the TV or phones. 'Oh yes!' they say, and then go back to their TV or phones. The youngsters in the family are still being told by their teachers (younger than me I'm sure) that the sun is yellow and that's how they should paint it, so I think it's at least accelerated in the last couple of years. There've been multiple scientific studies coming out about this recently, so while no-one else seems to care, at least I know I'm not the only one who's noticed. Mind you, Fukushima was declared a potential ELE (Extinction Level Event) for the northern hemisphere last year in the Japan Times, the Independent and the Guardian (at least those were the three I found at the time). No one took a blind bit of notice and now I can't find those articles online. I understand why if it were so it would be kept quiet. I'm just shocked not many people seem a 'bit' more interested in basic things like possible changes with the Sun (which sustains all life on Earth) and lost critical (as in 'have gone critical') nuclear fuel rods which are burrowing through the Earth's crust. 'Little things' like that play on my mind a bit, must be my OCD
  18. I would say there's almost nothing going on on the ground here. We don't have our strong belief in 'rights' that our American brethren have. We're a small nation and smaller populations (with far less natural resources of their own) are far easier to control and corral. Folk here largely seem not to care about anything other than their 'own' stuff. I point out very simple, basic things to people all the time like 'the sun has changed colour' (from the yellow of some years ago to the white of today). Friends and family acknowledge it and say 'oh that's weird' and then e.g. get back to fighting for parking spaces on the school run, and stressing about doing so for most of the rest of the day (after all, that's much more important than the state of our planet and its future!). I could go on and on...

    Why couldn't they send it all together?
  20. Sovereign Rings

    It's an outdated working class tradition isn't it that had pretty much had its day by the mid-1980s, though a few dragged it on until the 1990s, no? (Proud of my working class background here but imho - just no!)
  21. 2018 5,000 Francs Republic of Chad African Lion

    Wow that 2018 Proof is stunning

    Please, have mine

    I think I've said enough lol