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  1. 3) She looks far far worse in the flesh, be grateful! 9) Wash your mouth out with soap and then disinfect your keyboard with bleach!
  2. It means if you don't sign in you don't get notifications of PMs etc. Not so bad perhaps on a forum discussing your favourite TV. A bit different
  3. I'll grab a handful next weekend probably (I may need reminding!) if it helps Do singles come in caps anyone know? If so I may just get those.
  4. You just simply can't make this stuff up. It's 'educational' apparantly. Lost for words. ' EDGE, which stands for Enhanced Dynamic Geo-Social Environment, is a $5.6 million simulation tool and "game-based training application" developed and used by the US army and the Department of Homeland Security. The idea is that it can realistically simulate emergencies in a flexible virtual sandbox environment, enabling first responders - law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and so on - to experience and role-play crisis situations and learn effective response strategies.' To put it a bit more bluntly - you can play as a crazed shooter attacking a school (as well as the terrified teachers and first responders). http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-05-new-mass-shooting-simulator-aims-to-help-teachers-respond-more-effectively-in-a-crisis
  5. The main link at the bottom is to a videogame site, it's safe The one in the part I quoted links to US Homeland Security...
  6. As a purchaser of one of these custom pieces I cannot recommend them enough. @BackyardBullion is really such a pleasure to deal with at every stage of the process, from brainstorming together to get the piece that's 'right' for you right through to delivery of the lovely final article. The person I gave one to is bemused by my PM 'antics' but was so bowled over not only by the piece itself and that it was commissioned just for her, but also surprisingly interested in how it was made and what all the little stamps mean etc. I didn't order the video because I didn't think my sister would be that interested in the pour itself, but surprisingly she was. Not to the point where I felt that I'd made a major mistake in not ordering the video as well, but certainly to the point it made me think again, and that for some folk it would be the absolute icing on the cake if funds allow.
  7. completed FREE stuff

    I think the knives and bananas are still going mate (?)
  8. I buy them for the sheer beauty of them (the 2018 apart - gutted ). The quality is exceptional imo - out of hundreds I've only ever seen one genuine coin that isn't basically perfect to the naked eye. Fakes are easy to spot but best get clued up if you're new to silver/pandas
  9. My 2017 stack

    As long as you have food stores and water purification means for 3+ months then might as well spend away imvho. Again imvho, the best stocks for after a possible collapse are those in tangible, meaningful physical resources. If the SHTF you can't feed your family on Facebook likes. Better safe than sorry in my book - but that may only be me, and that's cool. I hope I'm wrong, but I still hope (ofc) my shares in tangible resources will do well - I find it ethical at least
  10. Selling stuff

    And if you buy from him he sends pics
  11. Selling stuff

    It's not just the weekend Monsieur Billy, @fehk2001 is coming to knock me up tonight for his package to me...will it be two knocks or three though? I hope it is not twice on the pipe Non - Premium Member version:
  12. They're still in stock at just over £271 for one, I agree though a lovely little pick up at the initial price <edit> The company do deliver the goods (or refund you) but they were very unprofessional in a number of ways about these which can all be seen on the thread, and personally I won't ever use them again, and I'm not the only one on here. <edit 2> I don't think they've done that well myself - I see at that price the company has discounted them by a tenner and yet they've still got stock.
  13. Super stuff! Cheers BYB it's been a pleasure of a year!
  14. completed (2017) 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (x6 available)

    P.S. Rasputin was less opportunistic than the Royal Mint imvho...he just had less monkeys
  15. completed (2017) 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (x6 available)

    Blimey mate, that is a lot of time indeed...I am just so thankful I chose to (and have been able to) totally bypass 'social media' (iirc even one of the ex-bosses of Facebook recently said it was destroying society as it should be!). You have worked incredibly hard this year and delivered me three stunning products (the forum bars in both weights, and a custom mirror heart for a very special birthday) - I hope you and Mrs BYB are giving yourselves huge pats on the back right now, and please do take a very well-earned rest I will take the same bars next year as I did this please, best wishes to you both and thank you both for all your hard work and delivering stuff to the community with a huge amount of thought and dedication
  16. completed (2017) 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (x6 available)

    Well you haven't got that long, you could at least be prepping for the pours... Blimey if the Royal Mint can knock out 2018s with staff borrowed from London Zoo's chimp enclosure surely you can put some welly into it? What do you and the good lady BYB want, a day off or something?
  17. completed (2017) 1 oz Silver Forum Bars (x6 available)

    I was toying with buying all six earlier and then got distracted...congrats to the lucky purchasers that some of these came up again, and once again to BYB on an absolutely fantastic first series! Looking forward to the 2018s (come on BYB, stop dawdling, get to work, chop chop! )
  18. My Chards Experience

    How dare you! I am Rhesus negative
  19. My Chards Experience

    Well what else could you possibly do to it? (Don't answer please!)
  20. I'm in love with

    I thought it was about this remix:
  21. Did you get the refund through the Paypal dispute system or by eventually negotiating (I'm guessing the former but it's not clear to me, maybe I'm missing something?). Either way, it took a long time, holidays or not!
  22. Did you get the refund through the Paypal dispute system or by eventually negotiating (I'm guessing the former but it's not clear to me, maybe I'm missing something?). Either way, it took a long time, holidays or not!
  23. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    For a reputation as a seller isn't that a bit 'dubious'?
  24. What happens if the Queen dies?

    Isn't Spy-da-man Michael Obama?
  25. What happens if the Queen dies?

    The Queen Is Dead will shoot to number one and most of the country will have a big party the night before the extra holiday, meanwhile the 'news' will tell us that 'a nation - nay the world - mourns'. If only someone knew what he looked like, how has he never been photographed?!! Perhaps they can do the next best thing and just re-use the likeness of his ancestor and hero, Vlad the Impaler?