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  1. Hi Paul, any chance of a copy of your spreadsheet please? I will pm... Cheers Martin
  2. for sale

    Steve, do you still have a tube available?
  3. I have made a start Pete, bought 4 x 1oz silver dollars 1988, 1990 & 2 x 2017. Also have two of the Beasts 2oz coins on order from the Royal Mint. But I will need to be more savvy with how much I pay for the coins. I am hoping there will be better deals on the site here for me to acquire additional coins. Cheers Martin
  4. Hi folks, Recently joined the forum and am looking to initially collect silver bullion by purchasing coins. It took me a while to understand why buying coins is viable even though the spot price of silver is a lot lower than the typical cost of a silver coin. My assumption is that there will always be a market for coins so it should be possible to sell coins not far off the price you pay for them, am I wrong? Looking forward to learning from the experienced folk on this site. Cheers Martin