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  1. cheap auction?

    Obviously fake.
  2. If you believe that AI and automation will truly take over the majority of jobs, then you would likely support then notion of Universal Basic Income. It's a viable idea.
  3. Royal Mint return policy?

  4. Royal Mint return policy?

    Are you Alex in disguise? You've bought 10kg of gold from your crypto gains... that's over £300,000. Why are you moaning about such inconsequential nicks when you've clearly bought for gold content and not condition?
  5. I'm not sure where you're getting 1M from. If you're new-ish to investing, take a look at Compound Interest. Investing $1000 a month for the next 22 years would only yield $1m if you achieved over 10.5% growth every single year, without fail. That is highly unlikely, in itself. Investopedia has some really great guides on this, maybe check them out?
  6. 15 greatest gold heists of all time

    This was entertaining - thanks Off to buy an old gunboat and sit off the coast of Guyana for a couple of months...
  7. £70,000 turnover in one year. eBay fees @ 11% because they have too much negative feedback for the 10% rate = £7,700 PayPal fees @ circa 3.5% = £2,450. So we're down to £59,850. Around 2,000 sales in the last 12 months. Let's call it £1.85 per package to post. That's another £3,700 gone. Now we're at £56,150... That's pre-tax, pre National Insurance... pre-insurance costs. At best, even if they retained the remaing £56,000 evenly between them and had no other costs, they'd be earning a little over £10/hr after tax. Bricklayers are in such high demand in most of England that they can take home £150 a day with no trouble at all - good ones can make more. This is a classic eBay PR story. With that said, good luck to them. Would be interesting to see who the backers are.
  8. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    I wouldn't call that a mistake by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite, really.
  9. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    Being serious, you realise that the St George and the Dragon design has not altered, as you seem to suggest? It is the same design, a la Benedetto Pistrucci, as it has always been (barring a couple of notable exceptions). With that said, there is actually a notable difference between a '57 and '58 in the finish on the rim. You might want to check it out.
  10. Auctions

    The first bid takes precendence. However, this does not apply against bidders who are physically in the room on the sale day. For example: If Bidder A bids £200 GBP four days before the auction, and Bidder B also bids £200 GBP but just two days before the auction, the bid will go to Bidder A. However, if Bidder C is in the room and wants to bid £200 (on the increment), it will nearly always go to the bidder in the room. Or, alternatively, the auctioneer will offer the in-room bidder a low bid to ensure that they win the lot. I've bid £1500 for an item before the auction, and it sold for £1,505 in the room - a blatant disregard of proper practice, but all too common.
  11. wanted 1957 or 1958 Gold Sovereign

    Will you be naming and shaming the seller if you don't agree with their grading of the coin, given that you've stipulated that it mustn't be slabbed? After all, we all know that MS designations by American companies on British sovereigns can vary quite substantially, and occasionally with little apparent reason.
  12. Bloody hell. I thought that I was diversified with a couple of funds and some stocks & shares If you do feel that way, there is nothing wrong with taking some profits and buying back in if there's a fall. I see all of your investments are set to accumulation - time in the market is especially important for this; it certainly beats 'timing' the market.
  13. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    In short, no. Do your own research. Just remember to look out for the coins with holes in!
  14. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    In short, no. Do your own research. Just remember to look out for the coins with holes in!
  15. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    Actually, I was the one who stuck up for you... how quickly you seem to forget. I was the only one to actually defend your right to moan, if I remember. Your ignorance of numismatics and terminology is undermining any legitimate argument you might have. Your attitude is rotten and I can't imagine that you'll ever be happy with a purchase because you expect numismatic condition at bullion prices. If you want numimatic condition, pay a fair price and stop moaning like a petulant child every time you don't get your own way. Thus far, you appear to have bought from Atkinsons (a negative experience), Chard (a negative experience) and now potentially MCM (dare I say it, probably going to be a negative experience) ... I will await your "My MCM Customer Experience" thread with baited breath.
  16. My Atkinsons Bullion Experience

    I'd be rather surprised if you weren't on a 'buyer blacklist' after this
  17. Need help/advice with gold from USA

    Regardless of your bad luck with the 20 Francs, you do seem to be an absolute nightmare buyer. I think you really need to familiarise yourself with the meanings of bullion and numismatics: the Buffalo round is not a collectible coin and holds no premium over its gold content other than its relative scarcity in the UK. It tracks the price of gold far more closely than some more numismatic pieces - i.e. a Pre-33 Double Eagle. If you want numismatic coins in perfect condition, stop buying secondhand stock from dealers and stop buying coins that were produced as bullion. Focus on Proof strikes or other similarly struck pieces and you might be lucky enough to find a coin without a hole in it... (btw, the coin you said had a hole in it, did not have a hole in it).
  18. Does anyone know what NGC labels mean?

    Ouch. It will be worth more cracked out of the slab and put back in its original packaging. That seems like a very harsh grade - perhaps there is some form of mechanical damage to the reverse? I can only see one or two very small scratches?
  19. January gold price and ftse performance

    0.5% is nothing on the FTSE. Wait until it starts swinging up by 3% in a day and then I'll worry. It ended 2017 up an entire 1% on the last day of trading, so it'll even out.
  20. NK gold coins

    Well apparently I hit a nerve... Justify it in whichever way you like mate, it’s not my problem. You’re the one admitting to making deals on ‘illegally sourced’ (your words) coins from a country in which, however hard you try to deflect, proceeds of exports go towards their military programmes. It’s just silly, that’s all.
  21. which bullion dealer

    That isn't how the Trade Descriptions Act works. If you call it Uncirculated, you don't have a 'loophole' by adding "everything is bullion and exempt from Trade Descriptions" to ignore the original condition of sale. They goofed - and they're seemingly doing the right thing and offering a refund.
  22. NK gold coins

    If you are buying Gold from North Korea, you are breaking international sanctions. That's not like getting into a VAT-argument with HMRC; it's serious prison time in the States. This is no different to buying the ISIS coinage that got talked about last year. If you're buying North Korean currency, you're financing a hostile weapons programme and propping up a regime. It's not quirky to be offering NK coins - it's a really, really poor decision which could have serious unintended consequences.
  23. which bullion dealer

    They re-open on the 2nd
  24. which bullion dealer

    Joke away, but I guarantee half of this forum would be moaning if they'd bought a coin advertised as Uncirculated and it wasn't. It seems a pre-requisite that to be believed or taken seriously on this forum, you either have to have >1,000 posts or religiouslu defend established companies. It's pretty pathetic how people on here gang up on someone for expressing an opinion contrary to the hive-mindset; this thread is a part of that, it seems. Honestly, I've been put off the Chard website by their constant claims to be a victim of the taxman, or some other 'woe is me' story. Every business has it's challenges, but they're the only ones to ever moan so publicly about it. I'm sure this will warrant a "which bullion dealer is hardest done by" thread...
  25. My Chards Experience

    It's quite clearly not Uncirculated, and the explanation of "we use a different meaning of Uncirculated" is hogwash, frankly. There are scatches and dings consistent with circulation. Uncirculated is a grade - it's the equivalent of Mint State, or AUNC / BUNC. Take the refund and buy from France.