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  1. I too have this question. From what I've read, it seems to come in an unpacked form and the purchaser can choose to assemble it as an art-piece or keep it in the box for resale. (I think).
  2. An 1884-CC $20 Double Eagle; I think it's a good candidate for NCS conservation and will be sending it across to them for a 'touch-up', and subsequent grading from NGC. The red spot at the top of the coin is either a very dark copper spot, or blood. I'm not too sure on grade, but I think it might be able to achieve AU53-55. Picked up from HGM, after a post on the Gold Deals topic.
  3. If you don't mind me asking: What qualifications do you have, assuming you are the author of this book? Has it been reviewed by academics at all? And on Africa being so poor... could you give me a brief synopsis please? I've covered this in some depth so would be interested in your opionion - might convince me to buy the book! Welcome to the forum, Levi
  4. I'm not sure I understand that tbh - it's a series of 10 bullion coins, that's already been confirmed.
  5. Hmmm. A good point; I hadn't considered that. I hope it doesn't crash the prices of the originals.
  6. for sale

    That's some sales pitch. I think you are perhaps £60-80 overpriced on the pictures you have provided, the rim-dents seem quite noticeable. Closer pictures might help people to see the good points on the coin
  7. That certainly sounds exciting. I can see that being another storming success, if they ask a fair price... i.e. £850 or in the region of.
  8. That's because you think literally everything is a conspiracy. Using Moazzam Begg, the friendly neighbourhood terrorist, as a source is hardly helping your argument. If you're saying there is 600 dead, you have to provide the proof. Videos of anarchists interviewing certain types of people isn't proof.
  9. Not really; certainly not brand new coins. STG aren't cheap by any standards though, try goldsilver.be and you can pick up an ounce for under £15.
  10. I was shocked to learn that buildings could be clad with flammable materials - I had naively assumed that this would be utterly illegal. Additionally, a 25-floor building with no fire alarms, and one set of stairs? How is that not criminal? I believe the core issue is that the cavity between the polyethylene and the original concrete structure of the building formed a 'wind-tunnel' of sorts, allowing the flames to be sucked upwards into a vortex and spread extremely quickly. Utterly horrifying; the media has actually done us a favour for once in heavily censoring the videos from that night... from some of the things I have seen on social media, the sounds coming from that building were haunting. I am in no doubt that if this was due to negligence, I want to see life sentences for those individuals. Totally agree with you here.
  11. A fag-packet calculation would be: 30oz x Spot Price = Value Subtract X from value according to your own spending preferences.
  12. Interesting first result. Big turnout, but the exit polls appear to have wrongly favoured Labour by 10% in terms of share of the vote. I have no idea what it means, but it's interesting
  13. Christ on a bloody bike. If these Exit Polls are in any way correct, we're going back to the polls in November time.
  14. Use of silver in solar panels is decreasing, and will continue to decrease as technology advances. I don't want to sound sharp, but you're on a silver forum so you're going to get some pretty biased opinions. If silver was certain to rise, everybody would buy it - it's a gamble, just like every other financial investment. Unfortunately, there does seem to be a rather strong link between precious metals investing and conspiracy theorists. You'll see that, the longer you hang around here!
  15. I don't think there's value in the majority-seats betting; better to cross reference Leave-voting areas with areas of high UKIP votes in the last election. Add UKIP to Tory and there's some interesting results. Dagenham looks to offer value.
  16. Owned by James Stunt, husband of Petra Ecclestone. I'd be comfortable buying from that website... and might at that price.
  17. Total piss take by the Royal Mint, again. How many other countries would prioritise foreign dealers ovver domestic collectors?
  18. In 2000 years, Iran hasn't attacked anyone. They are liberalising and we have more in common with the Iranians than we do the Iraqis, Saudis or Qataris. They are also dialling down their nuclear programme to a fairly manageable level. North Korea is a worry with its nuclear programme, but not directly to the UK. Of more concern to the UK should be the increase in Chinese submarine activity - expect to see Chinese SSBNs operating in the Atlantic and Med within 5 years.
  19. I've bought enough Royal Mint silver to know a milkspot when I see one. As I said, it only affected two or three but the spots were there - whether you choose to believe it's general white detritus or a milkspot, I guess is up to you
  20. I was pretty gutted. From memory, only two or three were spotted in some way - the rest had more 'man-made' defects. But it was particularly noticeable around the lettering on the Queen's head side.
  21. Apologies, I meant the Silver Proof Coloured 2017 series.
  22. Do yourself a favour and don't. The quality issues with these coins are approaching 100%. I managed to get 8 of the Peter Rabbits and had to return every single one due to spotting, scratches and fingerprints. I doubt the rest of the series will be much different.
  23. Because Labour bloody well lied to the country - 45 mins WMDs? Where? Labour lied, British soldiers died. Trident: It does work... Russia Today is hardly Reuters, is it? The missile propulsion malfunctioned, that's why we test these things. The warhead can still go boom though, don't worry.
  24. President Assad is the democratically elected leader of a sovereign state. The fact you appear to support his overthrow by the Islamist hordes says more about you than me, I feel. Osborne is no longer in government, so that doesn't really help. I mean, I can keep listing the problems with Labour's Shadow Cabinet... Angela Rayner - Shadow Education Sec - No formal qualifications, has only ever worked for hard-left Unions. Emily Thornberry - Shadow Foreign Sec - Constant flip-flopping on Trident.