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  1. Wd
  2. Hgm

    That is good news
  3. Hgm

    Yep I agree it was just the very low stock that surprised me virtually everything was out of stock
  4. Hgm

    Hi guys i was trying to shop on h g m today for 2 gold coins I saw both of then were out of stock then looking closer they have very little stock overall is this common for them?
  5. A rounded grove where your thumb would go while opening letters just for comfort
  6. As a letter opener I would smooth off and polish but add a groove just under half way on the top for your thumb
  7. I would never buy gold from eBay unless from someone I know leaning towards Scottsdale certilock
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Hi guys in going to be buying a 5 gram gold bar this week any suggestions which I should go for and any pro with certain brands only one I've excluded is Perth so far
  10. for sale

    A bison please
  11. I would definitely go for something with got internal memory I bought 3 cheap laptops from Tesco for my kids at Christmas and they work on virtual storage never again
  12. Ahh so it's not a sealed card I got a few of the isle on man £1s skull a castle and cricket I think off top of my hea. Your is a nice one
  13. Weird it been carded as it looks circulated £1 that is
  14. Thanks for info