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  1. SilverDavid

    Nope all welcome I believe
  2. Biggest disappointment on buying

    Check the Rwanda coins old brits are awful
  3. Silvergoldbull

    If he's in the uk that might include a £14 delivery charge
  4. Sorry you feel that way. I can say that when properly diagnosed, medically very helpful and lifesaving to people. I wpuld say try to look at it with an open mind and different point of view No issues with it being used medically problem is 99% is recreational. Anyway don't want to hog your thread take care fella
  5. Silvergoldbull

    Excellent company service wise no problems at all from them
  6. Usually I only comment to say nice item ect ect. But not loving the item on this occasion fed up of seeing mainly rounds promoting/glorifying drug use. I know I'll probably get a load of negative comments myself but I can live with it.
  7. Free Postage on Selected Bullion!

  8. Free Postage on Selected Bullion!

    Is the shop open Sunday @ChardLizzie and which address is it google showing 2
  9. 400oz full stack pic

    This is great wd persanly I'm 2 g away from my gold target hopfuly will get the satisfaction from that as yougot from yours. i have a feeling you might need a panoramic photo once you hit your silver target once again wd
  10. 1oz 2018 South Korea Chiwoo

    That is nice do you know the mintage off the top of your head
  11. Stacking Porn Name

    Libertad brûlée quite feminine what about Beast Rock(hard)cake
  12. Buying Cull Coins

    "This is because coins are produced by governments. The penalty for counterfeiting the coin is severe, which dissuades criminals from creating fakes". I wish this part was true
  13. Hello

    God luck with your goals early on I kept on getting maple one of the best looking coins imo. But slowed down on them a lot due to the milking liking the libs and eagles more now
  14. for sale 1/10oz silver incus indian heads

    Sorry thought they were on post duplicated when I posted something must of gone wrong
  15. I have 9 of these Indian head 1/10oz silver available £4 each (5 left) buyer pays postage payment PayPal f+f