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  1. I thought the uk was not eligible for monetisation. Get a few vids on there it an easy 3 0z of ag
  2. pan american rounds

    Weight and sp grav test would be my 2 nd stop if the mag test gives any doubts a lot of work for a 1oz coin I know but sp g test is spot on loads of fakes on the bay of lots of coins and rounds did you pick them up from a dealer or fake bay seller? there is a YouTube account that dose a lot of videos on fakes I think it's soothing like cybercurtaintwitcher
  3. Strike quality on 2018 1/10 gold brits

    I was just having one on my I really want to buy something moods and when I get like that I like to have a quick look at the few coins I have to hAnd I have one 2017 1/10 Brit and one 2018 Brit 1/10 I got them both from Atkinsons separately last year having s close look at the 2018 I'm amazed at how bad the detail is compared to the 2017 not having a second 2018 yet I can not see if it is the same on the newer coin basically the fine detail on the shield is bad the toes you can hardly see the sprig of leafs above the shield is compleatly unrecognisable and poor detail on the helmet. It's a total opposite to the 2017 I have on the coin given it's only a 1/10 the detail is amazing I believe you can even see a toenail on that foot the detail is so clear. What are people's thoughts on the strike quality of the 2018 1/10 it more than likely is s case of I have a badly struck coin and just got unlucky
  4. Hi I have for sale a 50th anniversary of the royal visit florin with case and coa as pictures £45 + 6postage uk only payment PayPal f +f
  5. completed Silver bars

    Would guess at a vintage New South Wales refiner it their c of arms
  6. completed Rwanda Rooster, Dog and Nautical and others

    Great coin recived perfect in mint packing delivery spot on
  7. Steel Pennies...are these real?

    2 of them without a d mark they look cool
  8. Silver calculator

    Don't forget the vat here don't think that site shows in vat
  9. any help with this new site?

    Some people will loose a lot of money on bitcoin it's defo coming.ofcourse imo and generally that stands for little
  10. for sale Selling a few of my collection

    I will take the trident brit
  11. completed 1956 silver 1/2 dollar

    Hi I'm looking to buy one of these if anyone have any can you give me an idea of what your after thanks
  12. wanted Wanted 2016 3 gram gold panda

    Gold silver be 134 euros
  13. You should really discount the items where a member joins and 27 minutes later lists a 4K coin 😂🤣😂😂 but every now and again these people might catch a 🤡 When they are fishing
  14. gold coins

    If I was to buy one coin today atkinsons would be my first stop service and delivery is second to none. Bullion by post is very well advertised but you pay for that