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  1. Hi I'm from west yorks as well struggling to find any shops I think there might be one near ponte but never been
  2. Took some time to get into but was good
  3. Not quite the same but me and my wife bought each of our sons their first 1oz silver coin at Christmas to start their collection 1 really likes gold and silver now 2 not really interested in collecting so it's really good if it sparks interest I also go at a poured heart 1/2oz heart for the wife at valentines something she can always carry and she likes it personally I think it's a great gift . I bought my dad a silver eagle last year as he was saying for years he would like one I really regret not getting him one sooner as he loves it. Did I say that I personally thing gold is a great gift idea ! silverhunter (who's birthday is within the next two week )
  4. Search them view profile and +feedback I think
  5. Money laundering?
  6. wanted

    why not add this on to group order ? If you want to spend 950 euros
  7. Google price of gold will bring a live chart up usually per ounce
  8. First ever pick up from Atkinsons and first royal mint gold I like the brittania but the sov has to grow on me
  9. Is that a double strike or fake?
  10. My mistake
  11. Nice qbab
  12. Was going to get a bar 5g wanted some plat for last year and a bit because I couldn't see it going any lower a lot of the sites I've seen plat coins have a massive premium still
  13. If you want to add more you can pick them up at sgb for 18 quid but vat after that just over 400 left