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  1. completed 1956 silver 1/2 dollar

    Hi I'm looking to buy one of these if anyone have any can you give me an idea of what your after thanks
  2. wanted Wanted 2016 3 gram gold panda

    Gold silver be 134 euros
  3. You should really discount the items where a member joins and 27 minutes later lists a 4K coin 😂🤣😂😂 but every now and again these people might catch a 🤡 When they are fishing
  4. gold coins

    If I was to buy one coin today atkinsons would be my first stop service and delivery is second to none. Bullion by post is very well advertised but you pay for that
  5. completed Auction: 2014 stock horse with COA. 1/2

  6. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    Just carry on as you are fella if you want to post post the more info people have on positives and negative from sellers the better. Some people on here swear by this company but there's been numerous negatives as well I say good on you.the insult you got was probably uncalled for but where ever you go there will always be people that don't care or that are unaware that things they say and how they put them can offend people. No matter what keep stacking
  7. Looks like it or a bad fake
  8. Difference between gold bars ?

    Yep you should defo watch a few of the you tube videos sixgun mentioned it must be heartbreaking if you end up with a fake watching someone take tin snips to your gold bar and cutting out a tungsten ingot
  9. completed Looking for an empty monster box

    I haven't got a speare unfortunately but seen then on Atkinson 17 quid though
  10. fake us mint envelope?

    Also found these on images
  11. fake us mint envelope?

    Are these the coins?
  12. Today I Received

    The first 1/4 oz gold coin in my collection more than pleased looks perfect both sides
  13. completed U.S SILVER DOLLARS FROM £16-£25!

    Think you will probably need to put prices up fella