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  1. Will do! Nice buy I put in the notes, if possible could I please have a old head or a SA minted sov as I need both of those, just need to play the waiting game now and hope it's not a modern one 😂
  2. Just bought a lucky dip sovereign from Atkinsons, won't receive now until Monday or Tuesday but on a plus side I have now completed my first gold goal of 100g! 😃 Fingers crossed for a old head sovereign as I don't have this type yet
  3. @woody65 just to let you know that you should be number 25 as I am number 24 on the previous page. We must of posted at the same time lol also the other forum members @pho and @Avlis you would need to change yours
  4. I love cars so I don't think I would ever get bored of it lol but then again I have never been privileged to drive such a prestige car so I can't really say lol i bet he did! I bet he was the one that didn't want you to hand it back
  5. I bet you will be gutted to hand it back then! One of my dream cars lol
  6. Nice collection @rebnah but I think the Lambo is better!
  7. Nice coin but I'm sure it will spot lol
  8. wanted

    Thanks for that @fehk2001 but there is no edit button on my first post, it's only on my last 2 posts, could it be because the post was started some time ago? Thanks
  9. wanted

    Thanks @noblestack but I have managed to acquire one, thank you tho. This thread should be completed but I don't know how to close it.
  10. Today I received a 10 oz lunar 2 monkey to finish of the type set, been on the look out for a while now and it finally showed up on chards at a very reasonable price compared to other German dealers. I also recieved the box for them to go in, I am really happy with the box, it makes the set look that extra bit special! I might have to start with the rest of the sets now lol but there is too many series's out there and I can't collect them all
  11. wanted

    I have a 1/4 gold maple if your interested?
  12. wanted

    Still on the look out for one if anyone has one
  13. Go for gold! I bought one a couple of weeks back now and it is such a nice coin! It makes me reallly want to get the rest of the series now tho lol, I still might get the 10 oz as I don't have a 10 oz coin yet, but I would rather buy a 10 oz lunar monkey which I need to complete the set