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  1. Today I received.....

    Hi @barney nice pick ups, does the hitler youth belt buckle have any makers marks on? also what's the names on the 1914-15 star trio?
  2. Will now sell for £30! Or will do a trade for any silver/ part silver coins
  3. sovs

    No worries, happy to help! Yea post up a pic and I'm sure someone will be able to help out
  4. sovs

    Hi @Augustus1 i have had a look through the gold sovereign book by Michael A Marsh and your coins as follows - 1871 - There where 2 reverses minted for this year, a st George and dragon design and also the shield design, their mintages are combined together so we won't know how many of each were minted. The total for this year is 8,767,250. If you have the shield back it is classed as common, if you have the st George back, that is also classed as common and if you have a st George back with the large B.P (designers intialls, as mentioned in my post earlyier) it is classed as scarce. 1891 - 6,329,476 - common 1892 - 7,104,720 - common 1896 - 3,334,065 - common 1905 - 5,910,403 - common 1911 - 30,044,105 - common 1912 - 30,317,921 - common 1920 P - 2,421,196 - common Hope this helps!
  5. Chards your experience?

    Ive ordered a few times from them and never had a problem
  6. sovs

    Not a problem, happy to help, the two tiny marks on the right of the date are B.P which are the initials for the designer Benedetto Pistrucci. It will definitely be worth while getting hold of a loupe, the mint marks are very small and hard to see especially if the coin is worn
  7. sovs

    No worries, the mint marks are M - Melbourne P - Perth S - Sydney C - Ottawa Canada I - India (only minted in 1918) SA - South Africa if you have any of the above let me know and I will check the mintages for you you will find them above the date, see the example pic of a 1914 Canada sov
  8. sovs

    Nice collection @Augustus1 have you checked to see if you have any mintmarks? it might be worth buying the gold sovereign book by Marsh which has lots of information and also lists all the mintages for each head/mintmark etc
  9. Conspiracies

    @kimchi I was only letting you know in regards to pictures and videos which where uncensored on a website, the rest of the message was not directed at you. I wasn't saying that there is no such thing or has ever been "false flags" 😂😂😂
  10. Conspiracies

    Just curious, have you ever seen an explosion or been anywhere near one?
  11. Conspiracies

    If you want to see real victims with real injurys then go on liveleak, there are a few videos on there of the attack. Also my girlfriends colleagues best friend is one of the missing from South Shields, End of the day there is over 20 innocent people / kids that have been killed and many more wounded! Not to mention all the kids who would of had to walk past the dead and wounded, they will be traumatised. I think some people need to get over there conspiracy theories and show some respect!
  12. Today I received.....

    Very nice @sg86! I feel a bit embarrassed putting mine up now 😂 Today I recieved my lucky dip full sov and I was please to see it was a old head Melbourne mint, so glad as I need this head. Only need a shield back a Perth, Sydney, Ottawa and South Africa minted sov now, I might also try and get one each of the modern queen heads then I will see where I can go from there
  13. Today I bought.....

    Will do! Nice buy I put in the notes, if possible could I please have a old head or a SA minted sov as I need both of those, just need to play the waiting game now and hope it's not a modern one 😂
  14. Today I bought.....

    Just bought a lucky dip sovereign from Atkinsons, won't receive now until Monday or Tuesday but on a plus side I have now completed my first gold goal of 100g! 😃 Fingers crossed for a old head sovereign as I don't have this type yet