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  1. War?

    Totally agree
  2. War?

    I know it was all about hearts and minds but I got mixed reviews from the locals, some like us and some didn't. The kids where the worst, happy to see us but then as we drive away, out came the rocks 😂 Some of the elders liked it and weren't bothered that their kids were doing it but when we started to fire mini flares at them, (In the general direction) and the flares started to go into the fields, they soon got their kids to stop 😂
  3. My first sovereign

    Congrats on your fist sovereign! A 1925 is on my list to buy as well. First of many sovereigns?
  4. for sale Gold Silver & Display Cabinet

    Display cabinet now sold! Many thanks again @Marko pleasure to do buisiness with you! Open to offers
  5. What do you stack and why ?

    Bit of both for me, I don't stack I just buy the stuff I like. For silver, I get the yearly Perth mint lunar 2 series in 1/2, 1 and 2 oz coins, a maple, panda and Somali elephant. I am thinking about getting the Rwanda lunar series but not to sure yet, my plan is to get rid of the other silver coins / bars I have so I only have a few series to collect. For gold, I started with everything I liked but I am starting to focus more on sovereigns now, mainly 1 from each mint and monarch but I might try and get a date run going, maybe King Edward sovs but not to sure.
  6. for sale Gold Silver & Display Cabinet

    No sorry, that's actually what I'm buying more off lol 😂
  7. Selling a few unwanted items so I can buy other things: Usual payment method PP F&F or Bank transfer. Postage - special delivery £7 - RM 2nd Class signed for £2.50 (1-2 items) and £3 (3+ items) 1 oz Silver 2012 PAMP Lunar Dragon bar - £32 1 oz Silver 2013 PAMP Lunar Snake bar - £32 1 oz Silver 2014 PAMP Lunar Horse bar - £32 If you want all 3 I will sell for £90 + postage 10g Silver 2012 PAMP Lunar Dragon bar - £17.50 10g Silver 2013 PAMP Lunar Snake bar - £17.50 If you want both 10g bars I will do both for £33 + postage Or the full Lot for £130 with free special delivery. 1g Gold PAMP Suisse bar - £46 Wooden 6 draw display cabinet with inserts. Case size approx 41x30x23cm, weights just under 10kg. Inserts X2 15 coin slots for 55x55mm, X2 24 coin slots for 45x45mm and X2 large inserts for bars etc SOLD OPEN TO OFFERS Any questions or for more photos please ask 😃
  8. War?

    They have poppy fields everywhere over there, I didn't see any US soldiers guarding them and we weren't guarding them ethier but then again I don't think they could of trusted squaddies guarding them 😂 but I was quite surprised that we didn't do anything about the opium plants, thats how some of the locals made money to live and to also help fund them to attack us in fighting season 😂
  9. I found a silver home

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
  10. Metal detecting

    I've tried it before, didn't like it, I also didn't find anything which was a good thing as it was in Afghanistan 😂
  11. Today I received.....

    Bought locally on the forum, super fast delivery and over the moon! Just need the 1/2 oz dog and the sets up to date
  12. Today I bought.....

    Not today but yesterday. Bought locally on the forum a 2008 1/2 oz silver lunar 2 mouse, been after one for some time now so happy I have managed to acquire one
  13. Recieved tubes today as well as some other bits and more than happy! Super fast and efficient service! Thanks so much again for your very kind offer! Your a credit to the forum 😃
  14. Today I received.....

    Not coins but coin related! I recieved a few items from @morezone today, I took him up with his very kind offer of free tubes, I also bought a nice box for my 1/2 oz lunars, all I need now is the non coloured 1/2 oz mouse! I'm still drooling over the 5kg of gold that has been posted! I feel a bit embarrassed posting this now 😂
  15. Collecting 1oz coins as a beginner

    I'm not much of a stacker and more of a collector, it's a great hobbie and at the same time you are investing and hopefully when it's time to sell you will make some money, win win! I only buy the coins I like, I started with one from each mint and bits and bobs from different series, I have now only decided to get each year the Perth mint Lunar 2 series, different designs each year, highly collectible, and good quality. I also get the Somali elephant, Chinese panda and a Canadian maple leaf, a lot of people don't like these as they spot but my first coin was a maple, so I had to get the complete date run. Also have a look at the Rwanda rooster and nautical ships series which look like great coins (on my to buy list lol) That's just my way, everyone is different and prefer different things but hopefully I have gave you a few ideas