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  1. Hi, Here I have for sale a circulated 1904 20 francs gold rooster(original,not a restrike) Price is 205 GBP (Royal Mail Special Delivery and ringed air tite capsule included in price) Paypal only please. ''Being minted especially for investors and collectors the 20 Francs Marianne Rooster gold coin is a bullion coin with the following characteristics: it has a purity of 90.00% which as a fractional number can be expressed as 900/1000 purity. This French gold coin is manufactured from 5.81 grams of pure gold or, otherwise expressed, 0.1867 troy ounces of pure gold. The overall weight, containing also the weight of the alloy is 6.45 grams. On the list of characteristics we should add the 21 mm diameter. 20 Franc coins dated 1899 - 1906 are the original issue coin - the other dates 1907 - 1914 are almost certainly restrikes which were issued 1921 and 1951-1960 by the Paris Mint. ''
  2. Will gold hit $1,500 this year?

    850 GBP by end of summer
  3. eBay & Coin Market Values

    Indeed,but that takes time and kindness I`d buy from you without hesitation.
  4. eBay & Coin Market Values

    I would not send money through PP FF just to save 10 pounds.I can get the same product for a bit more from reputable dealers.
  5. eBay & Coin Market Values

    If that`s the case then I won`t buy Queens beast.I`ll buy all the indian heads plus one buffalo or St Gaudens.I can`t wait
  6. eBay & Coin Market Values

    I wish I have big dealers like Apmex or Provident here in UK.I think I will buy some graded pre-1933 coins from Apmex by end of year.I also hope I wont be charged with VAT by the ''Pirates''
  7. eBay & Coin Market Values

    Ebay is the best place to buy coins for me.Dealers always ask more money for the real value/condition of the coin but with my patience and perseverance I have managed to buy for less money and better condition from ordinary people . PCGS prices are in dollars if I`m right and you would have to convert in your own currency.I find the PCGS price guide quite right but prices can fluctuate drastically over a short time. Regarding the re-sale price on Ebay. The difference in price,let`s say for an MS69 to MS70 is huge.With older coins ,even toning and a good strike attracts more money.Some people over price their coins because they are greedy or have no idea what the real value and condition of the coin is.Compared with last year,on Ebay,there are less coins for sale and in worse condition.
  8. Royal Mint return policy?

    I would moan over a 5 pounds coin mate.It`s not about how much you spend,it`s about principles.Everyone has different degrees of acceptances.Someone might just stack PM`s or just collect coins or both in the same time. Why you stigmatise people for their principles? We would still be living in grass huts if everyone would think the same.
  9. 1887 Victoria Double Florin - Proof or Not

    Yes,sorry,frosted Queen .Please have a look at these double florins graded Proof`s by London Coins http://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Double+Florin+1887&category=9&searchtype=1 Some have thick rims some don`t
  10. 1887 Victoria Double Florin - Proof or Not

    Mine does have mirror like fields and the 'frozen' Queen. ''There are simply far too many prooflike currency pieces - or at least, UNC examples with highly mirrored fields but with the raised design not mirrored - to be explained by polished blanks. I believe it is more likely that the proof dies were used on normal blanks once the proof strikings were complete, as there would have been plenty of life left in them. Even with a single strike rather than double, this would have produced coins with a prooflike finish, but without the sharp rims that the specially prepared blanks would have had.'' Seems plausible.
  11. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    I bought in January 2017 , its 1.5pounds/oz for me not really a big loss and I bought kookaburras,2 rolls plus some generics. Luckily I spent twice or more on older coins. I`m afraid the silver price will most likely hit 8-9 pounds.oz in max 2 years due to the pound recovery (slight recover), a drop in demand and increasing selling.Full break on stacking silver for me but I really want to hold a decent silver bar in my hands.
  12. Silver mistakes - yours or others

    I think most of us feel the same If i dont buy silver the price goes to the moon but as soon as I buy it goes down dramatically
  13. 1887 Victoria Double Florin - Proof or Not

    Very similar with this PCGS graded one.The Queen looks ''frozen'',definitely different to the lower fields of the coin.