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  1. I have a few of these for sale. Range from ~$250-$750 Purchased from reputable auction houses in Europe. Can show invoices upon request. Contact me for details. Attica, Athens Tetradrachm (Circa 454-404 BC) .Obv: Helmeted head of Athena rightRev: Owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent to left; all within incuse square.Condition: Very fine. Some have test cuts on the reverse.The Athenian tetradrachm was widely used in transactions throughout the ancient Greek world, including in cities politically unfriendly to Athens. The Athenian tetradrachm was stamped with the head of Athena on the obverse, and on the reverse the image of the owl of Athena, the iconographic symbol of the Athenian polis, with a sprig of olive and a crescent for the moon. According to Philochorus, it was known as glaux (γλαύξ, little owl) throughout the ancient world and "owl" in present-day numismatics. The design was kept essentially unchanged for over two centuries. The "owls-tetradrachms" available those days mainly from the silver mines of Laurium in Greece financed the several achievements of Athens, such as the reconstruction of the Acropolis, building the Parthenon, as well as many wars, including the Peloponnesian War.
  2. It would have gone to Beijing
  3. I wonder if you would send close to $1000 worth?
  4. Yes, very good point. That sealed the deal for me. If it was a cheaper coin I would risk it. But not for a $750 coin.
  5. A Chinese Ebay buyer ordered an expensive ancient greek silver coin ($750) and when I went to the US post office they warned against sendg gold and silver into China because it was likely to be confiscated even though we were shipping it registered and insured mail. Does anyone have experience with shipping into China? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because the order is waiting. Thanks
  6. Welcome. I buy from Sunshine Mint because I want to support US silver and gold mining. And the low prices, and tax exemptions when selling.
  7. My Youtube videos
  8. Hmm Check my thread in The Rest of the World. I will post some individual pictures. Here is a tidbit from Wikipedia about Tokugawa coinage Nibuban and Ichibuban[edit] A Tenpō silver Ichibuban (1837-1854). The Nibuban (二分判) was worth half a Koban and was rectangular gold coin. The Ichibuban (一分判) could be either made of silver or gold, in which case it was a quarter of a Koban. The gold Ichibuban of 1714 (佐渡一分判金) had a weight of 4.5 g, with 85.6% of gold and 14.2% of silver. The silver Ichibuban from 1837 to 1854 (Tenpō Ichibugin, 天保一分銀, "Old Ichibuban") weighed 8.66 g, with an alloy of 0.21% gold and 98.86% silver.[4] Nishuban and Isshuban[edit] There were then Nishuban (二朱判) and Isshuban (一朱判) small denominations of silver or gold, before getting to the Mon or Sen bronze coins. From 1853 to 1865, the silver Isshuban (Kaei Isshugin, 嘉永一朱銀) weighed 1.88 g, with an alloy of 1.7% gold, 98.7% silver and 1.12% copper.[4] Genroku gold Nishuban (1695-1710). Bunsei gold Isshuban (1819-1828). The sizes are small, The largest is the Ichibu Gin or Ichibuban Silver bar about 1/2" x 1" the others are smaller. I have one that is about 3/4" by 2 inches.
  9. Just got these yesterday. Bought directly from a coin shop in Japan in Japanese. こちらにも誰か日本語が話せる方居ますか? Small gold and silver bars directly from Japan, the money during the samurai era of Japan. Very happy with the quality and packaging. From several different eras, Ansei, Meiji, etc.All from around 1850. More than 100 years old.
  10. Small gold and silver bars directly from Japan, the money during the samurai era of Japan.From several different eras, Ansei, Meiji, etc.All from around 1850. More than 100 years old. Straight from a coin shop in Japan.Beautiful condition. Great prices.Smaller Isshu Gin silver-$20 Larger Ichibu Gin silver- $45 Smaller Nishu Kin gold- $50 Larger Nichibu Kin gold-$75 +$2 shipping +3% for Paypal Also available on Ebay. Check my store. Payment by Paypal, Google Wallet, or Bitcoin accepted. http://stores.ebay.com/sostratosfinest
  11. Lot of 5 small bronze coins from the Late Roman Empire. Several different types. Size from 10-15mm. 2 Theodosius the Great coins 379-395 A.D. Obverse: Bust of Theodosius the Great Reverse: Goddess Victory dragging war a captive and trophy 2 Theodosius the Great coins 379-395 A.D. Obverse: Bust of Theodosius the Great Reverse: Wreath with inscription 1 Constantine the Great coin 309-337 AD Obverse: Veiled Bust of Constantine the Great Reverse: Standing visage of Constantine the Great Absolutely beautiful condition. A fantastic addition to any collection. $55 including shipping.
  12. The gold coin actually has a mint of ~4000 not 2000. Sorry
  13. Stunning 2016 1/4 ounce pure gold coin from the Korean government mint, KOMSCO, featuring the beautiful Korean tiger. Extremely rare and only 4,032 minted! Wonderful addition to any collection. 7.78 grams of 99.99% pure gold. Comes with plastic coin case and mint case. Expedited shipping from South Korea with tracking number. I can offer this much cheaper here than on Ebay. $500, free shipping Payment through Paypal or Bitcoin. Can also order through my Ebay store if you wish. Search thread title on Ebay. I am the ONLY seller.