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  1. Good shout. I bought a half on ebay that was advertised as a full. Seller was fine about resolving it immediately, so I don't think it was deliberate. We agreed a partial refund to equal the correct cost. Some people simply do not know the difference.
  2. Time will tell. It was the only 2017 I didn't go for.
  3. I sold a double and a single from a triple set at the start of the year. The single fetched £1100 and i could only get £900 on the double. The doubles just don't have the demand of the singles. Given the size, they naturally exhibit loads of detail and a real beautiful coin to behold
  4. They've never had them except once. They keep the listing open as it adds keywords to their website, hence bringing it up in more web searches
  5. I've been watching a few. Plenty of buy me now listing for around £320-350. This is my third. I have one in a set, one slabbed and one raw. I personally think they'll appreciate nicely to around 50% of the price of the full versions.
  6. Yes, there's a larger premium on half sov's as they are a small fractional, more so when buying bullion. I'm more concerned with the key dates and high grade coins. The 1989 is 1/3 the cost of the full. Seeing similar for the 2002/2012/2017. The older key dates are good value too for what they are compare with buying key dates in full sovs
  7. Haha, I just noticed that. Had to go back and correct some spellings
  8. I'm lucky to have a 1937 set, but missing the full. Definitely a half worth owning
  9. I agree, the cost is the main reason I've turned to them. I'm certain in the coming years the demand will increase and bring the more collectible half's to 50% of the value of the full sovs. Right now I'm filling my boots. Some real bargains to be had compared to the full counterparts
  10. I've generally wondered why this is the case. I've built a very nice collection of full sovereigns and have now turned my hand to collecting halves. Given that half sovereigns come in at very accessible prices to collectors, I'm surprised to not see more collectors and more demand. Take the 1989 proof. I've just picked up a very nice half today for £296. However the full sells for as much 3,5 times the price of a half. Given the price accessibility, I'd have thought there would be more collectors
  11. for sale 1887 Victoria Jubilee Head Crown

  12. Nice example of an 1887 Victoria jubilee head crown with very nice detail and blue toning. Two sets of images taken to highlight the detail and the other set to highlight blue toning. £50ono, paypal f&f or add 4% for fees. Bank transfer also welcome Standard postage free, or buyer to pay for recorded for £2.50 additional.
  13. .925 Silver Crowns

    I'm sorting through an old collection which contains 43 pre 1920 crowns among other things. The majority are graded less than fine and are worth silver weight only. Given their size and relative weight, would you say they are they worth stacking up or would you sell them and move the money in to bullion grade coins instead? I know some like .925 in their stacks, but is there any advantage to this method of stacking?
  14. Has anybody bought from or know....

    I've bought from him many times although not via ebay, but via his own website. Great service and Martin keeps you up to date on the status of your order.
  15. Gold buyers

    @Markh Yes I did. That was the medal that earned me a knighthood for services to the sport of cook smoking.