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  1. wanted

    Hi all, decided a bit late that I fancy collecting the 1/4 oz QB and would ideally like to go with the RM ones as they come in the screw-cap. I'm ready to buy the first two but wondered if anyone has a spare lion in the RM capsule they would be willing to sell so I can keep them the same. If not I may as well get them all from Atkinsons. Cheers Martin
  2. Sounds good to me. Drop me a PM when you have them. Thanks Stu.
  3. Hi Stu, i'd be looking at anything from 6 to 20 if you have enough. Martin
  4. Hi all, does anyone have the Air-Tite X 38 deep capsules for the Queens Beasts? I'm thinking of putting through an order to the US but thought I'd check first. happy to add some extras on the order if anyone wants some? Martin
  5. Hi all, I only stumbled across the world of silver a few months ago while looking for a gorilla related gift ideas for the wife. Came across the Congo 1 oz coins and love the idea of splitting some of my spare cash into it from a something a bit different and fun point of view. I'm not talking big sums of money, my initial thoughts are every year to try and get a full 25 coin tube of Britannia's and a couple of each of half a dozen different mainstream coins such as Kookaburras, Panda's etc just to collect the different designs over the years. My aim is medium term up to retirement (20 years) before starting to cash things in. This forum has been great in finding further information and i'm sure I will benefit from the wealth of experience on here, although I keep finding more things that I like (loved the Chinese silver note set that morezone reviewed on youtube) Martin