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  1. for sale Silver and Gold

    Bump, prices reduced. Last chance before eBay gets them.
  2. for sale Silver and Gold

    Few bits for Sale: 1/10 1987 Gold Britannia - £110 - SOLD 1oz 2016 Canadian Maple (In Capsule) - £18 1oz 2017 Falklands Britannia (Error Coin) - £38 - SOLD 1oz 2017 Falklands Britannia (Error Coin, Marked) - £26 All prices not inclusive of post.
  3. Help saving on Ebay PM Purchases

    You earn points based on your spending. Every 500 points is worth £2.50
  4. Help saving on Ebay PM Purchases

    In the UK you can link your eBay account to a Nectar Card and earn points. When you accumulate a certain amount you can get money off vouchers that you can use on eBay. Even better if you shop a Sainsburys as well.
  5. Any Coinbase users here?

    I would personally avoid coinbase. Its a very good app, easy to use and deposit funds. But withdrawing it, thats another story. I had a little dabble, just to test the water, my £30 investment had grown to £50 in a short time. So, to make sure everything works ok, i went to withdraw. So i cashed in the bitcoin/litecoin to GBP within the app, for a fee of £1.99 per currency. So now my £50 is down to £46. Ok, lets get this cash out, except there is no option to withdraw GBP, it has to be euro (it doesn't tell you this when you sign up). but to do this i need to convert to a crytpo and then into euro, incurring a £1.99 for each. Now down to £42. So, to confirm my bank account I have to make a deposit to coinbase, in euro. Now this incurs a bank charge for the transaction, £9. now down to £33. Now i know once the bank is confirmed, it isn't charged again so the next transaction will be cheaper. great for purchasing, nightmare to withdraw, in the UK anyway. And, as other people have mentioned, the app shuts down when the price drops significantly. It took weeks to get verified.transactions don't register sometimes so your'e not sure whether to hit buy again or wait and see if it did actually work.
  6. New to Forum

    Hi guys, new to forum although been reading for a few weeks now. loads of information I've read and has pointed me to Germany for bulk purchases, although I don't have money available as yet. In the now, I will be looking at small purchases to start. For a long term investment Brits seem to be the way to with them being CGT exempt. But one thing I can't find is where people by one of purchases as delivery can be a killer. Can anyone point me to a thread? i have come across silvertrader.uk but wonder if there is anywhere else. Gold is a little out of reach at the moment. also, I like the idea of other coins I.e maples but is there a benefit. i know these have probably been asked a million times but tracking down a thread is proving difficult. thanks guys and hope to be a frequent visitor here