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  1. completed 50 pesos for under spot posted!!

    Hahahahahaha I nearly spat me tea out then 😂😂😂. I’m tryin my hardest to resist the brown finger comebacks..... have some decorum lea 😂😂😂
  2. completed 50 pesos for under spot posted!!

    I’ve Put it aside for goldfinga sorry Ollie. If he changes his mind I’ll let you kno 😃 And helllllllloooo there fehk 😃 a naked cup noodle dance hey.... I’ll have to think about that 1 hahaha
  3. completed 50 pesos for under spot posted!!

    Tell him to pm me 😃
  4. completed 50 pesos for under spot posted!!

    They are lush 😍. I can’t believe I’ve finally got 1!!. They’re smaller than I was expecting but still heavy. Thanks crypto lol.
  5. Hi guys 😃 The fruits of my crypto labour have come in the form of gold. If any1 would like this for £1140 posted, which is currently under spot value, let me know. Bank transfers only. I’ll pay the postage fully insured. Open until Monday only. cheers
  6. Today I Received

    Today from my crypto investment. I’ve wanted one of these for ages!! Finally got two!! Ones for sale tho for spot 😃.
  7. aaaaand...its gone! (Bitcoin to gold?)

    Just before it all started to tank, I took out my initial investment and bought 2 50 gold peso’s. How lucky was that!! Only profit left in there now so it’s not too bad. Crypto will bounce back. This is just a Christmas sale haha 😃.
  8. I would love more women to be involved in pm’s. There is literally only a hand full of us in this forum. This is probably because most women like spending money not saving it!! Most of my mates think I’m weird for loving coins haha. But I will be the 1 laughing when I have a 20000 pound collection and all they have is used shoes 😂.
  9. A newbie from the hills of Wales!

    Hey gedmunds 😃 I started on silver, then got swayed by gold. I’ve got a pretty diversed stack. Mostly sovs and francs. The alternative design sovs are always a good by. A little pricey but worth it. I am yet to acquire any queens beasts but they seem to be very popular amongst forum members. Nxt on my hit list is either a 2005 proof Aussie sov as chards have them for nearly bullion price, or an Albert 1st Belgium 20 franc as it has a limited mintage and is a nice piece of history. Is it mostly modern bullion your interested in?
  10. what is your favorite piece in your stack?

    An AN xi nepoleon Bonaparte 20franc. I love how old it is and the history behind it.
  11. For gold and crypto lovers

    wow lol
  12. For gold and crypto lovers

    I’d love to kno how much they are.
  13. Do I have a strategy yet?

    It’s around the corner from me. Could save on some postage haha.
  14. A newbie from the hills of Wales!

    Hello and welcome to the forum 😃. I’m from Swansea. Not quite the valleys but not too far away. Nice stack. Are you focusing more on silver or gold?
  15. Do I have a strategy yet?

    Hi gorseinon boy 😃. Interesting topic, one that all of us have had to deal with at some point. Stacking does become a bit of an obsession at first but a soon as your other half sees it as a way of saving money they soon back off. Us women are programmed to nag so if it’s not about coins it’ll b about something else haha. Do I detect some welsh heritage?