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  1. Nano is perfect for arbitrage between exchanges. The first major exchange to list it as a trading pair is gonna make a stack of cash. It’s nice to have the Nanex exchange but the trading volume and choice of coins is not quite there yet. I’m my opinion its the best payment coin because of speed and it’s free. Even with lightning network btc transactions are still not free. There has been some issues of late worth the bitgrail fiasco and nodes not working properly but any project is gonna have teething problems. For me, privacy is not an issue but I understand it is for others. It’s great time to stock up with the price low atm. I got burned a little when the price dropped from the £15 mark but only a little as I sold and rebought in when the wallet came out. It’s definatly one to watch in the crypto space in the coming mths.
  2. @KDave I totally agree with the software coming from third parties point. Some of it is a nightmare. Exchanges have also been less than trust worthy. Some tokens are just terrible!! Hopefully all the speculation will die down. There are some really good ideas being built on the blockchain. A lot of money can be made from investing in good companies. I see it like investing in businesses. If their plan is good, team are up to scratch, they meet their deadlines and there is a real life purpose for the token they’re offering, then I invest. It’s just a shame the crappy 1’s get thro. Some people just buy into the idea of making a quick buck and the crappy tokens capitalise on that.
  3. I hold nano. It is the cheapest and fastest payment coin available. Hopefully it will take off. You should apply for the nano iOS wallet trial. It’s awesome 😃. You should diversify though as with any investment.
  4. Lol I don’t see society ever being cash free. It’s the only true anonymous form of currency that doesn’t require a processor to accept it. That said the amount of card transactions instead of cash these days is phenomenal. We already use digital currency produced by banks on a screen. Crypto just takes that power away from banks and puts it into the hand of the individual.
  5. I have 8. I’m mostly in neo, 55%, then gvt, 15%, ont which I had for free, nano, Monaco I’ve saved for the lovley card, vechain I entered this wk, coss from when I had loads and sold most of it for a hefty profit and the gas I get for free. Most of its profit. Only in for a few hundred that I’ve put in this wk so I’m lucky really. It can tank and I’m still up from the profit I’ve already taken out.
  6. I think pretty much all the top 10 coins should at least double when this crash is over. I’ve made nice low entry points in vechain and genius vision during this crash. I’m considering making a tidy size purchase of either eth or ltc if this crash is still in full swing come nxt wk.
  7. 20 French francs advice please

    Wow those are beautiful 😍.
  8. I’ve bought more the last few days. Who knows how long this crash will last, but at some point it’s gonna recover then we’ll see some impressive gains!!
  9. 20 French francs advice please

    @Kookaburracollector I love the design on the 20 franc roosters. You can get some in really good condition for bullion price. I thought about filling a tube of them myself but I like collecting the different designs on some of the other 20 franc pieces. I wouldn’t mind a 1oz buffalo tho. They look amazing coins 😃.
  10. 20 French francs advice please

    @Ravinella they are 22ct the same as a sovereign. 5.81g total gold content. A bullion rooster works out at £31.50 a gram and a sov is £31.35 a gram so not too much difference in price ( prices from bairds). There are many different varieties so lots of countries involved so can be Intresting to collect. The more rare ones, like with sovs do command some premium. I collect both sovs and Latin monetary union coins, but there is a hell of a lot more variety with the 20 franc series to keep me occupied. I got this list off a YouTube guy the other day just to give you an insight into how many different coins are involved. It’s a long term project that’s for sure. Ps... it’s in German 😃 http://www.rene-finn.de/lmugold.html
  11. 20 French francs advice please

    I think the same about my stack. I prefer coins in hand than in a slab. The angels are beautiful coins. It was the first 20 franc I purchased and I’ve told my other half if I die, I wanna take the angel with me in my pocket for luck 😃. The kids can have the rest lol. They are gettin a little harder to come across than a few yrs ago. Is it just the angels your accumulating?
  12. Yeah it was. It is beautiful 😍. I was considering doing a where do you keep your stack style vid. The Helvetica coin is lovley. Much nicer than I expected.
  13. 20 French francs advice please

    I’d buy the ones in the photo for 10% less. Unless your planning on sending them to ngc, grading is subjective. You could pay 10% more for the same coins in the same grade. At least 3 of those pictures look to be in good condition and the two others are not in terrible condition either. Have you checked the dates to see if there are any rare 1’s included? Could be a nice bonus if there are. When you go sell them don’t mention a grade. It’s up to the buyer to interpret the grade themselfs and be happy to pay the price your offering.
  14. Hi guys 😃 Heres some Latin monetary union stack additions to my gold stack.