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  1. Great customer service and very competitive prices. I'd definitely order again.
  2. U are like the noodle king haha 😜
  3. Thanks buddy 😃. I was landed when I won!!
  4. Hello and welcome 😃.
  5. Hello and welcome 😃. Are you thinking of investing in bars or coins? Are you based in the U.K.?
  6. Hello and welcome 😃
  7. Hello and welcome 😃.
  8. Hello and welcome 😃.
  9. Hello and welcome 😃.
  10. Hello and welcome 😃.
  11. I agree with Paul. Gold sovs are affordable and easy liquidate as and when needed. welcome to the forum by the way 😃.
  12. Hi Alan 😃. Welcome to the forum.
  13. A circulated Kew id b after. Don't think I'm ever gonna get 1 in my change!!