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  1. A lovely AN12 Nepolian Bonaparte 20 franc coin from bleyer bullion. Bargain at 222 posted. Can't seem to upload photos tho anybody kno why? They're on an iPhone SE Live Photos turned off.
  2. Coin arrived today and it's in fantastic condition. I'm so pleased with it. I see you have some an13 as well. When I have time later I'm going to buy 1 of these. It not often they come up so mite as well get it while I can. I had amazing customer service and even had a free coin capsule!! I'm a very happy customer 😃.
  3. The coin was really good value I am sooo looking forward to getting it. When it does arrive I'll put a pic up on the today I received post stating where I got it. There are a few people on here that collect 20francs you never know u mite get some interest. I'd love to have a coin shop locally. The only one we have down in west wales mostly deals in generic bullion.
  4. I love these old French coins. They're good value and it's great holding something in your hand that dates back to the French Revolution. Usually the only place that sells the older 1's is chards but they're expensive. Ive never heard of your company before. Have you been around long?
  5. Lovely thanks I just ordered the an12 coin. Don't see them much. Really appreciate it 😃
  6. I wanted the 1851 or 1852. The one that was only minted for 2 yrs. I have the other 1's they were offering. I was tempted with the angel but I already have 1 and the 1 I wanted is on coin invest so im gonna order 1 from there.
  7. Thanks buddy ill give them a ring 2moro 😀
  8. Hi guys So I was given some cash for my birthday and decided to buy a 20 franc republic from Baird & co. Ordered it and paid on the 19th of December. All Christmas ive been looking forward to receiving the coin. I was aware that they where closed over Xmas so I knew I was in for a wait. Emailed them asking about my order on the 4th when I was informed that there had been a mistake with the computer system and they didn't actually have the coin in stock, so I was offered a rooster, angel or Neapolitan instead. To which I declined as I wanted the republic. And ive heard nothing since. No email stating Id get my money back and no refund. I can understand a computer mistake these things happen, but im peeved off with the lack of communication. Surely an email informing me of their mistake isn't asking too much instead of waiting for me to chase them. Or an email stating I can have a refund when they sold me an item they didn't have. Im royally cheesed off. Just hope they hurry up and give me my refund so I can order 1 from coin invest. Ahhhhhh rant over lol.