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  1. Hello!

    Hello and welcome 😃.
  2. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome 😃.
  3. Hello everybody

    Hello and welcome 😃.
  4. Hello The Silver World!

    Hello and welcome 😃.
  5. Dimensions of coins

    I use gold line when sizing coins for capsule. Just click the coin and all the information is there.
  6. lol I only now checked haha I got two pf70's 😃
  7. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I've told you I only do pot noodles haha 😃
  8. NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Yayyyy I got 2 pf70's for my ducat and sotd sov. I'm so pleased 😃. Thanks numi you do an awesome job.
  9. I better start praying to the all mighty grading gods then 😂
  10. Not painted varnished..., my ducat might get a **** grade don't kno yet 😃
  11. This came the other day to keep my loose non collectables in. You gotta love a nice wooden box haha.
  12. Hello everybody !

    Hello and welcome 😃. I love the history side of coin too. You can't beat holding an old coin in your hand and wondering where it came from and what it's been used for. I'm not too fussed on American coins. I prefer sovereigns and really like 20 franc coins among others. But I can't get my hands on an anxi 20 franc anywhere over here!! There are some extortionate prices on eBay but they are few and far between. I don't suppose you know how much I should be looking at spending on 1? I have looked on French coin sellers websites but I don't read French so I'm screwed really haha. Thanks in advance 😊
  13. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    Thanks for your responses guys 😃. It's good to know I'm not the only 1 who has been thinking about this. I think I just need some discipline to hold back on the proofs for a while and focus more on bullion. Throw in a semi numi once in a while to keep me interested.
  14. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    Making lots of contacts across the numismatic world is not for me. As much as I love chatting with people about different coins, I haven't really got the time to be exploring it any further. I would consider selling abroad. I can't say I've ever done it but if I was to get a better price, that wouldn't be a problem. I am a private collector and as such probably need to add more bullion to ensure a proportionally trouble free exit. I could trade down for more bullion, but I don't want to do that that just adds hassle and all the items I have in the colletion part of my stack I adore. Its my buying strategy that has prompted this evaluation. It hasn't of late fitted my exit plan. 90% of the coins I've bought his year have been proofs. Nxt yr it needs to be the other way around to strike some sort of balance.
  15. What % of your stack should be bullion?

    As a forum member I would advise new stackers to think about they're exit plan then decide what to buy. As a collector I want the nxt expensive, rare addition to add to my super duper box of shiny loveliness. Re-evaluating my stack now and again is a good thing. Maybe I'll take some of my own advice haha. ps.... 10 points if any1 picked up the twin town reference 😂.