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  1. Well that's a good piece of advice 😃 Learn something new everyday. Cheers.
  2. Just like normal kiddie chalk?
  3. Twice I've been caught on eBay. The first time was for a 500gm silver bar that was never sent. The seller tried telling me some sob story about how he'd sent loads of different orders out and none of them had been delivered and all the members had left bad feedback ruining his business!! The second time was for a tiny gold coin that when arrived i instantly knew was fake. The seller tried his luck saying he'd bought it from the mint so it couldn't be. I sent photos of how the plating had chipped off and left a silver coloured inner. He soon gave me a refund when I opened a pay pal dispute. Both times PayPal have been brilliant. I had to wait a mth for a refund but if the seller is in the wrong they back you all the way.
  4. The only thing that smells musty is my 1989 proof but it came like that. Not a mark on it tho. Everything else is fine. Thanks for your help 😃.
  5. It's in a safe in and internal wall. Would that be to blame? Do u think those gel packets would help?
  6. It's not a red spot more like a rose gold colour over a quarter of the shield.
  7. Mine is 36.5:1 silver to gold. I started pretty much the same. I only wanted to accumulate silver, but when I tallied up wot I'd spent verses current spot price every mth, the 20% vat left a huge negative margin. Now I only buy gold. I get some silver usually given to me as presents but that's free so doesn't count haha. I'm in a possitive balance on how much I've spent on gold compared to spot price. The gold price was pretty low when I started which was great but as for how long with prices this high who knows.
  8. + 1 for coin invest. I've had a few from there the last few yrs. bleyer bullion had some 20 francs reduced a few wks ago I had a cracker from them, came in capsules 2.
  9. I quite fancy the Albert 1 Belgium 20 francs for my next gold purchase. There are just so many to choose from it's gonna take me 10 years to get them all 😂.
  10. I suppose god could have been worse and tarnished the 1989 or 2017 sov, at least it was the cheaper 1. I just hope it spreads all over the coin and gives it a nice rose gold colour.
  11. I quite like 20 francs. They're not far off spot, 5.8g so affordable, I've got 1 from 1803 so there old and loads of different designs from various countries. Keeps me interested.
  12. Buy whatever keeps you interested. Sovereigns are lovely coins and you can't fault them for resalability, but I find they can get a bit boring after a while unless you collect the alternate designs.
  13. So today I got all my gold out of the safe to have a nice look at what I've got. Only to find my 2002 proof half sovereign has some discolouration to the bottom left of the shield 😭😭. Is this my fault? Is it going to spread to the rest of the coin? Is there something I can do to stop it happening to my other proofs? A couple of other coins have it that I was previously aware of, mostly Perth mint stuff that came like it.
  14. Nice idea for a thread..... my plans are Russian 10 roubles 2005 proof half sov 1997 proof 1/4 brit 2001 proof 1/4 brit 20 franc ain't decided what 1 yet bought the nepolian premier council 1 a few mths back so maybe a napolian 1815.