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  1. Invite some spurs fans over we could do with some crazyness 😃. Welcome back buddy.
  2. @Cointreau haven't heard you about in ages!! How are u doing fella? 😃. Bet the Georgian sovs r cool.
  3. Baird bar reduced to £250
  4. Hi numi 😃 Grading in June is a great idea for the 2017 new releases. I'll b submitting mine if that's ok. Will pm u when it arrives. I really like the Great Britain label, but does the early release label or the first release label make it more desirable to collectors on the secondary market? Just wondering what other people's experience is with the re sale of graded coins and labelling.
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum 😃.
  6. Hello and welcome 😃.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum Wes 😃.
  8. Hello and welcome 😃.
  9. Hello and welcome 😃.
  10. I'm gonna get three complete sets. Shame u missed the error penguin that's gonna b the cherry on the cake. I hope they do well. They should do. Everybody loves animal coins and these r also coloured for a tener. Can't see them ever being sold for less than issue price.
  11. Hahaha such a charmer as always 😃.
  12. Imagine if I'd modelled it naked!!! B gone in seconds 😂😂😂
  13. Hi guys Baird & co silver bar £250 Vintage JM queens silver jubilee bar £275. SOLD Payment via bank transfer or pay pal. Please add postage of your choice. Thanks 😃.
  14. Hello and welcome 😃.