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    All sorts 😀
  1. Brill! Now I feel a bit silly. I'll be in touch when the Nautical Santa Marias arrive 😀
  2. I understand what you're saying shortstack but I was talking to Silvergun. If I had a graded coin we could trade but I only have the ungraded coins coming unfortunately. Silvergun: If there's a some members that can vouch for you I'd happily send my coin first. Obviously nobody here knows me yet so I'd have to send first anyway. 😀 I'll upload some name and date shots when the ships arrive.
  3. Understood Silvergun. I'm new here so don't know anyone. Could Backyardbullion possibly vouch for you? Maybe we could use someone as a intermediary? Sorry if I'm causing offence Tom
  4. Are you a member of any of the facebook groups?
  5. I know buddy. Sorry I can't help 😕 I know buddy sorry I can't help 😕
  6. Great Silvergun! I'm not sure how we'll swap though. Obviously we don't know eachother so it would have to be done on trust.
  7. Unfortunately not Shortstack. I have 5 coming so I could swap the one that looks the mot like an MS70 lol
  8. Sorry.....SILVER. Your youtube videos are great btw 😀
  9. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong 😀 I have some Proof Rwanda Nautical Santa Maria coins coming soon and wondered if anyone would be willing to trade a Rooster for a Santa Maria? Many thanks Tom
  10. Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    So...what dealers will have the Lunar Dogs in first?
  11. Newbie Silver Stack Question (NEWBIE)

    I know they will come loose if I order 10s. Will they be worth less that if bought in tubes? I didn't think this was the case
  12. Newbie Silver Stack Question (NEWBIE)

    Thanks for all the info guys! Now. I understand that a 1oz coin of silver is a 1 oz coin of silver but I read advice from some people that say when starting out you should buy the least common coins that will gain a higher premium when eventually sold. BUT, some others say you should start with the most common e.i: Britannias, Maples etc. Bearing this in mind what do you think I should go for first? See below details and prices from Silver to Go..... I plan to purchasee 30 1oz coins, 10 of 3 different types.......... Coin: 1 oz Maple Leaf | Silver | 2016 (Canada) £17,62 Coin: 1 oz Britannia | Silver | 2016 (United Kingdom) £18,34 Coin: 1 oz Kangaroo | Silver | 2016 (Australia)£17,62 Coin: 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic | Silver | 2016 (Austria)£17,71 Coin: 1 oz American Eagle | Silver | 2016 (USA) £18,41 Tom
  13. Hi all, I'm going to buy my first silver 1oz coins from silver-to-go in Germany (I'm from the UK) Daft question but what percentage over spot price do most people pay??? Cant find the answer anywhere. I was looking a Britannias but I will have to pay about £4 per coin over spot. I've only heard people on youtube saying they pay almost exactly spot when they buy coins. Please educate an idiot :-) Tom