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  1. I know they will come loose if I order 10s. Will they be worth less that if bought in tubes? I didn't think this was the case
  2. Thanks for all the info guys! Now. I understand that a 1oz coin of silver is a 1 oz coin of silver but I read advice from some people that say when starting out you should buy the least common coins that will gain a higher premium when eventually sold. BUT, some others say you should start with the most common e.i: Britannias, Maples etc. Bearing this in mind what do you think I should go for first? See below details and prices from Silver to Go..... I plan to purchasee 30 1oz coins, 10 of 3 different types.......... Coin: 1 oz Maple Leaf | Silver | 2016 (Canada) £17,62 Coin: 1 oz Britannia | Silver | 2016 (United Kingdom) £18,34 Coin: 1 oz Kangaroo | Silver | 2016 (Australia)£17,62 Coin: 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic | Silver | 2016 (Austria)£17,71 Coin: 1 oz American Eagle | Silver | 2016 (USA) £18,41 Tom
  3. Hi all, I'm going to buy my first silver 1oz coins from silver-to-go in Germany (I'm from the UK) Daft question but what percentage over spot price do most people pay??? Cant find the answer anywhere. I was looking a Britannias but I will have to pay about £4 per coin over spot. I've only heard people on youtube saying they pay almost exactly spot when they buy coins. Please educate an idiot :-) Tom