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  1. Goldsilver.be blues, part 2

    @savoyardYou're not the only one. I've ordered 4 times now from goldsilver.be using TransferWise and 3 of those times they didn't automatically detect the payment, presumably due to TransferWise being a middle man so to speak. I waited over a week the first time only for them to cancel the order due to them not detecting the funds, they honoured the order despite spot having shot up a bit. What I do now is; as soon as I've received it I forward them the TransferWise transaction confirmation email, this seems to have rectified the problem for me. I really appreciate you sharing your experience, I was a bit more relaxed about it but if I'd have spent the kind of money you did then I'd have been much more concerned! I too was a bit of a long time lurker who'd signed up to share a couple of bad experiences which were immediately dismissed by a few established forum members, I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Today I Received

    Thanks @sixgun , this could prove useful as I did indeed pay 20% VAT, I think I shall have to be quick though, I paid ParcelForce on 18/03/2017. I shall investigate! To anyone in the UK interested in purchasing from silverstatues.com: I would ask them to print the above and include it in your parcel and with any relevant documentation.
  3. Today I Received

    Something a little different courtesy of silverstatues.com I was really hoping these would be VAT exempt on UK import since they're both collectable and art but that wasn't the case.
  4. 2017 Dragon and Phoenix mint error?

    It was a guy named Badon on reddit. Link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/coins/comments/5bcyic/example_of_australias_perth_mint_2017_right/
  5. 2017 Dragon and Phoenix mint error?

    I believe someone suggested the Australian design plagiarized from the Chinese Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix medal. Chinese IP being copied? How funny. I'll see if I can find the topic.
  6. 2017 Dragon and Phoenix mint error?

    So I had, thanks for pointing that out @SilverBeast. You might be right there @shortstack68I'm not particularly encouraged, though that may be more due to the damage to the coin, QEII is also scratched and there's a smudge on the 2017. Always a shame when you buy a coin for it's aesthetics. Never mind.
  7. 2017 Dragon and Phoenix mint error?

    I've just picked up one with a very similar mark, apologies for the poor pictures.
  8. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    I will update this thread regarding the missing COA from Lucky if the thread is still open. It'd be disappointing to close the discourse at the juncture I feel, It's been an education to me, I'm pretty new to stacking in general.
  9. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    You didn't mind that 1/4 Queen's Beast I bought from you but I guess that's not really your point. I've been on ebay since April 2007 and this is the second time I've ever left negative feedback out of 383 purchases.
  10. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    Nor would I! Unless say.. I felt the seller also messed me about with multiple other subsequent purchases for returning said counterfeit coin, say.. over the period of about a month. So that's just a straw man argument really. You can move on and not reply if you like, I'm not making you respond. I understand if you want this thread out of the lime light since it could well damage the reputation of someone you endorse and a series you're financially invested in, but I'll talk about what I like.
  11. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    It was from the head and after deliberation, since I, like you, am invested in this series and I'm sorry 28th November - 4th January does not equal 'spur of the moment'! Come off it @Numistacker I love your videos man but all your attempts at explaining away what happened are getting a little bit silly. Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I closed the ebay request with Dragon for the missing Nanjing coin like he requested and he refund me immediately. He's asked me keep checking the tracking on it and pay him if it eventually shows up. Thumbs up for Dragon, the guy's a champ.
  12. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    Thank you! Well, that's just the thing, I switched to pandas after getting so many spotted Canadian & British coins!
  13. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    You might be right, seems to have been a problem with some postage coming out of China round this time though. A friend at work pointed out on a Transformer toy collector forum he belongs to that loads of people were still missing packages specifically from early December and another friend hasn't received his shipment of Chinese tea from the very same date as my order. Full disclosure for those that have the patience & inclination to read it: 28th Nov – Purchased Shenyang Lunar Monkey from Chinesemedals.com (first time customer). 29th Nov- Emailed Andy to pre-order my 1st Lunar Rooster Proof, payment sent. 4th Dec – Purchased via ebay 2nd Lunar Rooster Proof & Rooster Antique combination.- Tracking number was provided very shortly after purchase. 4 coins now on order. 13th Dec- Received Lunar Monkey. I emailed Andy asking for a replacement, Andy wouldn’t replace but said he’d refund me. I asked him if the damage was normal for the series, he response was ‘Nothing is perfect, not even the Mona Lisa’ and he sent me loads of photos of imperfect Shenyang coins, though none as bad as the one I received, just minor hairlines etc (which are acceptable). Felt like I was being talked into accepting a coin I wasn’t happy with. 14th Dec – I sought the advice of this forum. http://thesilverforum.com/topic/7663-non-fiat-lunar-panda-questions/ 16th Dec – I decided I would indeed return the coin & posted it back. 21st Dec - Messaged Andy on ebay because the tracking number for the 2nd Rooster & Antique combo still said ‘invalid’, I asked on this day specifically because @Silverstackeruk had received his roosters the day prior so I expected mine to arrive shortly. 27th Dec – Andy got back to me saying he wouldn’t send the coins until he’d shown me photos & I had accepted(?), hence the tracking number was 'fake' because the coins STILL weren’t even posted, weren't intended to be posted, and I hadn't been told. Annoyed but I asked to see the photos. 29th Dec – Andy sent me photos of a sheet of antique roosters ‘with problems’, I said they looked good to me for all I could see. 2nd Jan – Andy sent photos of proofs, some graded and said “most have residue or hairlines. No return or refund. Make decision on it.”, they looked fine to be honest but the photos were bad, unfocused and resolution low. 3rd Jan – partial refund, $188 short – I complained. 4th Jan – fully refunded. Total amount owed was $837 and a whole lot of wasted of time for the both of us.The other day I left negative feedback, yesterday I noticed his fake feedback. Andy was within his rights to not sell to me, I'm also within my rights to be displeased and share this experience with others. What I took biggest issue with was the fact I kept checking my post & checking the tracking number for weeks up to Christmas, then tracking number turned out to not have any parcel assigned to it and I wasn't told this until the 27th Dec.. when I specifically asked. I hope that clears things up. Maybe I was in the wrong, you be the judge. Anyway, I could do without my new coin hobby being this stressful, I've just become a father and started the process of buying a new home, that's enough stress right there thank you very much!!
  14. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    I wouldn't tar them all with the same brush for no reason, I'll let you know about some of the others though: Tuesday I received a PF70 Rooster (Chang Huan version) from Lucky that's missing it's COA, hopefully he resolves that. And from Dragonzeng168 I'm still waiting for a PF69 Nanjing Two Lovely Panda that I ordered on the 4th December, worrisome thing about this is he's asking me to close the dispute I've just opened so that he can refund me sooner, once closed I can't reopen it and I know that @Numistacker showed Andy, Lucky & Dragon the previous thread of mine for comment, so I'm scared do as Dragon asks in case he too thinks "I have a vendetta." as @sixgun does. Dragon has been exceptional so far though, I must say. I'm not expecting quick resolutions though as it's Chinese New Year.
  15. Chinesemedals - Awful Service & ebay Feedback Manipulation

    @sixgun I'll just buy them from a vendor that doesn't mess me around, like I have already. I don't know why some of you are taking this so personally and defending Andy so vehemently, I'm just relaying my experience.